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  1. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Spot Show Loop: Tuesday July 27, 1986- Mobile, AL. Wednesday July 28, 1986- Prattville, AL. Thursday July 29, 1986- Sylacauga, AL. Friday July 30, 1986- Troy, AL. The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated Larry Hamilton/Allen West (Subbing for the Gilberts) Hickerson pinned West after a boot to the head from Duncum behind the ref's back The Spoiler w/Dark Journey pinned Steve Gatorwolf after walking the top rope and landing an elbow drop The Armstrongs (Scott/Steve) defeated The Richs (Johnny/Davey) when Steve pinned Davey after a shoulder tackle off the top rope NWA U.S. Jr. Heavyweight Championship "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Dark Journey pinned Billy Travis while Dark Journey held Travis' foot The Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony/Len Denton) defeated Savannah Jack/Sweet Brown Sugar when Denton pinned Jack with his feet on the ropes Texas Death Match "Outlaw" Ron Bass w/Ronnie P. Gossett & Duke Myers defeated "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley when Blackjack Mulligan interfered SEMI-MAIN EVENT SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHALLENGE MATCH Brad Armstrong/Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk wrestled The International House of Humperdink (Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tatsumi Fujinami) w/Sir Oliver Humperdink to a 20 minute time limit draw MAIN EVENT NWA Continental Heavyweight Championship-Rematch Magnum T.A. defeated Mr. Olympia w/Ronnie P. Gossett & Duke Myers by count out when Gossett faked a heart attack and fell out of his wheel chair…..Olympia got counted out while "trying to help save his life"…..afterwards a masked "medic" came down to "assist" but he started pounding on Gossett's chest and then attacked Olympia while Magnum fought off Duke Myers…..this masked man in scrubs who attacked Gossett and Olympia had blond hair hanging out of the back of his mask….but it's not likely the same one who attacked Bob Armstrong….some fans at ringside started chanting, "BUD---DY, BUD--DY, BUD--DY" but the masked man quickly exited through the crowd
  2. GeneJackson95

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Great show, excited to see Medusa win the TV title!
  3. GeneJackson95

    Mid-South Wrestling

    Rocky Johnson is coming along here...looking forward to his eventual Clash with Ladd/Bad News Speaking of Ladd and Bad News they bring the heat as always on the mic again this week! I agree with Dragon, Tommy Rich is at home cussing his TV as Michael Hayes shows he equals him in the scumbaggery department by attacking his blinded best friend in the hospital while dressed as a Doctor....kudos on this segment! Heel heat at it's best. It will be interesting to see how Watts/the NWA react to this treachery. Damn....I was really pulling for Fergie. Fun way to play up Sheik's money case angle and a fun win for Reed Solid main event with a nice win for the World Champion but keeps Brody strong on TV. Great set of dark matches to send the live crowd home happy.
  4. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling CCW Tag Team Title Tournament Houston County Farm Center Dothan, Alabama Monday July 26, 1986 Bell Time: 7pm The Spoiler w/Dark Journey pinned Steve Gatorwolf with the claw hold CCW Tag Team Title Tournament Round 1: The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated Savannah Jack/Sweet Brown Sugar when Duncum pinned Jack after a shoulder breaker Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk defeated Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto w/Sir Oliver Humperdink by DQ when Humperdink got caught throwing salt into the eyes of Taylor Doug/Tommy Gilbert defeated Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden) when Fuller thought he had Doug Gilbert beat he started getting cocky and Gilbert managed to catch him with a quick school boy roll up for the 1-2-3! Fuller and Golden completely lost it!! They attacked the Gilberts after the match…..Fuller loaded his boot and kicked Doug in the crotch…..Golden attacked Tommy with a chair busting his head open…..They went after Doug again, referee Larry Brock tried to stop them but Fuller threw him over the top rope out to the floor, then they dragged Doug over to the ring post….Robert grabbed one leg and Jimmy grabbed the other and they rammed him crotch first into the ring post! Les Thatcher came down to ringside and suspended the Stud Stable for 90 days for this senseless post match attack on the Gilberts. The Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony/Len Denton) defeated Scott/Steve Armstrong after Denton pinned Steve after hitting him with a chain behind the ref's back NWA U.S. Jr. Championship "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Dark Journey pinned Larry Hamilton after a swinging neck breaker CCW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Finals: Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk defeated The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) when Zenk pinned Duncum after a dropkick from the top rope The Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony/Len Denton) get a BYE to the finals because the Gilberts are too injured to compete after the post match attack from the Stud Stable. SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley pinned Duke Myers w/Ronnie P. Gossett following the 'running bulldog' SEMI-MAIN EVENT CCW Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: NWA CONTINENTAL TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk defeated The Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony/Len Denton) when Taylor pinned Anthony with a backslide, after the match The Dirty White Boys came over seemingly to congratulate the new champions but promptly attacked them but Taylor and Zenk fought back……then Sato and Goto hit the ring and it was a wild three way brawl. Les Thatcher came back down to ringside and threatened to suspend all three teams if they didn't stop fighting immediately…..the teams stopped fighting and left the ring. MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH Ivan/Nikita Koloff & Mr. Olympia w/Ronnie P. Gossett/Duke Myers vs. Magnum T.A./Dusty Rhodes/Blackjack Mulligan Despite being in a steel cage, the match is worked as a normal six man tag team match with the wrestlers tagging in and out with the referee inside the cage struggling to keep order. The match goes for about 26 minutes with the heels finally managing to take the heat on Dusty who can't seem to make the tag until he manages to hit a DDT on Olympia and starts to slowly crawl over to the outstretched hand of his partner Blackjack Mulligan…..he finally makes it over and just as he's about to make the tag……Mulligan blasts Dusty with big right hand to his already bloody head!!! As Magnum asks him, "What the hell are you doing??" Magnum is jumped by Ivan and Nikita Koloff who double team him! Mulligan comes into the ring and straddles Dusty and just rains down punches on him……nearly knocking him out completely…..Mulligan gets off of Dusty as Olympia has recovered and comes over to make the cover…..the referee hesitates then makes the count 1---2---3!! Ivan and Nikita have left Magnum in a bloody heap….the referee goes over to try and stop them from further attacking and gets rammed face first into the steel cage for his troubles. Mulligan locks the claw on his now former partner Dusty Rhodes as Wendell Cooley, the Armstrongs, and other babyfaces try to climb into the cage to make the save but are being kicked back down by the Russians and Mr. Olympia as Mulligan continues to clamp the claw hold down on the bloody head of the "American Dream". Les Thatcher comes down to the ring and takes the microphone and says if they do not stop the assault and leave the cage immediately, Koloff will be stripped of the NWA World Title, Olympia will be stripped of the Continental title, and Ivan and Mulligan will be fired. After some pleading from Gossett as well they stopped and exited the cage.
  5. GeneJackson95

    Western States Wrestling

    Great TV leading into this week's show, I really enjoyed Embry's promo! The NWA is putting on a united front against all these heels getting out of hand....I love it! Fun promo from Tojo and a great way to end the show and make me go buy a ticket to the show tonight! Jason the Terrible continues to impress each week. Can't wait to see Tyree challenge Shaska for the TV title! Dick Slater manages a win over the Gang....even if it was a DQ, it was still impressive he didn't go down in defeat like everyone else has so far. Nice win for the Fort Bragg Brotherhood over the Karachi Vice who had been on quite a roll recently. Embry retains! I'm sure he'll have plenty to say about it soon. Jumbo retains....I've enjoyed him being a heel champion with some honor....thanks for the explanation.
  6. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling TV Saturday July 24, 1986 Hosted by Gordon Solie Ring Announcer: Freddie Miller Interviewer: Joe Pedicino From the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama (The show opens with footage of Magnum T.A. nearly pinning Mr. Olympia for the Continental Championship until Ivan Koloff pulled out the referee followed by Nikita Koloff hitting the ring and attacking Magnum and ultimately hanging him over the top rope with his chain, it then cuts to Les Thatcher announcing to the live crowd that Magnum will be bringing in two mystery partners this week to take on Olympia and the Russians in a Six Man Tag Team Steel Cage Match then the opening montage rolls and we then go to our host Gordon Solie) Solie: "Hello and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling, sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body in professional wrestling the world over. We've got a HUGE main event signed for you here tonight as "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley will defend the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship against the man who defeated him last week in the 'bullwhip on a pole' match, "Outlaw" Ron Bass!" What a week it's been here in Continental Championship Wrestling, you just saw what happened in the Continental Championship match last Monday night between the champion Mr. Olympia and the challenger Magnum T.A….We'll talk more about that situation later in the program but right now I'd like to bring out Les Thatcher to discuss the situation from last week with Tommy 'Wildfire' Rich and the Continental Tag Team titles." Les: "We've got a video from NWA President "Cowboy" Bill Watts who will discuss the Tommy Rich situation and where things stand there. As for the Continental Tag Team titles, this Monday night in Dothan, there will be an eight team tournament to crown new champions, now originally since Bob and Brad Armstrong had already earned a title shot, the winners of the tournament were going to face them to decide the new champions but since Bob Armstrong was attacked last Monday night at the end of their match with the Stud Stable, we don't know how long Bob will be out of action but we do know he spent three days in the hospital following that 'spike piledriver' on the concrete floor. I'm still investigating who the two men in the masks and scrubs were that attacked Bob, I have my suspicions on who it was under those masks but I'm not going to say just yet who I think they were. Anyway, we'll reveal the eight teams and the first round matches a little bit later in the show tonight but right now, let's hear from Bill Watts." (VTR- Bill Watts is standing in front of the Mid South Wrestling backdrop) Watts: "Hello, Continental Wrestling fans it's good to be here on Continental television but I wish it was under better circumstances. For the past several months or so, Johnny and Tommy Rich have been two of the most disgusting individuals in the sport of professional wrestling, why just the things they said about the great state of Texas and the Von Erich family leading into the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament was enough to make a preacher cuss but the actions of Tommy Rich on that television show last week when he applied a piledriver, one of the most deadly and dangerous holds in professional wrestling…..when he applied that hold to his own mother because she cost him a wrestling match may very well have been the most low down vile thing I've ever seen take place on a professional wrestling television program and I'm ashamed that it took place on a show sanctioned by the NWA. I've spent a lot of time in meetings this week with the NWA Board of Directors as well as Continental's own Commissioner, Les Thatcher and I'm going to be honest, there was some very serious talk about banning Tommy Rich from the NWA for life and I'm still not sure that wouldn't have been the best decision to be quite honest. However, it is our ruling that Tommy Rich is hereby suspended until he is able to pay a $100,000 fine in full. Now, I was sent some footage from last Monday night in Huntsville where two men dressed in scrubs and masks seemingly trying to pass themselves off as the tag team, the Interns attacked Bob Armstrong and injured him coincidently with a piledriver. You could somewhat see in the video but it's been confirmed by ringside fans that the man giving the piledriver had blond hair sticking out of the back of his mask, and his accomplice that helped spike Bob, had dark curly hair sticking out of the back of his mask. It is my belief that those two were Johnny and Tommy Rich under those masks….unfortunately at this time I can't prove that but if I'm able to prove it….BOTH men will be banned from the NWA for life! However, as of right now….since Johnny Rich did not actively participate in piledriving Peggy Rich and at this time we cannot prove he was one of the 'Interns', he is still eligible to compete in Continental Wrestling but the investigation into the incident during the Armstrong vs. Stud Stable match will be ongoing. I just want you fans to know that I'm currently working with the Board of Directors and the promoters of the NWA to get things under control and to stop all this craziness that's going on across the National Wrestling Alliance and I take personal responsibility for finding a way to resolve this since it's happened on my watch, you have my word that I'll do everything in my power to get things under control. Thank you for your support of the NWA and please continue to come out and show that support whenever any of the NWA promotions come to your town." (END VTR) Solie: "Well there you have it from the President of the NWA and Les, I've spoken to several wrestlers and fans who were there Monday night and most of them are pretty convinced those two 'Interns' were the Rich Cousins. As for that $100,000 fine, I seriously doubt that Tommy Rich has that kind of money laying around, and I'm pretty sure he can't borrow it from his mother so beyond putting on a mask and scrubs, we may have seen the last of Tommy Rich in the NWA." Les: "Gordon, I'm pretty darn sure they are right but unfortunately no one was able to see them without those masks to confirm that to be the case, but I can say this….if they were to show up again at a Continental Wrestling event…..any wrestler who can unmask them or provide photographic proof of their identity will be eligible for a shot at any championship they see fit or perhaps a cash reward whichever they find more favorable. As for the fine, I'm pretty sure you're right about Tommy not being able to pay it, I'm sure he has that kinda money in the bank being a former World Champion, but I don't see him being willing to pay that out." Solie: "Wow….what a blockbuster announcement that is! That will certainly motivate EVERYONE in the locker room to rat the Richs out if in fact they are the ones that are donning masks and portraying the Interns….Now, one more thing I'd like to get your thoughts on while your out here. Where are you at on the 'Bring Buddy Back' campaign?" Les: (Smiles) "I was kinda hoping you wouldn't ask me about that. So, apparently he's bought some more time tonight so we'll see how that goes but I spoke to Bill Watts about this in the midst of the Tommy Rich discussions and officially the NWA's stance is that Buddy lost the match and the stipulation is binding…..however……Bill Watts said that the NWA is always willing to listen to the fans and if we get enough feedback and fan support we'll take it under consideration…..but he also said since the match was against Wendell Cooley, if Buddy Landel's reinstatement went before the Board for consideration, ultimately Cooley would have to sign off on it for it to happen." Solie: "That should be interesting…..I know you said he bought some time for today but take a look at this footage from last Monday before the event in Huntsville where Buddy had a "bus" out in the parking lot and was campaigning to 'Bring Buddy Back', take a look." (VTR- What appears to be a Frito Lay truck with banners duck taped to the sides that read "Bring Buddy Back" is parked out in front of the Von Braun Center in Huntsville while Buddy Landel is walking around carrying a sign that reads 'Bring Buddy Back' and has a megaphone, he has a team of people handing out fliers, buttons, and bumper stickers as well….as he talks to people over the megaphone…here are just a few highlights: "Maam, you look like a nice young lady…how would you like a 'Bring Buddy Back' button to wear? How about a 'Jerry Stubbs Sucks!' sign to hold up when Special Olympia comes out tonight?" "Hey sir, did you know that it's a known fact that you could feed a third world country for six weeks off of what Ronnie P. Gossett had for lunch today?" "How many of you already knew that the 'P' in Ronnie 'P' Gossett stands for Porky?" "Did any of you know that Duke Myers USED to be a man??" "Ronnie Gossett has ate 4 Quincy's Restaurants out of business in the past two weeks." "Mr. Olympia wears a mask because he looks like the guy from the Dunkin Donuts commercial." "Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Hazzard was based on Ronnie P. Gossett and Duke Myers is Roscoe."--END VTR) Solie: "That went on for hours." Les: (Laughing) "Umm, yeah it did…Buddy is something else….but how about we go to the ring Gordon." Solie: "Great idea Les, let's see the now former NWA U.S. Jr Champion Larry Hamilton in action." =========================== MATCH #1: Larry Hamilton pinned Rick Dagless with a sunset flip (Post match- Larry joined Joe Pedicino at ringside) Joe: "Larry, last week you made your return to Continental and things just didn't go your way as Steve Regal won the U.S. Jr. title last Monday night." Larry: "He didn't win the title, Joe….he STOLE the title thanks to that little jezebel, Dark Journey! That's alright, I'm getting my rematch this Monday night in Dothan and this time I know what I'm up against…..and I promise you this time….things are gonna go my way!" ============================ COMMERCIAL BREAK ============================ (As return from the commercial break, Gordon is flanked by a familiar face and a not so familiar face) Solie: "I'm joined here by a young lady we haven't seen in a couple of weeks, of course I'm referring to Woman…..but this isn't who we saw you with before….Woman, who is this man?" Woman: "You just answered your own question Gordon…..he is Man. I am Woman. Things did not go right before Gordon." Solie: "You mean when Jimmy.." (Woman cuts him off by putting her finger over his mouth) Woman: "Gordon Solie, we must never speak of it…..I promised we would never speak of it. Things went wrong……they just went all wrong…..it was never supposed to be that way…..so now, we press the reset button." Solie: "The reset button?" Woman: "That's right Gordon, things got all messed up. Man wasn't here…..it didn't go the way it was intended….but now we shall set it all right. It's nearly time for the rebirth….the re-premiere……the return of……..LUSCIOUS!" (Woman strokes Gordon's cheek and he blushes as she walks away, Man puts his hand on Gordon's shoulder….then winks at him as he walks away…Gordon stares blankly into the camera) Solie: "Um, let's go back down to the ring." =========================== MATCH #2: The Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony/Len Denton) defeated Randy Watson/Leonard Washington when Anthony pinned Watson after a double DDT! Post match promo with Pedicino: The Dirty White Boys promise to walk out of Dothan the new Continental Tag Team Champions, no matter what! =========================== (VTR- A voiceover says 'the following is a paid advertisement) Black & White footage rolls of Ronnie P. Gossett and Mr. Olympia with the following voiceover. "Ronnie P. Gossett is a known liar and a thief! One day while having lunch with his alleged best friend, Buddy Landel….Gossett stole four of Buddy's ten piece chicken nuggets while he stepped away to make a phone call…and then blamed it on a child at another table!! Mr. Olympia besides being a liar and a cheater is also UGLY….very, very ugly!! Jerry Stubbs' parents started putting a mask on him at the age of four so that other children wouldn't be scared to come near him…..he's worn one ever since!! These men are a menace to professional wrestling and polite society!! There's only one man who could rid Continental Championship Wrestling of these two abominations……that man is BUDDY LANDEL! Please do your part to ……BRING BUDDY BACK!!!" This message was paid for by the Coalition of Concerned Wrestling Fans who love and support Buddy Landel!" (END VTR) ============================= COMMERCIAL BREAK ============================= (As we return from the break, Gordon Solie runs down the card for Monday night in Dothan) Continental Championship Wrestling CCW Tag Team Title Tournament Houston County Farm Center Dothan, Alabama Monday July 26, 1986 Bell Time: 7pm CCW Tag Team Title Tournament Round 1: The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs. Savannah Jack/Sweet Brown Sugar Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk vs. Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto w/Oliver Humperdink Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden) vs. Doug/Tommy Gilbert Scott/Steve Armstrong vs. The Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony/Len Denton) NWA U.S. Jr. Championship "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Dark Journey vs. Larry Hamilton SEMI-MAIN EVENT The Finals of the CCW Tag Team Title Tournament to crown new champions! MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH Ivan/Nikita Koloff & Mr. Olympia w/Ronnie P. Gossett/Duke Myers vs. Magnum T.A./Mystery Partners ----------------------------------------------------- (As Solie finishes running down the card, Johnny and Davey Rich storm the desk) Solie: "Gentlemen, I don't have you scheduled to be out here right now." Johnny: "Oh, I'm sure you don't Mr. Solie but my cousin and I want to know why we aren't in the tournament for the titles that I was just wrongly stripped of?!?!" Solie: "Johnny, I don't make those decisions but I can only assume that the reason is that Davey just returned this past week." Johnny: "Savannah Jack and Sweet Brown Sugar are in it, they just got here! Who have they even beat? I'm the former tag team champion!" Solie: "Actually, from what I've been told….Savannah Jack and Skip Young beat yourself and Davey Rich this past week." Davey: "How dare you mention that Gordon Solie? That wasn't even an official match…..that was just thrown together….that should be stricken from the record and never mentioned again!" (Savannah Jack and "Sweet Brown Sugar" Skip Young approach the desk) Solie: "Gentlemen, it's good to see you but I must admit I don’t have you two scheduled to be out here right now either." Jack: "I understand Mr. Solie, and we mean no disrespect to you or this show……but we just wanted to come out here and tell these two chumps that you are exactly right….we're in this tournament because we beat THEM…..and if they want to get in the ring right here on the show….we'll beat 'em again!" Johnny: "Hold up one minute there Savannah Jerk! Are you telling us that you'll wrestle us and if we beat you then WE get the spot in the tournament in Dothan?" Young: "That's exactly what we're saying……so don't talk about it, boys! Be about it!" Johnny: "You're on! We'll beat you two….then plow through that tournament and win those titles! Then we're going to help Tommy raise the money to pay that fine!" Solie: "Ok guys, we're going to run this by Les Thatcher and if he sanctions it, we'll add it to tonight's matches. Right now, let's go to the ring and see Magnum T.A. in action!" ======================= MATCH #3: Magnum T.A. pinned Curly Jefferson with a belly to belly suplex in just under one minute (After the match, Joe Pedicino enters the ring to speak with Magnum T.A.) Joe: "Magnum, I'm honestly surprised to see you in the ring tonight after that vicious attack by the Russians last week that perhaps cost you the Continental Heavyweight title against Mr. Olympia." Magnum: "Oh there's no perhaps to it, Joe! I had Olympia beat with the belly to belly and that Continental championship was mine until those no good Russians stuck their nose in my business once again but things will be different in Dothan when….." (Ivan and Nikita Koloff along with Mr. Olympia are at the desk with Gordon Solie and cut Magnum off) Ivan: "That's big talk from a man who is standing in the ring all alone right now. I say, we don't wait for Monday…..we take you out now when your so called mystery partners aren't here to save you." Olympia: "Let's go boys!" (They start to leave the desk and heard towards the ring) Magnum: "Well Joe, I say we solve the mystery RIGHT NOW! Come on down here fellas and get you some!" (The lights go out for a moment….when they come back on, The Russians and Olympia are at ringside….and standing in the ring with Magnum are DUSTY RHODES AND BLACKJACK MULLIGAN…..Rhodes takes the mic) Rhodes: "Now din….let's get past tha talkin' baybay and let's get in here and handle bidness if ya will!" BJM: "What's the matter? You Soviet Sissies suddenly lose your nerve? Jump on in this ring and show us what you're made of!" (Nikita lunges towards the ring but is held back by Uncle Ivan and Mr. Olympia) Olympia: "Ain't nobody scared of you two Texans…..but we ain't getting paid tonight….we'll do it Monday in the cage where you boys can't run away!" Dusty: "That's what I thought….Mista Olympia….keep on talkin' and we may just have to 'Bring Buddy Back' to whip yo' a**!" (Crowd cheers) ======================== COMMERCIAL BREAK ======================== MATCH #4: WINNERS ENTER THE TAG TITLE TOURNAMENT Savannah Jack/Sweet Brown Sugar defeated Johnny/Davey Rich when Sugar pinned Davey with a sunset flip off the top rope! The Richs storm back up the aisle furious while Savannah Jack and Sweet Brown Sugar celebrate in the ring while the fans mock the Rich Cousins as they leave. ======================== (Back at the desk, Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden join Gordon Solie) Solie: "I'm joined now by the Stud Stable who will be facing Tommy and Doug Gilbert in the first round of the Continental Tag Team title tournament." Fuller: (laughing) "I just wanna thank Continental for basically giving us a bye in the first round putting those stupid Gilberts in the ring with us. We've beat them Gilberts like a drum for weeks and weeks and they just don't know when to leave well enough alone….well Monday night in Dothan, we're gonna beat the Gilberts just like we did the Armstrongs last week in that Southern Street Fight!" Solie: "You mean that two guys in masks are going to come out and interfere and help you win this match too?" Golden: "Gordon Solie, you sure do have a smart mouth on you….has anyone ever told you that? I have no idea what you are referring to…..nobody helped us! We beat those Armstrongs half to death in there and Robert whipped Bob Armstrong so bad that those two can't even be in the tournament this week!" Fuller: "I don't know who those guys were….and frankly I don't care! It was a street fight, which meant anything goes…..we can't help it if so many people hate the Armstrongs that they decide to come out and piledrive them on the floor…..but all that matters is I pinned Bob Armstrong….WE won that match, just like we're going to win this tournament on Monday night in Dothan and we will be the new Continental Tag Team Champions….and that's all there is to say!" Solie: "Well, thank goodness for that. Let's go down to the ring for our main event, the Southeastern title match." =========================== MATCH #5: MAIN EVENT NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley vs. "Outlaw" Ron Bass w/Ronnie P. Gossett & Duke Myers As Cooley steps through the ropes, Bass attacks him and the match is on! The match is a wild back and forth match up with neither man keeping the advantage for very long! After several minutes Cooley manages to catch Bass with a boot to the gut and signals for the bulldog! Duke reaches in and grabs Cooley's leg as Gossett distracted the referee while still in his wheelchair at ringside…Gossett convinced the referee to get of the ring and assist him….meanwhile, Cooley jumps out of the ring and hits Myers with a flurry of punches!! Suddenly from out of nowhere….MR. OLYMPIA runs down and rams Cooley's head into the ring post and then rolls him into the ring, before running back up the aisle! Bass quickly covers Cooley….as Gossett screams for the referee to get back into the ring…..the ref slides in and counts ….1….2…3!! We have a new NWA Southeastern Champion!! "Outlaw" Ron Bass!! Bass celebrates with the title belt as Cooley rolls out of the ring with his head busted wide open from being rammed into the ring post by Mr. Olympia. Solie: "I can't believe what just took place here….Mr. Olympia just cost 'Wildcat' Wendell Cooley the Southeastern title! Gossett clearly had a plan in place here….this is terrible. Well, I'll tell you one thing….if it comes down to it, I think Wendell Cooley might be willing to sign off on 'bringing Buddy back' after what just took place here tonight….but maybe I'm wrong. Fans, join us again next week for Continental Championship Wrestling, for Joe Pedicino….I'm Gordon Solie saying, So long from the heart of dixie!"
  7. GeneJackson95

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    Lawler vs. Idol is always gold, looking forward to this! The Beasts vs. Cabin Fever in the cage is going to be brutal! Can't wait to see who manages to come out on top Dream Machine is going to have his hands full with the Superfly but I have faith in him. Rock & Roll vs. The Fabs is the Ultimate 80's tag team feud! This will sell out anywhere you book it! Morrow is nothing but class taking care of his buddies medical bills. I'm impressed and amazed at how much mileage you've gotten out of this character.....love it! The Great Gagne did it! The TV Champ!! Loving him and Valiant together! I'm a big Johnny V fan from back in the day! These two working with Estrada is going to be fun!
  8. GeneJackson95

    Mid-South Wrestling

    Michael Hayes doing what he does best....cutting a money promo that turns up the heat....even blind I wouldn't want Gordy that pissed at me! Whenever you think Carl Fergie is down and out for good in this game, he pops up somewhere else and is back after that money! I'm not betting on him bit I wish him luck lol. I don't think Gary Young is ready to step up to Gorgeous Jimmy like this but we'll see. Brody gets a little revenge but I'm sure he's still looking for some redemption against Nikita! Stacked card for Baton Rouge!
  9. GeneJackson95

    Western States Wrestling

    Another fun house show loop, great win for Tyree Pride and Sullivan has to be pissed he can't get his golden spike back! Karachi Vice are building momentum! Awesome main event!!
  10. GeneJackson95

    Smoky Mountain Wrestling

    Great job on the first two episodes! You've certainly captured the feel of SMW right out of the gate. Excited to see Downtown Bruno already being established as a top heel manager! Ron Wright managing the Stomper is as it should be....Stomper is well known in this territory and will be a top star! Looking forward to seeing Madril play a babyface here....though I hope someday down the road to persuade for a trade to bring him back to CCW and his evil ways! Off to a great start looking forward to Summer Blast!
  11. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Spot Show Loop: Tuesday July 20, 1986: West Point, MS. Wednesday July 21, 1986: Starkville, MS. Thursday July 22, 1986: Columbus, MS. Friday July 23, 1986: Tupelo, MS. Johnny Rich pinned Sweet Brown Sugar with his feet on the ropes Sugar's partner Savannah Jack came down and told the referee what happened. Johnny's cousin Davey Rich came down and joined the argument. Referee Mac McMurray announces he's restarting the match as a tag team match! Sweet Brown Sugar/Savannah Jack defeated Johnny/Davey Rich when Jack pins Davey with a sunset flip! The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated The Gilberts (Doug/Tommy) when Duncum pinned Doug after a shoulder breaker NWA U.S. Jr. Heavyweight Title-Rematch "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Dark Journey fought Larry Hamilton to a double count out Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk defeated The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden) when Brad Armstrong came down to ringside and was arguing with the Stud Stable allowing Zenk to score a quick school boy roll up on Golden for the win! The Stable threw a fit in the ring afterward and vowed revenge on Armstrong! The Spoiler w/Dark Journey pinned "World's Strongest Man" Bill Kazmaier after a trip from Dark Journey, Spoiler walked the top rope and dropped an elbow on Kazmaier and scored the pin SEMI-MAIN EVENT The International House of Humperdink (Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tatsumi Fujinami) w/Sir Oliver Humperdink defeated Brad/Scott/Steve Armstrong when Fujinami pinned Scott with a 'Dragon Suplex' MAIN EVENT If Cooley gets pinned he loses the S.E. Title, If Olympia gets pinned he loses the CCW Title "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley/Magnum T.A. defeated "Outlaw" Ron Bass/Mr. Olympia when Magnum T.A. pinned Bass with a small package
  12. GeneJackson95

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    I always thought Velvet McIntyre was underrated, nice to see her getting pushed here!
  13. GeneJackson95

    Mid-South Wrestling

    I like that Watts acknowledged the craziness going on throughout the NWA right now. I agree with everyone else....Reed/Dr. Death/Dibiase make for a badass trio! Rocky Johnson has arrived and I think he's going to be a great fit here in Mid South. Ladd delivers as always with a great promo, Bad News vs. Garvin is fun, looking forward to more matches from these two. Great TV main event with Jake and the Superstars against Reed/Doc/Dibiase! Wow, I can't wait to see who carries the million dollar price tag for Adnan.....and while it may just turn out to be a tease....the one with Dibiase was a great tease for sure! Some good dark matches for the live crowd but holy shit what an epic ending to the Bruiser/Nikita match.....no way in hell that Brody would do that on television in real life but in this era for the right pay day, I'm sure he would have done it in a dark match such as this and if they didn't before, those fans left there knowing Nikita is the real deal!
  14. GeneJackson95


    CCW picks up the following wrestlers to fill out our roster, I will be splitting the roster between Continental and Deep South Wrestling running weekly in Rome, GA. Allen West Barry O Bota the Witch Doctor Dusty Wolfe Gene Ligon Jeff Gaylord Jody Hamilton (The Assassin) Ted Allen Mark Lewin Nick Kiniski Terry Daniels
  15. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Monday July 19, 1986 Von Braun Civic Center Huntsville, Alabama Bell Time: 7:30pm "World's Strongest Man" Bill Kazmaier pinned El Diablo after a powerslam The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated Sweet Brown Sugar/Savannah Jack when Hickerson pinned Jack with his feet on the ropes The Spoiler w/Dark Journey pinned "Iceman" King Parsons with a school boy roll up and a handful of tights after a distraction from Dark Journey NWA U.S. Jr. Championship "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Dark Journey pinned Larry Hamilton when Dark Journey distracted the referee allowing the Spoiler to slide in and hit Hamilton with his loaded glove to win the NWA U.S. Jr Heavyweight Championship Grudge Tag Team Match Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk defeated The Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony/Len Denton) when Taylor pinned Anthony with a backslide The International House of Humperdink (Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tatsumi Fujinami) w/Oliver Humperdink defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong/Tim Horner when Goto made Horner submit with a cross arm breaker…..the decision was nearly reversed when Goto refused to break the hold after Horner submitted, Humperdink finally convinced him to break the hold before the referee DQ'd them. Horner appeared to be injured as he was heavily favoring his shoulder as he and the Armstrongs left the ring SEMI-MAIN EVENT BULLWHIP ON A POLE MATCH (Gossett & Duke Myers banned from ringside) "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley vs. "Outlaw" Ron Bass This match started out hot as it was a brawl from the opening bell, Cooley tried to climb the pole numerous times but was cut off by Bass, Bass attempted to get up the pole a couple of times and it became painfully obvious that he was not going to be able to shimmy up the pole to retrieve the bullwhip……so the next time Cooley went over to attempt to climb the pole, Bass obviously dropped back and let him go after it…..Cooley managed to climb the pole and retrieve "Ms. Betsy" the bullwhip, Cooley slid back down and as soon as his feet hit the top rope, Bass gave him a low blow from behind….Cooley dropped the whip and fell off the ropes into the ring. Bass walked over and got the whip and laid into Cooley with it, he whipped him several times as referee Larry Brock called for the bell and declared Bass the winner of the match. Cooley finally managed to evade the whip and hit Bass with a 'super kick'…..Bass dropped the whip and Cooley picked it up and managed to whip Bass with it a couple of times before Bass quickly exited the ring and ran back up the aisle. After the semi-main event, Les Thatcher came down to ringside and announced that after what happened last week when Mr. Olympia defended against "Iceman" King Parsons, seeing as how Duke Myers interfered….He said that tonight he is banning Ronnie P. Gossett and Duke Myers from ringside during the following Continental title match so there can be a clear cut winner with no interference! MAIN EVENT NWA Continental Heavyweight Championship Mr. Olympia vs. Magnum T.A. Before the match could start, Olympia got on the microphone and ranted about how unfair it is that his manager and his manager's caretaker has been banned from ringside…after several moments of this, Magnum came over and snatched the microphone away and said, "Did you come here to wrestle…or just to bitch and moan?" The crowd popped and Olympia charged at him and Magnum gave him a backdrop as the referee called for the bell and our "sanctioned main event" was under way! Magnum was in control for several minutes until Olympia pulled something from his trunks and struck Magnum in the throat to take control of the match. Olympia worked Magnum over for a bit but couldn't get a pin fall on the former World Champion……..Olympia tries to go for a brainbuster but Magnum reverses into a small package for a solid two count! Magnum mounts a comeback and manages to hit Olympia with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX, he covers 1--2-- Ivan Koloff suddenly appears and pulls the referee out of the ring!! Magnum gets to his feet and points at Ivan, he starts to get out of the ring to go after him but from out of nowhere Nikita hits the ring and blasts him from behind with the 'Russian Sickle'! Ivan slides in and they wrap the chain around Magnum's neck! They throw Magnum over the top rope with the chain around his next and hang him but luckily security and local law enforcement swarm the ring to break it up as most of the other wrestlers have already left the building heading to the next town. **ADDED MATCH** LIGHTS OUT UNSANCTIONED SOUTHERN STREETFIGHT The Armstrongs (Bob/Brad) vs. The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden) Fuller/Golden make their way down to the ring both wearing Western style button down shirts, blue jeans and cowboy boots. Bob Armstrong makes his way down wearing a 'Golds Gym' t-shirt, a big weightlifting belt and some camo army pants and combat boots. Brad is wearing a 'Great American Bash '86' shirt along with camo army paints and combat boots also…..they charge down the aisle and are met half way by Fuller/Golden and the fight is on!! This was every bit the street fight that it was advertised! They fought all around ringside and out into the crowd…..hitting each other with everything that wasn't nailed down! At one point, Brad Armstrong and Jimmy Golden were fighting up in the stands, while Fuller and Bullet Bob had made their way fighting back over at ringside…..two guys wearing hospital scrubs and masks came running down to the ring (fans presumed they were the Interns but these two guys weren't nearly as 'hefty' as the guys who have been working as the Interns in CCW recently) The two "Interns" jumped Bob Armstrong from behind and worked him over while Fuller was laid out on the floor……they gave Bob a spike piledriver on the concrete and then rolled him back into the ring……they grabbed Robert Fuller and tossed him into the ring as well……Fuller crawled over and put one arm over Bullet Bob as the "Interns" ran away…..due to the nature of the rules of this match, the referee had no choice but to make the count….1--2--3!! The Stud Stable have defeated the Armstrongs thanks to the interference of these unknown masked attackers. The fans were livid at the result of the last few matches…..and many weren't leaving….while chanting "bullshit"! Les Thatcher came down to ringside and announced that next week in Dothan, Magnum T.A. has promised to have two mystery partners to face The Russians and Mr. Olympia and he wants the match to be inside of a STEEL CAGE so there will be no more interference!! (The fans cheered) Meanwhile 'Bullet' Bob Armstrong was having to be carried out on a stretcher. Les also promised to get to the bottom of who these masked guys in the scrubs were as well.