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Good Will Wrestling: Pale Horse Lucha: The Art of Lucha Libre

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Will is joined by Rob Naylor and Michael "Monster" Thomas to discuss this Tuesday's "Pale Horse Lucha: The Art of Lucha Libre" exhibit in St. Petersburg, FL. They discuss their love of lucha, what you can expect at the exhibit and Rob Naylor's role on Tuesday. If you are in the St. Petersburg area on Cinco de Mayo, don't miss out on Pale Horse Lucha: The Art of Lucha Libre!!! ​​


This is part of a double shot that is released today on PTBN along with the latest Exile on Badstreet that is located here: http://placetobenation.com/exile-on-badstreet-4-the-art-of-the-tecnico-plus-2015-1st-quarter-lucha-year-in-review/

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He loves high flying lucha as he mentions on the podcast. We have also put lucha matches on Naylor comps. Plus, as the lines blur between where wrestlers get their influences, we notice that lucha isn't really narrowly defined like it was in the past. We spent about 15 minutes before recording talking about lucha underground. We all love it and the way it is presented. If you asked Rob 5 years ago, he would probably shrug about lucha. Now, he seems much more receptive.

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Gave this a listen on the way to work and really enjoyed. I think this event is more to my liken over something like lucha va Voom as I kind of got an exploitation vibe from lucha va Voom of it being a wrestling show upcharged for other "acts." This seems more like an event overall that happens to have a theme centered around lucha libre. The characters and atmosphere sounded really neat and Michael seemed to have a good understanding of how to bring something different to the table that just a lucha-centric indy show.

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