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    AWA places Jumbo Tsuruta, Mr. Fuji, and Missing Link on the trade block
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    American Wrestling Association

    AWA RAGE IN THE CAGE '85 Minneapolis, MN. Sunday May 31, 1985 BROADCASTING LIVE VIA CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION Bell Time: 5pm The show opens with a welcome from Larry Nelson who tells us that due to the attack last night from Jumbo Tsuruta and Mr. Fuji, Captain Lou Albano has been hospitalized and will not be able to be in the corner for Wendi Richter or Hulk Hogan. He throws it down to ringside with our commentary team for this evening, Rod Trongard and Verne Gagne. Match #1: Special Challenge Match "Iceman" King Parsons w/Slick Vs. Koko Ware w/Brickhouse Brown Slick and Parsons are livid that Brown is allowed at ringside. A good back and forth match for a while until Slick manages to trip Ware that puts Parsons in control for several minutes until Parsons goes to execute a falling headbutt but Koko moves causing Parsons to drive his own head straight into the canvas….Koko starts to recover and heads towards the top rope…..Slick gets up on the ring apron but Brickhouse is there to stop him from interfering…..allowing Koko to hit Parsons with a dropkick off the top rope……Koko covers Parsons but the referee is still trying to get Slick and Brickhouse Brown off the apron….when suddenly a fan jumps the rail and pulls Brown off the apron, while the referee is distracted by this…..someone else slides in and cracks Koko across the back with a STEEL CHAIR…..he rolls Parsons over on top of Ware and slides out…..On commentary Rod Trongard comments, "Verne, that guy who just hit Koko with the chair appears to be Shaska Whatley!?!?" the referee turns around and counts 1-2-3!! The camera cuts to the outside where Brickhouse is fighting with the "fan" who Gagne recognizes as Tiger Conway Jr.! Whatley hits Brown from behind with the chair, and then tosses him into the ring next to Ware….Slick is strutting around like a peacock as Parsons/Whatley/Conway put the boots to Ware/Brown….they finally stop long enough to raise their fists defiantly in the air! Trongard comments "Verne Gagne, it appears the Movement is back together here in the AWA…and that's not good for ANYONE!" Match #2: The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair/Jim Brunzell) defeated The Blond Bombers (Eric Embry/Ken Timbs) w/Luscious Johnny V. when Blair pinned Timbs after a sunset flip off the 2nd rope Match #3: Mr. Olympia wrestled The Honky Tonk Man w/Col. Johnny V. to a 15 minute time limit draw Match #4: Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match Roddy Piper/Blackjack Mulligan/Kendall Windham defeated The Pringle Dynasty (Austin Idol/The Long Riders (Bill/Scott Irwin) w/Percival Pringle III when Blackjack pinned Bill Irwin with the claw hold! As Scott Irwin tries to help his brother up after the match, Austin Idol and Percy Pringle abandon them and just leave ringside without them. Match #5: AWA North American Tag Team Championship Los Mega Stars (Al Madril/Chicky Starr) w/TNT defeated The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) by DQ when Roddy Piper came in when Los Mega Stars were in control and kicked Robert Gibson while he was down….giving the referee no choice but to call for the disqualification……Piper then flipped off Madril and Starr then took off back down the aisle as Los Mega Stars tried to figure what the hell just happened….Morton was laughing at them over in the corner, when suddenly from out of nowhere, The Sheepherders hit the ring and attack the Rock & Roll Express….Chicky Starr makes a move towards the Sheepherders but Madril grabs him and waves it off and they leave as the Sheepherders (Butch Miller/Luke Williams) along with Carl Fergie waving the New Zealand flag leave Morton and Gibson battered on the mat Match #6: AWA Ladies Championship Match Wendi Richter pinned Sherri Martel w/Johnny V with a bridging belly to back suplex to win the championship! Match #7: Winner gets Ms. Elizabeth "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms. Elizabeth Vs. The Missing Link This one was a wild one with Link completely preoccupied with Elizabeth throughout most of the match, he went out of the ring and tried to apprehend Liz a couple of times during the match but was cut off by Savage each time….at one point they were fighting on the floor and Link whipped Savage into the ring post…..Link charged towards Savage to give him a headbutt but Savage moved and Link rammed his own head into the ring post busting his head wide open! Savage rolled him back in the ring and gave him the diving elbow drop off the top rope and covered him for the 1-2-3!! Match #8: Flag Match- America vs. Japan Hulk Hogan pinned Jumbo Tsuruta w/Mr. Fuji after a big boot/leg drop combo After the match Hulk triumphantly waved the American flag however in a great show of sportsmanship, Hulk offered the Japanese flag back to Jumbo who shook Hogan's hand and they waved the flags in the ring together…..this didn't sit well with Fuji who came in and tapped Jumbo in the chest with his cane as he scolded him……as first Tsuruta tried to brush him off but Fuji then took a big swing at Jumbo who caught the caught the cane and then gave Fuji a stiff chop that sent Fuji reeling and he rolled out of the ring and left in disgust. Match #9: STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA North American Championship "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel w/Percival Pringle III Vs. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper A camera cuts to the back where Ric Flair is trying to locate Roddy Piper to head down the aisle for his match, someone yells "Ric, he's in here….it's not good!" Flair walks in to see a bloodied Piper laid out on the floor as a referee tells him that Al Madril, Chicky Starr, and TNT attacked Piper and he's going to need medical attention. Flair tells the ref to make sure that Piper gets the help he needs, he has to go to the ring, Flair heads down the aisle towards the cage. Flair steps into the cage as Landel's music starts to play. Momentarily, Austin Idol is rolling Buddy Landel down the aisle in a wheel chair (his head bandaged, wearing a neck brace, and braces on both his legs) followed by Percy Pringle. Camera cuts to Flair who can be visibly be seen mumbling, "What the hell is this?" They roll Buddy around to the far side of the cage, opposite of the door, Percy then hands Buddy a microphone. Landel: "As you can see I'm severely injured, I took a tumble getting off the plane this morning and rolled all the way down the stairs and broke both my legs, fractured my neck, and got a double concussion. It's the closest I've ever come to being killed (crowd boos) I agree, I'm pretty tore up about it myself….but against doctor's orders I insisted on coming here tonight and telling you fans in person exactly what happened." (louder boos) Idol: "How dare you boo him?? Do you have any idea how courageous it is for him to come here in this condition so you fans get your money's worth to at least SEE the greatest wrestler in North America live in your wretched town." Landel: "Thanks brother….Look I know how disappointed you all are but believe me NO ONE is more disappointed than I am, I was so looking forward to destroying Ric Flair once and for all right here in Green Bay (crowd boos and yells Minneapolis)….Well excuse me, that just goes to show how injured I am, I don't even know where I'm at right now…" (While Landel is talking, Flair is kicking the cage and yelling "you're full of shit!!" Suddenly from out of nowhere a huge man enters the cage and attacks Flair from behind! He splashes him in the corner and Flair crumples to the mat…(On commentary, Gagne yells "That's the One Man Gang, what is he doing here??") OMG gives Flair a "747" splash…..he then picks Flair up and slams him…he uses the cage to climb to the top rope and give Flair a SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE!! One Man Gang exits the cage and shakes hands with Percy Pringle. Landel: "You know what everybody…..these Tylenols are kicking in and all you people paid your hard earned money here and at home…so against doctor's orders...I'm gonna wrestle!" (Landel unrolls the wrap from his head, reaches down and takes off the leg braces and removes the neck brace and then enters the cage) Flair is rolling around on the mat holding his ribs as Landel struts into the cage…..Austin Idol forces the referee to enter the cage and he locks it behind him. Landel pulls Flair up off the mat and rams his head into the cage busting Flair's head wide open! Landel drops a knee across Flair's forehead….and then locks in a figure leglock!! Flair is writhing in pain…..but he refuses to submit…and a couple of minutes of trying to reach the ropes….Flair finally passes out the referee calls the match and declares Landel the winner and still AWA North American Champion!! Landel grabs the mic Landel: "Minneapolis, you're welcome baby! So finally the talk is done….this feud is officially over…I've beat Flair in his hometown and there's nothing else to prove! Now he can go join his buddy Piper at the hospital. Thank you and goodnight!" Match #10: SEMI-MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA World Tag Team Championship "Big" Scott Hall/Curt Hennig w/Larry Hennig defeated Ivan Koloff/Krusher Kruschev w/Paul Jones in a hard hitting match, when Hall pinned Kruschev after a running bulldog to win the AWA World Tag Team Championships Ken Resnick welcomes a special guest who will join Rod Trongard and Verne Gagne on commentary, former USWA and AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel. Resnick: "Welcome to Rage in the Cage, Mr. Bockwinkel. When you first contacted Verne Gagne and told him you wanted to come to the AWA to answer Nikita Koloff's challenge you were still the USWA Champion, I understand that since that time you have lost the USWA heavyweight championship." Bockwinkel: "That is true, Mr. Resnick. Here's the thing, it's Nikita Koloff's fault I'm no longer the USWA Champion, I was so appalled at the audacity of a champion going on television and calling out other champions that he knew were in no position to answer that challenge that it became an obsession for me. Rather than focus my training and preparation for my challenger in Texas, Kerry Von Erich, I found myself completely preoccupied with Nikita Koloff and all the crazy things he was saying and doing here on ESPN. So, with all that being said…..I'm here to officially challenge the winner of the this match and I honestly hope it's Nikita Koloff." (Hansen approaches) Hansen: "You better hope it's Nikita Koloff cause you sure as hell don't want none of me, Mr. Fancy Pants!" (Bockwinkel smirks as Hansen enters the cage and Bruiser Brody mean mugs him as he walks past/moments later Paul Jones and Nikita Koloff approach) Jones: "So you're the big champion they've been referring to?? I was really hoping it would be that senile old fool Backlund or that punk kid Magnum TA…..but that's just fine, you sit out here and get an up close look at what's in store for you if you step in the ring with the 'Russian Nightmare'!" (Nikita steps up into Bockwinkel's face) Koloff: "Pay attention Mr. Bullwinkel….you might learn something from a real World Champion!" Match #11 MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA World Championship Stan 'the Lariat' Hansen w/Bruiser Brody Vs. "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff w/Paul Jones This one was a brutal brawl that saw both men busted wide open and bleeding……at one point it looked like Hansen might be about to put away the champ….when Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev came running down the aisle, Krusher was met with a boot to the face by Brody…..when Brody started trading punches with Ivan, Paul Jones sprayed something on a rag and jumped on Brody's back placing it over face….Brody started going down as Ivan hits him in the head with his big Russian chain……this gets Hansen's attention, he starts to head towards the door to see if he can help out his friend/partner when Nikita charges and catches him in the back of the head with the 'Russian Sickle', Hansen is face down…..Nikita covers…..1-2-3!! Koloff retains the AWA World Championship (On commentary) Trongard: "What a brutal match up we just witnessed, Nick Bockwinkel….how do you feel after watching this successful title defense against the rugged Texan, Stan Hansen?" Bockwinkel: "Look…I'll admit that Nikita Koloff is a big powerful man…..but Rod Trongard, you have to remember this….I'm no big dumb hick from Texas…..I'm one of the greatest World Champions of this or any generation….Nikita is strong but he's also very inexperienced and he's never swam in water as deep as he'll be in against a man such as myself. I'll avoid his strengths, exploit his weaknesses and I'll once again be your reigning AWA World Champion!" Gagne: "Fans, thank you for joining for the Rage in the Cage! We'll see you next week on Sunday night for AWA Championship Wrestling!" © 1985 American Wrestling Association
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    World Wrestling Federation

    Bruno is somewhere fuming right now and plotting revenge on Bob Backlund, I'm quite sure of it....just not sure how he intends to carry it out! The Giant Machine is another opponent for Andre who can nearly match size with him….it will be interesting if he can get more traction than Muldoon did. I always love the commercials, I only ate at (or even saw) a RAX one time when I was a kid when we were visiting relatives up north. I also used to have a wrestling trading card that had RAX on it….so fun nostalgia here! Good to see Jimmy Hart and Mr. Magnificent taking the split with Sunshine in stride, DJ Peterson will be good test for Kelly. Very interesting words from Superstar Graham, can't wait to see what he needs to discuss with Tunney next week. "Dr. D" may have bit off more than he can chew with the fiery Tito…..should make for some fun matches! I always preferred the heel Islanders and I think Sunshine is a great choice as their manager….happy to see them revert to Haku/Tama as well. Folks need to watch themselves questioning Mr. Backlund's sanity….they could end up like David Sammartino. Great show all around this week but the "Candyman's" promo is my favorite! So looking forward to his showdown with Bundy! Wrestlemania continues to come together nicely! Fantastics vs. the Islanders is a great tag match that we never got IRL! Patera vs. Valentine should be a hard hitting bout for the IC title!
  4. GeneJackson95


    Wow! Shocking yet exciting news that Tully Blanchard is the new champ!! However, he's going to have to pull out every trick in his book to retain against "the King". Norvell lands on his feet here in the USWA, can't wait to see what's in store for him here! Studd has no remorse for the attack on Sivi Afi……it will be interesting to see if Sivi Afi can overcome the size of the big man and get a measure of revenge! Ron Fuller vs. The Armstrongs will never end…as long as these guys are still in wrestling…there will always be a feud! YES! The match I've been waiting for is going to happen…..The Grapplers vs. Karachi Vice!! No one does characters as well as you Spaldoni and we've got a few new ones introduced this week that I'm looking forward to seeing in action! The build is on to the next big USWA event!! I can't wait to see what develops!
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    American Wrestling Association

    AWA Championship Wrestling Recorded: May 29, 1985 Airing: Saturday May 30, 1985 nationwide on ESPN The Tropicana Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, New Jersey Show opens with Larry Nelson telling us we're less than 24 hours away from Rage in the Cage! Tonight in our main event, Mr. Fuji has a special mystery opponent that he says will take out Hulk Hogan before he can even get to Minneapolis! Tons of action here tonight but first, we go to a taped promo from Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody! Brody and Hansen yell, rant, and rave about Paul Jones and The Russians….Brody says he will be in Hansen's corner tomorrow night and if the cage can't keep Jones and the Russians out that he damn sure can!! ================ Match 1: The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) defeated Frank Reynolds/Charlie Kelley when Morton pinned Reynolds after a double dropkick Post match promo: Ricky Morton says that they haven't gotten the opportunity to talk much so far here in the AWA but that's fine because they do their talking in the ring and that's what they plan to do tomorrow night against Al Madril and Chicky Starr…..because they will do whatever it takes to retain their North American tag team titles…and they will have their eyes on TNT at ringside if he plans to interfere…..they may just have a surprise for him! ================= An ad airs for the new Verne Gagne's AWA Wrestling Board Game featuring Buddy Landel/Austin Idol playing against the Long Riders…with Percy Pringle trying to keep the peace during what the Verne Gagne voice over refers to as "intense family fun for everyone" (you can faintly in the background hear Landel say, "Hey jerk, you sank my battleship" and Idol say, "wrong game Budro" ================= Match #2: The Long Riders (Bill & Scott Irwin)/Austin Idol w/PP3 defeated Roy Munson/Randy Watson/Henry Moody when Scott Irwin pinned Munson after a super plex Post match promo: PP3: "Blackjack, you and that beanpole you call a son and the guy in the skirt are going to catch the beating of your lives and then the Long Riders are going for those AWA World Tag Team titles!" Idol: "Piper, I just hope I get a chance to lock those skinny legs in the "Las Vegas leglock" because you'll need crutches to be in Flair's corner when Buddy beats him to keep the title!" Landel: "Well well well….so Ric Flair comes out here last week and acts like I'm a joke…..says I'm a wannabe comedian…well Flair, tomorrow night the jokes on you! You continue time and time again to underestimate me because you say I'm a wanna Nature Boy, well 'Slick Ric' need I remind you that makes you the original wannabe Nature Boy because Buddy Rogers was the original and you couldn't carry Buddy Rogers' jock. So how about we just call it a draw on the 'Nature Boy wannabe' talk, ok?….So here's what I do know Mr. Big Shot, I walked into the AWA and won this North American championship within a week of getting here…..how many titles have you held in the AWA so far? You wanna act like guys like Austin Idol and myself are somehow beneath you…..but if that's the case, how come YOU are challenging ME for MY title…..and NOT in the main event wrestling Nikita Koloff? Riddle me that, Naitch! You find that funny, Flair? Since I'm such a comedian, I really hope you're back there bustin' a gut laughing at how I'm a champion and you're not! I hope you are really just yuckin' it up that Percy Pringle is the manager of a champion while Roddy Piper is gonna be in your corner licking his wounds where The Guerreros beat him down with baseball bats last week and on crutches after my good friend Austin Idol snaps those twigs he calls legs! Just remember Ric Flair, he who laughs last….laughs best….and tomorrow night I'm walking out of Minneapolis still the North American Champion, and that's no joke!" ================== COMMERCIALS ================== Match #3: Koko Ware pinned Steve Doll with a small package in a scientific match that saw both men shake hands before and after the match…..as Ware was getting ready to leave the ring some unfamiliar music hits….bringing out: SLICK AND "ICEMAN" KING PARSONS!! (Slick grabs a mic and hands it to Parsons) Parsons: "Koko, hold up brutha….before you soft shoe on outta here….we wanna talk to you. Da Man has sent us here to clean up the AWA and he wants us to start with you. I mean, what's happened to you? This time last year you was part of the Movement….you were helping to make a difference in this sport for people like us. Now you're out here shaking hands with this punk you wrestled tonight? Worse than that…..last week you get beat by Ric Flair and you're gonna shake his hand…..like he's better than you or something?" Ware: "First of all…..I don't know who this skinny little wanna be pimp you've got with you is….that's first of all…..second of all…Ric Flair is better than most of us wrestlers so, yeah…I shook his hand because I've got respect for him, something I don't have for you and this skinny goof you got with ya…..and lastly, since when is the so called Movement taking orders from tha Man?" Parsons: "First off boy, ya better check ya tone before you get yourself jacked up out here…..you better act like ya know….rooty poot. Secondly, if you were paying attention…I didn't say THA man….I said, DA man…..I expected you to know the difference….but it looks like to me you've been listening to THA man……and forgot…who's DA man." (Slick takes the mic) Slick: "And most importantedly……you better show the Slickster some respect out here before I put this cane against yo grill, boy!" Parsons: "That's right…..you know damn good and well this is Slick and he makes things happen. Now, before you started catching all this attitude out here with us….we were coming to make you an offer to join up with us to finish making tha moves the Movement started last year before you apparently started turnin' soft." Koko: "Oh I'm soft, huh? Listen here, Iceman!" Parsons: "Just call me King." Koko: (laughs) "Ok, King…..you're right I was part of yalls Movement last year…..and so was my friend Brickhouse Brown and as I remember it….the Movement didn't do nothing for us at all….oh sure we helped put the AWA World Tag Team titles on those 'beat boys' Whatley and Conway….but it didn't do nothin' for me and Brick….but how bout I offer you something instead, King….since I'm so 'soft'…(Slaps Parsons in the face) How bout you fight me tomorrow night at Rage in the Cage and we'll just see who the soft one is….and don't worry I won't be shaking any hands!" Parsons: (holding his face but smiling) "Maybe I was wrong about you after all…..maybe you're not as soft as I thought….but tomorrow night you're going to find out why they call me 'Iceman' King Parsons…..cause I'm cold as ice…and I will RULE you…boy!" Slick: "You had your chance, Koko…..you chose very….very poorly and tomorrow night….you gonna pay for slapping tha King!" (Parsons and Slick leave as Koko stands in the ring and shakes his head) ==================== COMMERCIALS ==================== Match #4: "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms. Elizabeth defeated The Intern by pin fall after a 'flying elbow drop' off the top rope After the match, Savage tells Ken Resnick that he's been trying to contact Stanley Blackburn all week long to find out what's the big idea making a stipulation for tomorrow's match where if the Missing Link wins, he gets Elizabeth?? Gets her for what?? What does that even mean?? Savage says that he hasn't been able to track down Blackburn to get answers but one thing is certain….the Missing Link is in the DANGER ZONE and there's no way in the world that Missing Link will lay a finger on Ms. Elizabeth and that's a promise…..OHHHHH YEAAAHHHH!! ===================== Promo announcing beginning next week AWA Championship Wrestling will begin airing on Sunday nights at 8pm cst/9pm est!! ===================== A pre-recorded promo from Scott Hall/Curt Hennig/Larry Hennig airs. Larry says that Blackburn's suspension actually turned out to be a favor as he's had these boys in the gym every single day training and preparing to get in the ring with the champs. Hall says they've also been studying tapes of the Russians and that he's spotted a weakness in Krusher Kruschev that he plans to exploit in the cage! Curt says that with his Dad at ringside to make sure Paul Jones isn't a factor….those World Tag Team titles are coming home with them tomorrow night!! ===================== Larry Nelson comes to ringside with the box containing the names of everyone on the AWA roster as potential challengers for the ESPN Television title. A lucky fan draws a name out and hands it to Larry Nelson……Nelson gasps……then says, "Fans, there's one very interesting aspect of this championship drawing each week as sometimes there's people who are on the roster….but haven't debuted yet or even been announced as joining the roster yet…..Tonight, that is exactly the case as the challenger for the AWA ESPN Television Championship……making his return to the AWA ……RICK MARTEL!! Match #5: AWA ESPN Television Championship 15 Minute Time Limit Rick Martel pins Mr. Olympia with a crucifix in 14:53 to win the TV title!! Afterwards, Olympia and Martel shake hands and Olympia raises Martel's hand and presents him with the title belt =================== COMMERCIALS =================== As we return from the commercial break, "Luscious" Johnny V is standing in the ring….he says that as it turns out "Hollywood" John Tatum just wasn't a good fit as a tag team partner for "Flamboyant" Eric Embry and in light of that…….Tatum is OUTTA HERE!!! Introducing his new tag team partner "Gentleman" Ken Timbs….collectively known as…..THE BLOND BOMBERS!! Match #6: The Blond Bombers (Eric Embry/Ken Timbs) w/Johnny V & Sherri Martel defeated Buck Spivey/Jed Jackson when Embry pinned Jackson after a spike piledriver ======================= A pre-recorded promo airs of Paul Jones along with AWA World Champion "Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff and the AWA World Tag Team Champions "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev. Jones says that he's filing a protest with the Minnesota Athletic Commission insisting that Bruiser Brody doesn't have a manager's license and has no business being at ringside for the World title match. Jones says that Ivan and Krusher will destroy those "rookies" Hall and Hennig and if the "Ol' Axeman" gets near him he will knock him out in front of his kid! Nikita snatches the mic out of Jones' hand, "You listen me now….Stan Handsome….Nikita don't care about you…Nikita don’t' care about this Loser Lody you have in corner….I destroy you Stan Handsome…..the Russian Sickle is superior to your cowboy clothesline and when they lock you in cage with me…..it will be truly….your Russian Nightmare!!" ======================= A list of Closed Circuit locations is shown where you can go experience 'RAGE IN THE CAGE'! ======================= Match #7: Main Event Hulk Hogan w/Capt. Lou Albano defeated "Wild Samoan" Sika w/Mr. Fuji following a big boot/leg drop combo……after the match Hogan is waving the American flag in the ring along with Albano, when from behind comes Jumbo Tsuruta who clobbers Albano from behind with a clothesline to the back of the head……Hogan turns around just in time to get jammed in the throat with the Japanese flag pole, causing Hogan to the drop the American flag and grab his throat in agony….Jumbo grabs the American flag pole and cracks Hogan across the back with it three times until the pole breaks in half…..as Hogan struggles to get to his feet, Tsuruta gives him a belly to back suplex…..he then rolls Albano over on his back and drapes the American flag over him and leaves the ring with Mr. Fuji waving the Japanese flag in what could be a preview of Rage in the Cage!! © 1985 American Wrestling Association AWA RAGE IN THE CAGE '85 Minneapolis, MN. Sunday May 31, 1985 BROADCASTING LIVE VIA CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION Bell Time: 5pm MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA World Championship Stan 'the Lariat' Hansen w/Bruiser Brody Vs. "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff w/Paul Jones SEMI-MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA World Tag Team Championship Ivan Koloff/Krusher Kruschev w/Paul Jones Vs. "Big" Scott Hall/Curt Hennig w/Larry Hennig STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA North American Championship "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel w/Percival Pringle III Vs. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper Flag Match- America vs. Japan Jumbo Tsuruta w/Mr. Fuji Vs. Hulk Hogan w/Capt. Lou Albano Winner gets Ms. Elizabeth "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms. Elizabeth Vs. The Missing Link AWA Ladies Championship Match Sherri Martel w/Johnny V. Vs. Wendi Richter w/Capt. Lou Albano AWA North American Tag Team Championship The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) Vs. Los Mega Stars (Al Madril/Chicky Starr) w/TNT Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match Roddy Piper/Blackjack Mulligan/Kendall Windham Vs. The Pringle Dynasty (Austin Idol/The Long Riders (Bill/Scott Irwin) w/Percival Pringle III Mr. Olympia Vs. The Honky Tonk Man w/Col. Johnny V. The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair/Jim Brunzell) Vs. The Blond Bombers (Eric Embry/Ken Timbs) w/Luscious Johnny V. Special Challenge Match "Iceman" King Parsons w/Slick Vs. Koko Ware w/Brickhouse Brown
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    Sorry.....AWA would like to pick up Carl Fergie to be the flag bearer for the Sheepherders for fill our empty spot.
  7. GeneJackson95


    Sorry....this should be the last one for a bit. AWA drops Magic Dragon aka Kabuki 2 and picks up Ken Timbs.
  8. GeneJackson95


    AWA sends Brad Armstrong, Tommy Rich, Dick Slater, and Greg Gagne to USWA in exchange for Nick Bockwinkel, Adrian Adonis, and Rick Martel.
  9. GeneJackson95


    AWA drops Candi Devine, Lelani Kai, Butch Moffat, and Angel of Death and picks up Butch Miller, Luke Williams, Sika, and Lanny Kean
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    American Wrestling Association

    Been another crazy week….another somewhat abbreviated show AWA Championship Wrestling Recorded: May 15, 1985 Airing: Saturday May 23, 1985 nationwide on ESPN The Tropicana Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, New Jersey (Highlights are shown of last week's show….Nikita destroying Greg Gagne and the aftermath with Stan Hansen and BRUISER BRODY showing up……Roddy Piper destroying the Fiesta Garden with a baseball bat…and the countdown to RAGE IN THE GAGE is on! Eight days away!!) Larry Nelson tells us after last week's altercation and the challenge laid down the previous week by Los Mega Stars….tonight's main event will see Al Madril, Chicky Starr, and TNT take on The Rock & Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson….and their partner for this evening….."ROWDY" RODDY PIPER!! A HUGE main event to close out the show this week here on ESPN!" Before Brian Blair heads to the ring he stops in the back to talk with Larry Nelson and says that Brad Armstrong has had to "head back down south for some family business" and he no longer has a partner so he's going to have to face the Samurai Machines on his own. Jim Brunzell approaches and says that his partner Greg Gagne is hurt and has no timeframe for a return to the AWA….so he would gladly step in as Blair's partner. Blair shakes his hand and they head towards the ring. --------------------------------- Match #1: B Brian Blair/'Jumpin' Jim Brunzell defeated The Samurai Machines w/Mr. Fuji when Brunzell pinned Machine #2 after a dropkick ===================== Match #2: Rocky Johnson pinned The Intern after a powerslam ===================== COMMERCIALS ===================== Before they head to the ring, Mr. Fuji tells everyone that Tsuruta-san is very excited to make an example out of Hulk Hogan next week in Minneapolis…..he says once he puts down Hulk Hogan and waves the Japanese flag over his fallen body…..he will be looking for a shot at the winner of Hansen/Nikita! ----------------------------------- Match #3: Jumbo Tsuruta w/Mr. Fuji pinned Randy Watson with a bridging German Suplex As they announce him the winner, Fuji hands Tsuruta the Japanese flag as Jumbo plants one foot on Watson's chest and waves the flag in victory……suddenly 'Eye of the Tiger' plays over the PA throughout the arena and Hulk Hogan along with Capt. Lou Albano charges towards the ring waving an American flag……Hogan enters the ring and gets nose to nose with Tsuruta as the two managers wave their respective flags….Ken Resnick comes in and steps between them as Hogan snatches his mic…"Let me tell you something, JUMBO…..you'll have to kill me to wave that Japanese flag over me, dude! But if that's the way you wanna play it, brother! Then how about we make this match at Rage in the Cage, a flag match!" ====================== (We return backstage to Larry Nelson) Nelson: "Wow! What a showdown that was….the Hulkster vs. Jumbo Tsuruta will now be a 'Flag Match' at Rage in the Cage. Speaking of Rage in the Cage, I was just informed moments ago that a champion from another organization has heard the challenges made by Nikita Koloff and he says he will be at ringside in Minneapolis for the AWA World Championship match between the champion 'the Russian Nightmare' Nikita Koloff and the former champion and challenger Stan 'the Lariat' Hansen, at this time I'm not allowed to say who this man is, or what organization he's the champion of….but I promise you this is going to make an already interesting match, even more interesting….make sure you go to the nearest closed circuit tv location near you and see Rage in the Cage!!" ======================== Match #4: Ric Flair defeated Koko Ware by submission with a figure four leglock, afterwards Flair helped Koko back to his feet and the two shook hands before leaving the ring After the match, Ric Flair joins Ken Resnick at ringside and says that if you could defend a championship by trying to be a comedian, Buddy Landel would hold all the titles…..but unfortunately for the wannabe Nature Boy, there's a time when things get serious and that time is when that cage door slams shut and gets locked in Minneapolis and hundreds of thousands of fans across the country tune in on closed circuit television and see Buddy Landel get the beating of his life…and lose his North American championship! Flair says he isn't worried about Pringle because Piper will keep an eye on him at ringside. It will finally be one on one…..and then we'll see who can talk the talk as well as walk the walk……and Budro, NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL…WOOOOOOOO! ====================== Before the next match, Ken Resnick and Stanley Blackburn came down to ringside and once again had a lucky fan in the front row draw a name out of the box to face Mr. Olympia for the AWA ESPN Television Championship…..tonight's challenger…."Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer! ----------------------------------- Match #5: TV Title Mr. Olympia defeated "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer with a backslide to retain the Television title ====================== COMMERCIALS including an ad for Rage in the Cage ====================== Match #6: MAIN EVENT SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH The Rock & Roll Express/Roddy Piper defeated Los Mega Stars (Al Madril/Chicky Starr)/TNT when Piper defeated TNT with a sleeper hold….as the referee was raising the hands of the winners….Madril/Starr pulled baseball bats out from under the ring and assaulted Morton/Gibson/Piper…..Piper took a couple of brutal looking shots to the ribs before Flair/Brunzell/Blair/Mr. Olympia all ran in to make the save © 1985 American Wrestling Association AWA RAGE IN THE CAGE '85 Minneapolis, MN. Sunday May 31, 1985 BROADCASTING LIVE VIA CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION Bell Time: 5pm MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA World Championship Stan 'the Lariat' Hansen Vs. "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff w/Paul Jones SEMI-MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA World Tag Team Championship Ivan Koloff/Krusher Kruschev w/Paul Jones Vs. "Big" Scott Hall/Curt Hennig w/Larry Hennig STEEL CAGE MATCH AWA North American Championship "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel w/Percival Pringle III Vs. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper Flag Match- America vs. Japan Jumbo Tsuruta w/Mr. Fuji Vs. Hulk Hogan w/Capt. Lou Albano Winner gets Ms. Elizabeth "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms. Elizabeth Vs. The Missing Link AWA Ladies Championship Match Sherri Martel w/Johnny V. Vs. Wendi Richter w/Capt. Lou Albano AWA North American Tag Team Championship The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) Vs. Los Mega Stars (Al Madril/Chicky Starr) w/TNT Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match Roddy Piper/Blackjack Mulligan/Kendall Windham Vs. The Pringle Dynasty (Austin Idol/The Long Riders (Bill/Scott Irwin) w/Percival Pringle III Non-Title Special Challenge Match Mr. Olympia Vs. The Honky Tonk Man w/Col. Johnny V. The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair/Jim Brunzell) Vs. The California Connection (Eric Embry/John Tatum) w/ "Luscious" Johnny V.
  11. GeneJackson95

    National Wrestling Alliance

    I like Lee Greenwood opening the Memorial Day card, in that area of the country he was super over….and probably still is! Big, much needed win for Ronnie/Misty to open the show….between Greenwood and this match, you've started the show as hot as possible…..nicely done! Corny takes a nap but the Midnights still pick up the win over the Fabs……fresh off a loss to the Hart Foundation, the Midnights get back to their winning ways…..this three way feud with the Fabs/MX/Harts has been very well done. Dr. Death/Kamala have a hard hitting brawl that sees Duggan/Akbar get involved……we'll see more of this battle very soon I hope. Wow….if this turns out to be Mr. Wrestling 2's last stand….it's a hell of a way to go out!! Parsons/Slick had been built well and had a ton of heat….while the fans were pulling for 2, I'm sure very few thought he'd actually win….which makes it all the more satisfying and fun to be there to witness! The Hart Foundation vs. Race/Zbyszko is a fun tag team title match and it's very impressive at this stage in their career, that the Harts could go to a time limit draw with the veterans. Dibiase gives the fans what they came to see by overcoming Mr. Pogo and then beating the hell outta Akbar!! What better way to celebrate Memorial Day?? Greenwood plays the hits to what I'm sure was quite the ovation The hits keep coming as Windham/Magnum get a victory over the Funks!! A little bit of revenge for the Dream!! Very well booked and written battle royal! Just when Magnum thinks he's moved past Bad News….NOPE, Bad News eliminates Dibiase to earn another shot at the title….Magnum just barely slipped by in the past……how many rabbits can he possibly pull out of that hat?? Great show, with that big holiday event feel!! Very well done!!
  12. GeneJackson95


    It's finally here! The Parade of Champions!! The Blonds get the win and it looks like Skaaland is over it….Arnie is always throwing that damn towel! Sivi Afi wins the battle royal!! Very cool moment for him that will surely propel him up the card….until..OMG Big John Studd has arrived!! Sivi Afi's moment is spoiled and Studd made have made an enemy for life here in the USWA! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rooting for Cooley…..but a part of me hates to see Rich and Fergie go as well as they've been used better here than perhaps anywhere else in the game, it will be interesting to see where they land next! Double shoulder tackle from the Big Master G's gets the win! If they're looking for belts, there's only one team to look for…..but that's later… Rick Martel loses the title that he's practically owned for nearly have a year in a classic match up that will be in the running for USWA Match of the Year! Big win for the Armstrongs over their rivals Southern Justice! The Battens have been fun as a heel team here and I'm sure these house matches have been some classic tag team battles. Huge brawl between Fuller and Bass…..I was kinda surprised how this one played out until….once again….we'll revisit that thought later… Mr. Wonderful has arrived! Orndorff is sure to make a splash here in the USWA, I can only imagine the Heavyweight title matches that could be happening in the near future!! Wow…..what a steel cage match! Armstrong vs. Blanchard certainly delivered and as shocked as I was when ol' Tully got the better of the Bullet, I was even more shocked when Ron Fuller nailed Armstrong with a chair…..but should I have been?? Fullers vs. Armstrongs is just a natural rivalry in the South and I can't wait to watch it play out here……I'm equally as big a fan of Ron as I am of Robert and this ride promises to be a lot of fun! Sometimes mystery partners are a let down….and other times their Bruiser F'N Brody!! I can only imagine the expressions on the Movement and Sonny King's faces when the Grapplers brought Brody out…..the fans had to have eaten up every second of it! Grapplers have all the tag gold in the USWA, it will be interesting to see what happens from here! Man, seems like Miller might have heat lol….nice win for Rip Oliver here and Miller finally gets his for all the s*** disturbing he's done in recent months. Big win for Carlos in the taped fist match…..I really though Ayala might pull it out here…..it will be fun to see who steps up to challenge Colon for the title next. The Furies get the win here over American Made but the fans still go home happy because Slinker got his and the Japanese team showed respect to the fan favorites, great creative finish….good stuff. Fans wanted to see the King and Adonis have a street fight and they got their money's worth….what a wild brawl that lived up to Memphis standards, even if we're in Texas!! The King prevails!! Don't tell anybody…..but I was rooting for the Karachi Vice! I can't wait to see them eventually tie up with the Grapplers over some titles! And then….the Main Event….after a perfectly built program…the match told an amazing story which you'd have to assume by all accounts of anyone who ever wrestled Kerry in this era had to be lead by Bockwinkel but what a great match with the result everyone in that stadium hoped to see….Kerry Von Erich brings home the gold!! Awesome show with some amazing payoffs and some exciting things around the corner…and if we've learned anything from your booking over time…..you'll have us all hooked on new crop of stars and storylines in the course of the next tv show! Great stuff bud!
  13. GeneJackson95

    World Wrestling Federation

    Words can't express how much I love the Gentleman's Club with Robert Fuller! It's a shame Fuller never got an opportunity like this in real life but I'm going to enjoy this here in the WWF for all it's worth. Sunshine made for a great first guest and this was a perfect forum for her to announce she's parted ways with Jimmy Hart and will be managing the Islanders now. Great heat for Backlund beating up Lil' Bruno and if Papa wasn't fuming over Backlund before....he damn sure is now!! Bundy vs. Candyman is a perfect match for Wrestlemania! Looking forward to seeing the big men collide and how it plays out! Giant Machine vs. Andre will be interesting to say the least....you've done a good job so far finding guys who at least size wise can measure up to Andre. Valentine is a great first challenger for Patera's IC title....and could very well end his reign before it get's started....Wrestlemania is looking like a very solid card!!
  14. GeneJackson95

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    Great tournament! Any of those teams could have won and no one would have been disappointed but the Rougeaus took it home to Canada, just goes to show anything can happen in Mid Atlantic!
  15. GeneJackson95

    American Wrestling Association

    American Wrestling Association Canadian House Show Loop A Toronto/Hamilton/Winnipeg May 17/18/19, 1985 Bell Time: 7pm Brickhouse Brown pinned TNT with a small package Mr. Olympia pinned "Dirty" Dick Slater with a backslide AWA North American Tag Team Championship The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) defeated Los Mega Stars (Al Madril/Chicky Starr) w/TNT by DQ when the referee caught TNT interfering Grudge Match "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms. Elizabeth fought The Missing Link to a double count out when Link got Savage down and then exited the ring, picked up Elizabeth and tried to carry her off down the aisle…..until Savage ran down and stopped him….they brawled in the aisle and were both counted out SEMI-MAIN EVENT TAG TEAM CHALLENGE MATCH Rocky Johnson/Hulk Hogan w/Capt. Lou Albano defeated Jumbo Tsuruta/Great Kabuki w/Mr. Fuji when Hogan pinned Kabuki after an 'Atomic Legdrop' MAIN EVENT AWA World Heavyweight Championship Nikita Koloff w/Paul Jones pinned Dino Bravo following a 'Russian Sickle' ================================== American Wrestling Association Canadian House Show Loop B Montreal/Quebec City/Vancouver May 17/18/19, 1985 Bell Time: 7pm Steve Doll pinned "Flamboyant" Eric Embry with a flying crossbody off the top rope, after the match Embry offered a handshake to Doll…..Doll accepted and Embry shook his hand and then raised it in victory but then clotheslined Doll and gave him two piledrivers The Honky Tonk Man w/Col. Johnny V pinned "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel after hitting him with a chain while Johnny V distracted the referee Brian Blair/Jim Brunzell (subbing for Brad Armstrong who no showed) wrestled the Samurai Warriors to a 15 minute time limit draw DOG COLLAR MATCH Tommy "Wildfire" Rich defeated "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in a brutal bloody match that saw Sawyer have to be carried out on a stretcher….and Rich has to be helped back to the dressing room by Wahoo McDaniel AWA World Tag Team Championship Stan "the Lariat' Hansen/Bruiser Brody defeated Ivan Koloff/Krusher Kruschev by count out when both fled about 10 minutes into the match after Hansen hit the lariat on Kruschev and Ivan pulled him out of the ring and took off MAIN EVENT Eight Man Tag Team Match Ric Flair/Roddy Piper/Blackjack Mulligan/Kendall Windham defeated Austin Idol/Buddy Landel/Bill Irwin/Scott Irwin w/Percy Pringle when Flair made Bill Irwin submit to the figure four leglock