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Superstar Sleeze

[1987-02-23-WWF-MSG, NY] The Islanders vs Demolition

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The Islanders vs Demolition - MSG 2/87

Great match! Islanders started with some early doubling teaming to keep Demolition off balance. So that was not a Strike Force thing it seems that is something the Demos preferred to establish their strength and how babyfaces could still capitalize through superior teamwork. Ax/Tama have a good mat exchange with Tama getting the better of it. MSG seemed to dig the Islanders even though they were just a random ethnic babyface tag team at this time. This is the Demo's MSG debut. Haku begins to work on Ax's leg and some good babyface leg work follows. Lots of quick tags and follow up on Ax's leg that never drags. Tama tries to go toe to toe with Ax even in his weakened state that ain smart as he drives Tama head first into Smash's boot.

Smash throws Tama out to the floor hard. Tama takes the first of his two man-sized bumps when Ax whips him hard into the railing. The pugnacious Tama fights out of the corner and covers Ax only to pressed out to the floor in a fucking wicked bump. I am such an unabashed Tama mark at this point. What the hell happened to this guy?

Ax reverse elbow gets two and Tama bumped huge off that. Tama takes a wicked hot shot. Tama is a great face in peril and heel. I have feel bad he did not make it further. He kicks Ax, who sets too early and MSG is whistling. Haku is in and he is a HOUSE OF FIRE! Headbutts, Dropkick, big thrust kick DOUBLE HEADBUTTS! Tama high cross body only gets two on an Ax save. Donnybrook ensues, ref holds back Haku and Demolition Decapitation grabs the win for the Demos.

This is my favorite Demolition match so far and really reinforces how good the Islanders working both babyface and heel. Tama took some huge bumps and both Islanders had great offense throughout the match. Demolition were great for playing antithesis of the Islanders with all their strength and they worked hard to put over the Islanders moves and in turn Tama bumped huge for Demolition makes the Demos look like monsters. ***1/2

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