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Stampede wil take


Bruce Hart


And a question on Owen Hart. Wikipedia says he started in 1983 but not sure how accurite it is.


If he is available I will take him if not I will take Keith Hart

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Going from Online World Of Wrestling :


Stampede Wrestling

It says he had a few one off appearances before that, filling in under a mask, but I believe we go from when they start full time.


AWA takes back Mike Boyette.

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Mid South is going to finish up the draft with Jose Lothario and officially drops the rest of the rounds.


I am going to HIGHLY ENCOURAGE everyone to try and finish this by Sunday! That way we can start using these guys as soon as possible.


A rule of thumb to follow, I currently have 28 of the 36 cap. Whomever doesn't get drafted from my roster will come back to me, and then I need to cut down to 36.


For the NEW promotions, if there is someone you are hell bent on getting, draft them, but if you are just picking jobbers for jobbers sake, you can do that through free agency once the draft continues.

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