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    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Von Braun Civic Center Huntsville, AL. Saturday August 17, 1984 Bell Time: 8pm Steve O pinned "Gentleman" Ken Timbs after a flying cross body off the top rope AWA U.S. Jr. Championship Super Black Ninja w/General Skandor Akbar pinned Scott Armstrong with his feet on the ropes 10 Team Tag Team Battle Royal- Winners get a shot at Fuller/Golden TONIGHT! (When one member of a team is eliminated the partner must leave also) The Nightmares The Rat Patrol Kendo Nagasaki/Great Kabuki Soul Patrol Bobby/Donnie Bass Adrian Street/King Kong Bundy Scott Casey/Wendell Cooley Al Madril/Hercules Hernandez Pat/Randy Rose The Freebirds: Michael Hayes/Buddy Roberts Order of elimination: Pat/Randy Rose were eliminated when Kabuki tossed out Pat Rose Bobby/Donnie Bass were eliminated when Bundy tossed out Bobby Bass Adrian Street/King Kong Bundy were eliminated when Hercules tossed out Bundy Hercules/Al Madril were eliminated when Michael Hayes tossed out Madril The Rat Patrol were eliminated when NORVELL AUSTIN ran in and helped Koko Ware toss out Johnny Rich, and then Norvell was escorted out of the arena Kabuki/Nagasaki were eliminated when Nagasaki was tossed out by Cooley Cooley/Casey were eliminated when Brickhouse tossed out Casey The Freebirds were eliminated when Ware/Brickhouse tossed out Buddy Roberts The Soul Patrol were eliminated when Davis dropkicked Brickhouse in the back sending him over the top rope for the win!! The Nightmares will challenge for the CCW Tag Team Titles AWA Continental Television Championship Lars Anderson w/General Skandor Akbar defeated Bugsy McGraw by submission with an armbar SEMI-MAIN EVENT AWA Continental Tag Team Championship Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden w/"Tn. Stud" Ron Fuller defeated The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) when Golden pinned Wayne after Ron Fuller hit him with a chair behind the referee's back who was distracted by Robert Fuller Les Thatcher comes out and announces there will be a brief intermission while ALL the wrestlers who aren't either involved in the next match or handcuffed to the ring are removed from the building to ensure there will be NO INTERFERENCE in the MAIN EVENT MAIN EVENT AWA Continental Heavyweight Championship (No DQ/No Count Out) (The Grapplers are handcuffed to one corner/Mr. Olympia is handcuffed to one corner/Ron Fuller is handcuffed to one corner/David Schultz is handcuffed to one corner) "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel Vs. Kerry Von Erich Highlights: Kerry dominated the match early on as Landel tried to run from Kerry and seek shelter in the corners where his allies were handcuffed……Landel did manage to get in some offense including locking in the figure four leglock but Kerry managed to roll it over and reverse it…..once they managed to get back to their feet Kerry locked on the 'Iron Claw'! Landel was in major trouble….one of the Grapplers managed to take off his "loaded boot" and toss it at Kerry's head…which caused Von Erich to release Landel from the claw and go over to the corner to try and reach out and apply it to one of the Grapplers…..while he managed to lock the claw on Grappler 2 on the one side of the ring post, Grappler 1 reached across and raked his eyes….while all this was happening Landel had crawled over to the corner where Ron Fuller was handcuffed and Fuller slid some brass knucks on Landel's hand….as Kerry was blinded having been raked in the eyes…..Landel decked Kerry with the brass knucks…..due to the 'No DQ' stipulation, the ref couldn't do anything but count to three as Buddy covered Kerry in the center of the ring….as soon as the handcuffs were removed David Schultz took off after Ron Fuller who tried to run through the crowd to get away…..while both Grapplers attacked and double teamed Mr. Olympia who had no help since Kerry was knocked out and all the other wrestlers had been removed from the building……The Grapplers beat down Olympia and then put the boots to Kerry as well….and then left the ring laughing as the ringside fans in Huntsville threw drinks and popcorn at them in disgust.
  2. GeneJackson95

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling Television WTVY Ch. 4 Studio Dothan, Alabama Taped at 10am/Airing at 3pm on Saturday Aug 17, 1984 on Superstation WTBS and other Television outlets across Alabama/Mississippi/East Tennessee/North Florida Hosted by Charlie Platt/Ronnie P. Gossett Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart Interviews: Joe Pedicino AWA Continental Commissioner: Les Thatcher Condensed TV Recap (in the interest of not falling behind with my current work schedule my TV may be condensed for the next few weeks) Show opened with Charlie Platt and Ronnie P. Gossett talking about what happened last week between Kerry Von Erich and Buddy Landel with the Grapplers interfering….and also Les Thatcher's promise that he has a big announcement today concerning the Battle of New Orleans. Platt says that Les Thatcher's announcement will be coming up after today's first match! Match #1: CCW Tag Champions Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden w/Ron Fuller defeated Parker Williams/Lonnie Jameson when Fuller made Jameson submit to an "Indian Death Lock" Post match: Fuller/Golden said they know there's going to be a 10 team battle royal to determine their challengers for the titles tonight and they don't care who wins because the Stud Stable rules the AWA! COMMERCIAL BREAK The show returns with Les Thatcher joining Joe Pedicino…..Thatcher says he's sick and tired of all the interference….so first off he'd like to announce at Battle of New Orleans at the SuperDome he has signed a 10 Man Tag Team Elimination Match featuring the Stud Stable (Buddy Landel/Al Madril/Hercules Hernandez/Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden) taking on "Dr. D" David Schultz/Brad Armstrong/Adrian Street/King Kong Bundy/a Mystery Partner) to hopefully settle this whole feud once and for all. But in the more immediate future….as in tonight…he has signed a rematch between Kerry Von Erich and Buddy Landel for the Continental Title and in the interest of eliminating ANY interference or the chance of Buddy Landel getting himself counted out or disqualified as the Stud Stable has been prone to do lately….He is going to have Ron Fuller handcuffed to one ring post, David Schultz handcuffed to another ring post, the Grapplers both handcuffed to another ring post, and Mr. Olympia handcuffed to the final ring post….and before the main event every wrestler who is not either wrestling in the match or handcuffed to a post will be removed from the building….there will be a winner tonight in Huntsville! Match 2: Kerry Von Erich/Mr. Olympia defeated Fred Garvin/Ken Powers when Von Erich pinned Powers after the 'discus punch' Post Match: Von Erich said with the playing field being level tonight he looks forward to becoming the new AWA Continental Champion and that he and Mr. Olympia look forward to getting their hands on the Grapplers and if they get half a chance they might just jerk those masks off their heads! COMMERCIAL BREAK When the show returned from break- Buddy Landel stormed the desk having just arrived at the studio and having been told the news about the 10 man tag and the match against Kerry Von Erich tonight in Huntsville… Buddy: "Well Ronnie, it's official Les Thatcher has finally lost his mind and is no longer being subtle about his discrimination against me and the rest of the Stud Stable….like I said last week it's bad enough to have to wrestle at the STUPERDome….or to even have to set foot in New Orleans period but now you've stuck us in some sort of ten man tag team monstrosity…but let's bypass that for a moment…who in the hell does Les Thatcher think he is to make me wrestle Kerry Von Erich again this week?…..I can't help that he upset the Grapplers so bad that they ran in to beat him up during our match…..I don't even know those guys…I'm sure they're great people and I'm sure they have a very legitimate reason to want to beat up Kerry Von Erich besides the fact that he's ugly and he's not a very good wrestler and besides the fact that he's friends with lowlifes like Mr. Olympia….and besides the fact that he's more full of himself than a Russian doll." Platt: "None of those are facts Buddy, those are things you've made up…" Buddy: "I beg your pardon?? Listen here Charlie Platt just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it's not true….Kerry Von Erich is ugly…FACT…he couldn't get laid in a women's prison with a fist full of weekend passes…..FACT…I don't know what Kerry Von Erich's mental malfunction is but I bet it's hard to pronounce….FACT the Von Erich family tree must be a cactus because it's full of pricks…" Platt: "Ok Buddy, that will be about enough of that…this is a family show." Buddy: "Exactly, and that's why I was explaining that the Von Erich family are horrible people and if they were any uglier or dumber you'd have to call them the Armstrong family…..but you know what that's fine you can handcuff everybody in the state to that ring but I will still walk out of there tonight Continental Champion because I’m the one and only real Nature Boy, Mr. AWA and Kerry Von Erich you might be able to pick up and put down a bunch of weights and you might be able to do your stupid spinny punch and your head squeeze but when I lock you in the figure four, it's all over….and you can take yourself back to Texas and tell Bill Watts that Buddy Landel said you can kiss him right between the back pockets! Charlie Platt, I'm out of here….and just so you know…'The Great' Al Madril is so mad about this whole situation he got in his car and left so there will be no Fiesta Garden again this week and once again….the fans can blame that jerk Les Thatcher….good day!" MATCH #3: AWA Continental Television Championship Lars Anderson w/General Skandor Akbar defeated Mike Jackson by submission with a Boston Crab to retain the championship Post Match: Joe Pedicino asked Lars why he would join up with Akbar, Lars replied why wouldn't he want to be with the best. Akbar told Pedicino to mind his business because he "already roasted one pig last week, I'm not above roasting another." and then left the set. COMMERCIAL BREAK Highlights are shown of the match from Birmingham where Ted Dibiase successfully defended the AWA World Championship against Freebird Michael Hayes and the exchange with upcoming challenger Terry Gordy afterwards/they follow that up with a VTR of Gordy working out in the gym and getting ready for his 60 Minute time limit bout with Dibiase coming up at Battle of New Orleans MATCH #4: The Soul Patrol (Brickhouse Brown/Koko Ware) defeated Frank Reynolds/Charlie Kelly when Koko pinned Reynolds after a dropkick off the 2nd rope Post Match: Joe asked about the match with the Rat Patrol from last week, Brick said they aren't done beating up the Rat Patrol and they look forward to eliminating them from the battle royal tonight and taking away their opportunity to be champs MATCH #5: AWA U.S. Jr Champion Super Black Ninja w/Mr. Fuji pinned Senor' Lucha following a moon sault Post Match: Fuji said so far NO ONE has answered the open challenge of Super Black Ninja showing what cowards the wrestlers of the AWA are… COMMERCIAL BREAK MATCH #6 MAIN EVENT The Grapplers (#1/#2) defeated the RAT Patrol (Steve Armstrong/Johnny Rich) when Koko Ware/Brickhouse Brown came to ringside and were trash talking Armstrong/Rich which allowing Grappler 1 to "load" his mask and headbutt Rich in the back of the head and get the pin fall
  3. GeneJackson95

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Boutwell Auditorium Birmingham, Alabama Monday August 12, 1984 Bell Time: 7pm Super Black Ninja w/Mr. Fuji pinned Pat Rose after a moonsault Scott Casey pinned "Gentleman" Ken Timbs after a running bulldog The Soul Patrol (Brickhouse Brown/Koko Ware) defeated the Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) when Ware pinned Wayne with a roll up and a handful of tights Lars Anderson w/General Skandor Akbar pinned 'Freebird' Buddy Jack Roberts with a small package "The Great" Al Madril/Hercules Hernandez defeated The Rat Patrol (Steve Armstrong/Johnny Rich)by count out when Armstrong went out to confront the Soul Patrol who had came to ringside to watch the match and lost track of the count AWA Continental Heavyweight Championship "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel w/"Tn. Stud" Ron Fuller defeated "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley by pinfall after Fuller interfered behind the ref's back….while Landel and Fuller were celebrating, "Dr. D" David Schultz came out of the crowd yelling "where's my money" as he chased them out of the arena with a baseball bat! SEMI-MAIN EVENT AWA Continental Tag Team Championship King Kong Bundy/"Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda defeated Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden by DQ when Bundy gave Fuller an avalanche in the corner and Fuller clotheslined the ref as he fell out of the corner causing the DQ MAIN EVENT AWA World Heavyweight Championship Ted Dibiase pinned 'Freebird' Michael 'P.S.' Hayes after a swinging neck breaker After the match, Dibiase took microphone and said that next Sunday in New Orleans that Hayes' "brother" Terry Gordy will go down just like Hayes because his neck will not withstand the punishment he has in store for Gordy! Just as Dibiase put the mic down…the opening chords of 'Freebird' started to play as Gordy came down the aisle wearing a neck brace….Gordy takes the house mic as Dibiase points to his neck and smiles…..Gordy smiles back as he RIPS off the neck brace and says, "Listen here….CHAMP….don't you worry about my neck….it's just fine and next Sunday when I pin your shoulders to the mat in front of that huge crowd at the Super Dome, you can kiss that title goodbye because me and my BROTHERS will be taking it back home to Badstreet..ATLANTA, GA…and boy, there ain't damn thing you can go about it!!" (Badstreet USA hits over the P.A. as the Birmingham crowd goes wild and Dibiase is in the ring livid)
  4. GeneJackson95

    AWA Georgia Championship Wrestling

    I'm really looking forward to Saito and Reed squaring off 1 on 1! Harley Race is not the one to mess with.
  5. GeneJackson95

    AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

    Looking forward to Dibiase/Superstar in the cage!
  6. GeneJackson95


    Another fun episode of Rocky Mtn! Once again Ernie Ladd is a highlight for me...he's such a great heel and I know I always say this but you capture him well and I can always hear his voice as I read the promos....his Army will be hard to overcome in the long run here. On the surface Ron Bass and Eric Embry seem like a very odd pairing but they are really gelling and becoming an entertaining part of the show more and more each week.
  7. GeneJackson95

    TNT Wrestling

    The Labor Day Show is going to be HUGE! The long awaited Lawler vs. Funk title match as well as Tully vs. Dibiase for the World title! I really hope at some point in "our world" we get to see a Tully Blanchard World title reign...it was a missed opportunity in the real world. Tito vs. Putski is a fun feud, I'm enjoying the Ratamyus led heel Putski here. I'm so excited to see Adonis/Murdoch win the tournament for the TNT tag titles....I look forward to their eventual clash with the Fabs!
  8. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    I don't think I've said it enough how well you capture Watts/Ross. Especially Watts' description of the Round Up...I could hear every word of that in his voice. The Islanders are coming across are real threats to the Express' tag titles and Cornette's reaction is classic Cornette, you've got him down as well...great stuff. Powers and Savoldi gaining momentum here....better keep an eye on them! The Movement have become a force in record time here and now get a shot at the Road Warriors.....on paper you'd assume the Warriors will blow through them like everyone else but the Movement are not to be taken lightly.....I look forward to this match in New Orleans. If Sunshine's man is who I think I it is.....this going to be fun to watch unfold! WHAT A MAIN EVENT! Holy crap! A loaded main event that further builds towards the big show coming up....great work!
  9. GeneJackson95


    So I'm testing the waters for offers on the Freebirds...PM with what you got.
  10. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    A lot of building of future stars here as Powers/Savoldi get a good win of the Oates Bros Adias going to a draw with Studd is huge! Iceman getting the win over Windham even by count out levels him up big time! The Glamour Boys show they're tough hanging in there in a fight with the Highwaymen Baron shows he's still got it hanging with Brody right of the gate...good stuff Steamboat vs. Garvin had to have quietly stole the show! Huge main event.....what a dream team with Bockwinkel and the Midnight Express.....and a great rub for the Samoans as mentioned teaming with Kevin in a main event!
  11. GeneJackson95

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Civic Auditorium Pensacola, Florida Saturday August 10, 1984 Bell Time- 8pm U.S. Jr. Championship Super Black Ninja w/Mr. Fuji pinned Steve O with his feet on the ropes The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) defeated Great Kabuki/Kendo Nagasaki w/Mr. Fuji when Davis pinned Nagasaki after a tombstone piledriver/legdrop off the top rope combo AWA Continental Television Championship Lars Anderson pinned One Man Gang w/Gen. Skandor Akbar when Akbar threw a fireball into the face of Gang….post match Akbar shook hands with Lars Anderson and the two left together as referees tended to Gang and his burns Special Challenge Match The Rat Patrol (Steve Armstrong/Johnny Rich) wrestled The Soul Patrol (Brickhouse Brown/Koko Ware) to a 20 minute time limit draw….things got pretty intense at certain points of the match but both teams hesitantly shook hands after the match "The Great" Al Madril w/Hercules pinned "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda with his feet on the ropes King Kong Bundy fought Hercules Hernandez to a double disqualification when Street and Madril both got involved SEMI-MAIN EVENT Continental Tag Team Championship Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden defeated "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley/Mr. Olympia (Subbing for Scott Casey) by DQ when the Grapplers ran in and attacked Olympia MAIN EVENT Continental Heavyweight Championship Kerry Von Erich defeated "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel by DQ when the Grapplers hit the ring and attacked Von Erich…..Mr. Olympia ran into make the save and helped Kerry clear the ring of the Grapplers
  12. GeneJackson95

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling Television WTVY Ch. 4 Studio Dothan, Alabama Taped at 10am/Airing at 3pm on Saturday Aug 10, 1984 on Superstation WTBS and other Television outlets across Alabama/Mississippi/East Tennessee/North Florida Hosted by Charlie Platt/Ronnie P. Gossett Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart Interviews: Joe Pedicino AWA Continental Commissioner: Les Thatcher (The show opens with clips from last week's 'Saturday Night Special' ending with Terry Gordy pinning AWA World Champion Ted Dibiase in the six man tag team match along with the Stud Stable's beatdown of Gordy afterwards….we then go to the opening montage and to the desk with Charlie Platt and Ronnie P. Gossett) Platt: "Welcome wrestling fans to Continental Championship Wrestling and what a huge show we have in store for you here this week as we'll have an update on the health of the Southeastern Champion Terry Gordy, Kerry Von Erich is here and will be in the Fiesta Garden with Al Madril and Hercules Hernandez, Mr. Olympia takes on The Grappler 2, and thanks to his victory over Buddy Landel this past week…."Dr. D" David Schultz will be going one on one in the ring with the "Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller right here on television." RPG: "Charlie Platt, I just want to point out to everyone….Ron Fuller is one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever step into a wrestling ring and people are acting like it's just a forgone conclusion that David Schultz will be not only beat the 'Tennessee Stud' but they act like Ron Fuller is supposed to be afraid of this guy…..I've got news for ya…did any of you people ever consider that maybe Ron Fuller has lured Schultz exactly where he wants him? This isn't going to be some kind of televised assault, Ron Fuller can hold his own and Schultz may have just 'won' a match that proves to be his undoing right here in front of God and everybody on television." Platt: "Well that remains to be seen Mr. Gossett but you do make a good point….this isn't just some manager or some guy off the street…this is a man that we've seen fight some intense battles over the years so there is something to be said for the point you just made about today's match up." (Les Thatcher approaches the desk) Les: "Charlie, I just wanted to come out here and announce…..I've just signed another huge match for today's television show. As you mentioned Kerry Von Erich is here today and will be Al Madril's guest on the Fiesta Garden….but when Kerry arrived this morning he approached me and told me he heard the comments that Buddy Landel made about him and his family right here last week….so since the champion is so confident in his abilities and since he said horrible things about the Von Erichs on WTBS last week….I've signed a main event for tv today with Buddy Landel going one on one with Kerry Von Erich and if Kerry wins, he gets a title shot TONIGHT in Pensacola, but if Landel wins the match here today, Kerry says he'll never return to CCW again." Platt: "Wow! That's a huge match added to today's show….don't you dare go away…well, that's a lot to get to so let's go to the opening match today featuring the U.S. Jr Champion Super Black Ninja!" ========================== MATCH #1: U.S. Jr. Champion Super Black Ninja w/Mr. Fuji pinned Ned Grimley following a Moonsault press (Post Match: Ninja & Fuji join Joe Pedicino in the interview area) Joe: "Mr. Fuji, I was told that you have a big challenge you're looking to issue as it concerns the U.S. Jr. Champion, the Super Black Ninja." Fuji: "Yes…Yes…Super Black Ninja greatest champion in AWA….there is no one here in Continental that provide any challenge for title. So, we issue challenge to any junior heavyweight in United State….you want to challenge Ninja….he face anyone….you come here Continental….or we come to you….no one beat Super Black Ninja….no one." Joe: "Very well Mr. Fuji, we'll see if any wrestlers or promoters from across the AWA take you up on that challenge for the U.S. Jr. championship. Now, while I've got you here….can you please shed some light on the recent issues between your associate Skandor Akbar and the One Man Gang? Have they settled their differences? Can they co-exist? What's the latest?" Fuji: "Oh Joe-san….you no worry about that. Fuji-san…he make things all better with Akbar and Gang…..they no fight no more…..all is well in Devastation Incorporated." (Fuji/Ninja quickly make their exit) =========================== COMMERCIAL BREAK =========================== Platt: "Welcome back to Continental Champion…" (We are the Champions plays) "Oh come on…give me a break." (Buddy Landel comes out to the desk and grabs a mic) Landel: "Give you a break?? Give you a break, Charlie Platt?? Are you the one who just got thrown into an unscheduled match with Kerry Von Erich?? I was supposed to have this week off!! First of all, I got cheated by that dumb redneck David Schultz and now the Stud has to lower himself to wrestling that idiot here on television…..THEN last week they announce we're going to have to go to NEW ORLEANS and wrestle at the STUPERDome in front of those lunatics….Charlie Platt, I appeared in front of a judge one time and he asked if I'd ever done any time in prison, I told him, No your honor but I once spent a week in New Orleans, he banged his gavel and said 'time served' and let me walk out scott free. I hate New Orleans, I hate Kerry Von Erich, I hate David Schultz, and I hate 'Plowboy' Bill Watts….this has been a rotten week and is getting worse by the minute….but I promise you this…Kerry Von Erich will regret the day he came to MY home turf and challenged me, 'Mr. AWA' the real 'Nature Boy' Buddy Landel…..I'm going to send him back to Texas to the Von Erich dung farm or whatever it is they live on out there in Dallas, Texas which is second only to New Orleans to being the worst place on earth. Ronnie P. I love ya brother, Charlie Platt, I hope you choke on your microphone you incompetent goof….I wish you'd move to Texas and work for Low Class Wrestling with Bill Watts.." (Landel exits as Gossett laughs hysterically) ========================= MATCH #2: Mr. Olympia vs. Grappler 2 Highlights: A very solid back and forth match as these two have met a few times in recent weeks….after several minutes it looked like Olympia might be on his way to winning as he locks Grappler into a sleeper but as Grappler 2 was flailing his arms around he "accidently" raked the eyes of the referee who went down temporarily blinded it seemed…..suddenly (much like on this week's World Class television) another Grappler appeared from out of nowhere and slid into the ring, he kicked his boot against the mat and then kicked Olympia in the back of the head….he slid the other Grappler on top of Olympia before shaking the referee then he slid out and rolled under the ring….referee Ed Faulk came over and counted 1-2-3!! The referee raised Grappler 2's hand as the fans were livid but suddenly from out of the back came Kerry Von Erich who pulled the other Grappler out from under the ring and tossed him inside…..the referee confused by seeing two Grapplers in the ring and knowing he missed something while blinded….changed his decision to a 'No Contest' The Grapplers were outraged but Les Thatcher came to ringside and told them he wanted them out of the studio immediately while he looked at the video tape and contacted 'Cowboy' Bill Watts! ============================= COMMERCIAL BREAK ============================= MATCH #3: AWA Continental Television Championship Lars Anderson defeated Roy Lee Welch by submission with a figure four leglock to retain the title (Post Match: The cameras go to the interview area backstage where Joe Pedicino has tracked down General Skandor Akbar and the One Man Gang) Joe: "Guys, Lars Anderson just once again successfully defended his television title here today but more importantly…how are things between you two?" Akbar: "Listen Pedicino, Mr. Fuji already told me you were back here trying to stir the pot earlier but there's no issues between the Gang and myself….we had a little miscue last week…things were said that shouldn't have been said on both sides but we settled it like men and we're good. In fact, to show the Gang that I'm truly sorry…I got Les Thatcher to agree to send television cameras to Pensacola tonight so his match with Lars Anderson can be for the Television title." Joe: "Gang, from your point of view are things good now?" OMG: "Look, as long as he don't disrespect me and put his hands all in my face like he did last we're good." Akbar: "Why mention that? I told the man we're good….why do you need to say that out here?" OMG: "Because it's true….as long as you don't cost me anymore matches, or put your hands in my face….we'll be just fine." Akbar: (after a long pause) "You're right….that won't happen again….tonight you win that Television title and things will be smooth from here on out….let's get out of here and I'll buy you a drink somewhere and we'll discuss Lars Anderson's many weaknesses." ======================= (we cut back to the desk where 'Wildcat' Wendell Cooley has joined Charlie Platt) Platt: "Wendell, last week you and your partner Scott Casey won a tag team title shot against Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden….but I understand there's been some sort of issue and now Scott Casey isn't here today and won't be in Pensacola tonight." Cooley: That's right Charlie, apparently he took some sort of outside booking that Les Thatcher nor myself were aware of and he's in West Virginia somewhere but the good news is since it wasn't my fault, Mr. Thatcher is letting me find a replacement partner for tonight and that partner will be none other than Mr. Olympia!" Platt: "Well that's great news that you'll still get your title shot.." (Brickhouse Brown/Koko Ware come out) Brown: "Now hold on a minute….Koko and myself have been beating teams left and right around here….Cooley's partner can't even be bothered to show up so now he gets to just look around the dressing room and pick some random partner…what kind of crap is this?" Cooley: "Listen Brick, all due respect…I don't see where this is any of you guy's business…" Ware: "Well…Wildcat….we're making it our damn business…" (Rat Patrol comes out) Rich: "Listen guys, I get what you're saying and I get why you're upset about Cooley and some random partner getting the title shot…but if anybody else should be getting a title shot it should be us…we're the former champs." Brown: "Exactly…FORMER champs….past tense….yesterday's news…so why you don't you suckas get out of here and go wrestle the Nightmares some more.." Armstrong: "Listen boys, don't make this thing get ugly…" Ware: "Boys? Oh this things about to get real ugly….real quick." Rich: "He didn't mean it like that…" Brown: "How else could he mean it? You want to come out here and be disrespectful….how about we beat y'all tonight….then we'll face whoever wins the title match…next week." Armstrong: "You're on guys….let's do it." Ware: "One more question though….You call yourselves the RAT Patrol….so does that mean y'all chase RATS? Or does that mean y'all are RATS?" (Rich blasts Ware with a right hand and a four way brawl breaks out in the studio so Platt calls for a break to restore order) ============================ COMMERCIAL BREAK ============================ MATCH #4: King Kong Bundy pinned 'Big' Tom Dugan for a FIVE count after a big splash ============================ (Charlie Platt runs down tonight's card) Continental Championship Wrestling Civic Auditorium Pensacola, Florida TONIGHT!! Bell Time: 8pm U.S. Jr Championship Super Black Ninja w/Mr. Fuji Vs. Steve O The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) Vs. The Great Kabuki/Kendo Nagasaki w/Mr. Fuji AWA Continental Television Championship Lars Anderson Vs. The One Man Gang w/Skandor Akbar Special Challenge Match The Soul Patrol (Brickhouse Brown/Koko Ware) Vs. The Rat Patrol (Scott Armstrong/Johnny Rich) "The Great" Al Madril Vs. "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda Hercules Hernandez Vs. King Kong Bundy MAIN EVENT AWA Continental Tag Team Championship The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden) Vs. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley/Mr. Olympia (CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE) ============================ (Joe Pedicino is backstage with Les Thatcher) Joe: "Les, we saw at the top of the program Terry Gordy pinning AWA World Champion Ted Dibiase but also the heinous attack by Dibiase and the Stud Stable on Gordy…what's the status of the Southeastern Champion?" Les: "Joe, honestly his neck is in pretty rough shape but the report from the Doctor this week was with a few weeks of rest he should be good as new….so with that in mind I'm giving Terry Gordy some time off…..in fact he doesn't have to return to work until August 25th." Joe: "Wait…why August 25th?" Les: "Because he's booked in a match on August 25th….in New Orleans…..at the Super Dome…for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ted Dibiase or whomever is champion at the time…..oh and that match will have….a one hour time limit!" (crowd cheers) ============================== (Ron Fuller is in the ring awaiting his match with "Dr. D" as Schultz approaches the ring and grabs a mic) Schultz: "Listen Fuller, I'm giving you one last chance….all you have to do is pay me my 25 grand and I walk away….this isn't personal…strictly business….I get my money…it's all over with…" Fuller: "Bring it on boy, I ain't scared of you!" Schultz: "Ok Fuller….have it your way…" (Schultz charges the ring) MATCH #4: GRUDGE MATCH "Dr. D" David Schultz Vs. "Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller **Highlights** Schultz hits the ring and is all over Fuller for a the first few minutes….until Fuller finally manages to cut him off with a rake to the eyes…..Fuller stays in control for a few minutes until Schultz fires back and has Fuller reeling until suddenly the whole Stud Stable (Madril/Hercules/Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden/Landel) hits the ring and attacks Schultz and they lay a pretty good beating on him until Adrian Street/Bundy/The Rat Patrol hit the ring with chairs and clean house) "Dr. D" David Schultz is your winner by DQ! Les Thatcher comes out to the desk and says he's sick of all this interference and right now he's having security along with local police remove the Stud Stable (minus Landel) as well as Street, Bundy, and the Rat Patrol to ensure the main event is one on one since he's already confirmed the Grapplers are have left the premises! Madril asked, "What about the Fiesta Garden??" Thatcher replied, "The Fiesta Garden has been cancelled this week!" ====================== COMMERCIAL BREAK ====================== (After the break, Les Thatcher is backstage with Joe Pedicino) Les: "Joe, I'm sick and tired of all this interference especially from the Stud Stable….so next week I'll have an announcement about a match at Battle of New Orleans that can hopefully settle this feud once and for all with Schultz and the Stable!" ======================= MATCH #5: MAIN EVENT If KVE Wins he gets a shot at the CCW Title Tonight in Pensacola, If KVE loses he never returns to CCW!! Kerry Von Erich pinned "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel with a sunset flip ======================= Platt: "Fans! Kerry Von Erich just pinned the champion Buddy Landel….therefore the match has been added tonight in Pensacola in our main event as Buddy Landel will be forced to defend against Kerry Von Erich! You don't want to miss this show, get down to Pensacola for Continental Championship Wrestling!" © 1984 AWA Continental Championship Wrestling
  13. GeneJackson95

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Big win for Kamala Poor Scott Casey traveled all the way to West Virginia to get squashed.
  14. GeneJackson95


    Great action happening in both Stampede and Rocky Mtn Pro! Dibiase retaining against a monster like Nikita really helps solidify him as a credible AWA World Champion who is going to be tough to beat! I'm really looking forward to seeing who Bad News is talking about bringing in for a partner....the Russians are going to be looking for revenge! Naitch takes the North American title.....good luck getting it away from him......I see some classics between he and Dibiase coming sooner or later for sure.
  15. GeneJackson95

    TNT Wrestling

    Great stuff here in TNT for me to catch up on....I'm happy to see Hercules Ayala take the Brass Knucks title. Great tournament action to crown the #1 Contender, Lawler vs. Funk is going to be epic....I don't think Dundee is going to let this go that easy though. You my friend are the master of taking midcard or other wise forgotten guys and getting them over in no time. Art Crews is catching on quick....good stuff. I'm hoping we see more of Idol vs. Adonis....maybe next time for the TV title.