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Carlos Amano retirement


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Hey, if AJ Lee can get a thread, Carlos Amano, JWP veteran of almost 20 years (I think she began in the mid 90's), retiring from pro-wrestling surely deserves her own thread. From what I remember she was a really good worker, part of the new wave of JWP girls from the mid-90's with Azumi Hyuga, Ran Yu-Yu and Kana Mizaki. I'm amazed she was still active actually. She got her retirement ceremony at an Oz Academy show on 04/15. If joshi wasn't the most forgotten part of pro-wrestling today, I guess it would be quite a news for old fans of the 90's.

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Amano must be in be shape because she never really did anything physical on the show. A real shame that she didn't get to go out on her own terms.


Props to Ozaki, Kansai, and Aja though, this was the second retirement show in less than a week for them. They where in Chicago for Tomoka Nakagawa's retirement match a few days earlier.


Also of note, Sonoko Kato and Chikayo Nagashima had their 20th anniversary match on the same show.

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