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[1985-10-13-Mid South-Oklahoma City, OK] Ted DiBiase vs Bob Sweetan

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DiBiase is backing away with Sweetan going after him to start. We get some good back and forth punch exchanges and Ted is able to take over on the outside when Bob makes a mistake. This match only went around 9 minutes, but it was worked in a real rugged pace. It wasn't slow moving but everything applied looked painful and was emphasized which was appreciated. The piledriver Sweetan gives Ted right before the finishing stretch is sick and Ted takes a great bump off of it. The ref gets tossed and Ted goes for his trusted loaded glove. Sweetan gets knocked loopy from the glove shot and blades. The referee recovers and gives Ted the win, however, he sees the glove and reverses the decision. This gives Sweetan enough time to recover and he annihilates DiBiase in a great revenge spot. A huge posting and slamming of DiBiase's head on the table has him a bloody mess. This was great and felt like an old west shootout between two gunslingers. Both guys came out looking strong and it set up perfectly rematches in the future. ***1/2

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