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  1. GeneJackson95


    CCW has the Sheepherders (Luke Williams/Butch Miller) on the block
  2. GeneJackson95

    TNT Wrestling

    Wrestlestorm gets bigger each and every week! Hennig vs. Blanchard is an amazing match up even if was a cold match but with all the build up and heat this match has going on this one should steal the show! Jumbo vs. Martel could potentially be a show stealer as well! Looking forward to this one as well! I can't imagine who Lawler has in mind for his mystery partner to be so confident in a handicap match as Blehschmidt mentioned...I have a couple of ideas...it will be fun to see it play out. Of course Buddy Landell has no shortage of confidence going into his World title match with Ted Dibiase and still talking smack at Flair lol
  3. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Cornette's explanation for the Brass Knucks is priceless....such good stuff. Can a steel cage and Superfly Snuka finally negate the antics of Cornette and get the Islanders a fair shot at the titles? This has been a compelling story so far and I'm interested to see how things play out! Going to be interesting to see what Bock will have up his sleeve to try and survive Brody at Starrcade! I'm loving the twists and turns of the Chris Adams/Kevin Von Erich angle! The Spoiler is an even bigger threat with Gary Hart in his corner but Kerry Von Erich will be a stiff challenge for his newly won Central States title!
  4. GeneJackson95

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Civic Auditorium Pensacola, FL. Saturday November 2, 1984 Bell Time: 8pm "Flamboyant" Eric Embry w/Percy Pringle pinned "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda after hitting him with a chain while Pringle distracted the referee The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) defeated Bobby/Donnie Bass when Wayne pinned Bobby after a leg drop off the top rope King Kong Bundy w/Percy Pringle pinned Steve Olsonoski for a five count after the 'Avalanche' in the corner followed by a 'big splash'……Pringle cut a promo after the match calling Mr. Olympia a coward for not being here to face Bundy tonight "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley pinned Ox Baker with cross body block…..after the match Baker jumped Cooley and gave him a heart punch resulting in Cooley having to be carried out of the ring Tag Team Strap Match The Bruthahood (Brickhouse Brown/Koko Ware) defeated Pork Chop Cash/Tracy Smothers when Norvell Austin interfered "Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller comes out and says that he admits the 'Stud Stable' completely fell apart recently but that's just fine because he has found the greatest entertainer in the world today and he is going to make the Stud a million dollars in both the wrestling and the music business…..he tells everyone to "put your hands together and welcome the greatest wrestler and all around entertainer in the world today…..The Honky Tonk Man!! (Recent AWA Southwestern Champion 'Honky Tonk Man' Wayne Ferris makes his way down the aisle with a guitar wearing an Elvis style jumpsuit to the tune of an instrumental version of 'Blue Suede Shoes', he enters the ring and takes the microphone) HTM: "Thank ya big Ron, thank ya very much. You guys are a beautiful audience, it's good to be here in Panama City tonight (Crowd boos him saying the wrong town) Now I know you people would love to see me sing and dance and I'd love to do that for ya but I'm afraid this cheap promoter hasn't agreed to our going to perform so you're going to have to settle for just getting see me. Next time I come here, not only will I sing and dance but I'll show you the greatest professional wrestling of this generation or any other when I get in this ring and give somebody the wrestling lesson of a lifetime. Again, you've been a wonderful audience…..I'm gonna turn it back over to big Ron…..the Tennessee Stud himself!" (HTM leaves while gyrating up the aisle) Fuller: "There you have it…..the greatest entertainer in the world today….and you better get ready to see this main beating your favorite wrestlers in this very ring……soon….very soon! Thank you all and good night!" (Fuller heads back up the aisle as the crowd seems confused at what they've just witnessed) AWA National Tag Team Championship The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn/Ole Anderson) fought the Sheepherders (Butch Miller/Luke Williams) to a double count out….. SEMI-MAIN EVENT Special Challenge Match "Nature Boy" Ric Flair wrestled The Magnificent Muraco w/Mr. Fuji to a 30 minute time limit draw MAIN EVENT NO DQ GRUDGE MATCH Brad Armstrong/Ronnie Garvin defeated Terry Funk/Abdullah the Butcher when Armstrong pinned Funk with a small package while Garvin and Butcher brawled out into the crowd
  5. GeneJackson95

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling Television WTBS Studios Atlanta, Georgia Taped at 10am/Airing at 6:05pm eastern on Saturday November 2, 1984 on nationwide Superstation WTBS and at various times on other television outlets across Alabama/Mississippi/Georgia/East Tennessee/North Florida Host: Gordon Solie Color Commentary: Charlie Platt Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart Interviewer: Joe Pedicino AWA Continental Commissioner: Les Thatcher (Opening montage rolls and we go to our hosts Gordon Solie and Charlie Platt) Solie: "Hello and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling, I'm Gordon Solie along with Charlie Platt and Charlie….we've got a bit of a good news/bad news scenario here tonight." Platt: "That's right Gordon…..on the bad news side the show is going to be shorter than usual tonight due to a special TBS Sports presentation coming up immediately following CCW tonight however, Jim Barnett informed us just before we went on the air that we are going to have a special guest joining us tonight before we go off the air and he says this guy is going to quote, 'blow the roof off the TBS studios'…" Solie: "Well that's certainly exciting and I can't wait to see who this person is that could blow the roof off the place….we'll also be seeing the National Tag Team Champions the Andersons in action….Adrian Street fresh off his victory over Al Madril will defend the Television Championship and we'll be seeing one half of the Continental Tag Team Champions in action, that being Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics." Platt: "That's correct, Gordon. I think we need to mention the reason that Tommy Rogers will be in singles action is because his partner Bobby Fulton was seriously injured last night in Biloxi, Mississippi in a brutal barbed wire match against The Sheepherders." Solie: "That's the thing about signing on for these dangerous matches like a barbed wire match….the odds of sustaining a serious injury is high and when you’re a champion like Bobby Fulton, it's a risky prospect as now if he's not able to get back before the 30 days is up, they could have to forfeit those Continental Tag Team titles." (The Andersons come out and interupt) Ole: "Gordon, I know we have a match coming up but I just wanted to say that no one is more disappointed than the Andersons that Fulton got injured because we were looking forward to taking those Continental Tag Titles from the Fantastics." Solie: "Well, there was a match scheduled for tonight in Pensacola where the National Tag Team titles were going to be on the line since the Fantastics managed to defeat you and Arn last weekend in the #1 Contender's Match for the World tag team titles, but before we discuss that….let's talk about what happened last weekend between you two and your manager, Paul Ellering." Arn: "You mean our FORMER manager Paul Ellering. Ellering was such a screw up that he not only caused us to lose he caused our good friend Harley Race to lose and Race was so humiliated by the loss that he's left the company…..he didn't even want to show his face here today…..so we handled the situation and now Paul Ellering can go back to managing muscle headed gym rats like he's used to managing in the past." Ole: "Enough about that loser, let's go back to something you said before…..the only reason the Fantastics managed to steal a win over us was because of that idiot Ellering, otherwise we would have destroyed the Fantastics…..AND the Movement." (Tommy Rogers comes out) Rogers: "Now wait just a minute here…..Ellering had nothing to do with your loss to us….we straight up beat you two….and when Bobby heals up, we'll be glad to do it again." Ole: "Is that a fact? Well it just shows what a goof your so called partner is that he would agree to wrestle those stupid Sheepherders in a match with barbed wire around the ring! The Andersons are wrestlers, we can beat anybody in the world inside of a wrestling ring and we don't need barbed wire or anything else to get it done! Now I suggest you take your self back to the dressing room and look at a monitor and see an example of what awaits you the next time you face the Minnesota Wrecking Crew." Rogers: "Well I suggest you find a video of our match from last Saturday night and see what will happen AGAIN when you two face the Fantastics!" ========================== MATCH #1: The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn/Ole Anderson) defeated Buck Jones/Frank Reynolds when Arn pinned Jones after a 'Gourd Buster' ========================== COMMERCIAL BREAK ========================== (Joe Pedicino is joined by Percy Pringle and Eric Embry) Joe: "I'm joined by a man who made his presence felt last weekend as he helped King Kong Bundy defeat the One Man Gang…." (Before Joe can finish the sentence, Pringle cuts him off) Pringle: "I have to stop you right there….I did not help King Kong Bundy do anything, I simply came down to get a closer look and watched Bundy win…I didn't help. Now….as for a proper introduction, My name is Percival Pringle the third…but my friends call me Percy..so Pedicino you can call me…..Mr. Pringle." Joe: "Very well…Mr. Pringle, obviously you are the manager of King Kong Bundy, but you also manage this man…Eric Embry." Pringle: "That's 'Flamboyant' Eric Embry! He's not only the best wrestler in the world but also the most outrageous and flamboyant wrestler in the AWA." Embry: "That's right baby, 'Flamboyant' Eric Embry is here to take all the belts and show everybody that I'm the most colorful and talented wrestler you've ever seen." (Suddenly, "Imagine what I could do to you" plays over the studio P.A. and out comes Adrian Street) Pringle: "Can we help you?" Street: (looks them both up and down) "Well for starters I guess YOU could help me remember to eat my vegetables, tubby." Pringle: "Vegetables….I figured you preferred fruit." Street: "Oh…a cheeky one, eh? That's humorous but let's get to why I came out here. No one is more flamboyant or outrageous than me….least of all this guy….it's takes more than bleaching your hair and prancing around to be flamboyant." Embry: "Ok tough guy…..I just said I'm looking for titles….I see you have a belt….how about you give me a shot at that title and I'll show you what I'm all about." Street: "Well I can already see what you're all about which isn't much….but if you want a shot at my Television title…..I'll be more than happy to tie you in knots and show YOU what I'm all about….right here….and how about….right now!" (Street skips off to the ring) Pringle: "Wait…NOW? We haven't prepared for this…how about next week?" Embry: "Don't worry Percy….I've got this!" (Embry awkwardly skips to the ring trying to copy Street) ======================== MATCH #2: AWA Continental Television Championship "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda vs. "Flamboyant" Eric Embry w/Percy Pringle Street is waiting in the ring as Embry saunters in…..the bell rings…Street charges across the ring and kisses Embry right on the lips…Embry is stunned, as Street hooks him into a small package for the 1-2-3….in just under 10 seconds for the win!! Street rolls out of the ring and skips away as Embry is in the ring gagging and feigning puking…as Pringle throws a tantrum! ========================= COMMERCIAL AIRS FOR STARRCADE '84 on TBS on Thanksgiving day! ========================= (Terry Funk joins Gordon Solie) Funk: "Solie, what the hell do you have going on out here??" Solie: "Things certainly got out of hand that's for sure but speaking of things getting out of hand, let's talk about what happened at the Clash of the Champions when you faced Brad Armstrong in a steel cage and right as we were going off the air, Abdullah the Butcher cut the chain and entered the cage on your behalf and attacked Brad Armstrong." Funk: "On my behalf? You assume I asked him to do that? You assume I'm friends with Abdullah the Butcher? Do you think I went to the Sudan or wherever the hell it is he's from and asked him to help me with the Armstrongs? That's crazy. I can't help that most people hate the Armstrongs and pick random opportunities to attack them." Solie: "So that's how we're going to play this?" Funk: "Gordon, I'm not playing anything. Abdullah the Butcher took it upon himself to do that….had nothing to do with me I can assure you." Solie: "How do you explain the fact that you teamed with him in Biloxi last night and will be teaming with him again tonight in Pensacola?" Funk: "So I'm the matchmaker now? You're implying I'm booking the cards for Continental now? I'm the damn champion…..not the promoter. Talk to Jim Barnett or Les Thatcher or whoever the hell runs this joint….I just show up and wrestle, I don't have anything to do with the matches here Gordon." Solie: "Ok Terry….well I'll let you go so we can get on to our next match." Funk: "Hold on now Gordon….don't go trying to get rid of me just yet…I'd like to share some good news….I hear that it's official that Bob Armstrong is so crippled up after that number that Fuller and Golden did on him that his career is likely over for good…..(Funk steps off camera for a moment and then comes back with a bottle of champagne and two glasses) So here we go Gordon, let's a have a toast to celebrate the end of the miserable career of Bob Armstrong." Solie: "I'm not going to drink to that Terry." Funk: "Come on Gordon, you'll drink to anything. Not like you haven't already had a few today." (Funk turns up the bottle and takes a big swig) Good riddance to you 'Bullet Bob', look at this way Gordon, at least he'll get great parking spots." Solie: "Ok, that's enough….let's go to the ring." ============================ MATCH #3: "Fantastic" Tommy Rogers vs. Bobby Bass About a minute into the match, the Andersons hit the ring and attacked Tommy Rogers……they put the boots to him….then picked him up and Arn held him in place as Ole came off the top rope driving the knee into the shoulder of Rogers…..finally a few undercard babyfaces hit the ring causing the Andersons to flee. ============================= COMMERCIAL BREAK ============================= (As we return from the commercial Les Thatcher joins Solie and Platt) Les: "Guys, it's been decided since the Fantastics are injured and can't compete tonight….and since the Sheepherders were the ones who beat them last night…..the only logical thing to do is give the Sheepherders the National tag team title shot against the Andersons." Platt: "Wait, your saying that tonight in Pensacola, it's going to be the Minnesota Wrecking Crew vs. The Sheepherder for the National Tag Team Titles???" Les: "That's correct!" Solie: "That's is going to be a barn burner…..if you haven't gotten your tickets for that event, there's still time….now let's go back to the ring!" =============================== MATCH #4: Magnificent Muraco w/Mr. Fuji pinned Randy Watson with the inverted piledriver As they leave ringside, Muraco stops and tells Charlie Platt…"I'm coming for gold, Charlie…I will NOT be denied!" ============================== (cut to Gordon Solie) Solie: "I understand it's time for our surprise guest so without further adieu, let's find out who it's going to be…" (The crowd goes wild as out walks……"Nature Boy" Ric Flair!) Solie: "WOW! You've got to be kidding me….the one and only 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair is here on TBS!" (Flair shakes Gordon's hand before letting out a 'WOOOOOOO!') Flair: "Gordon Solie….you just said a mouthful! The ONE and ONLY 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair and speaking of…..where oh where is Buddy Landel?? Huh?? Where is the bootleg Nature Boy? While I was up there killing myself for Stu Hart defending his title in places like Moose Knuckle, Saskatchewan…I had people calling me week in and week out telling me how this cheap knock off…this Memphis jabroni is down here calling me out? Down here knocking the Nature Boy? Having the audacity to call himself 'Mr. AWA'? Buddy Landel, I know you'll see this so you listen….and you listen good!! Ric Flair being on TBS right now even saying your name…..even acknowledging you exist is the biggest thing to ever happen to you in your career. You get that, pal?? You aren't worthy of saying my name, much less stealing my name and trying to pass yourself off as a Ric Flair knockoff. So consider this your fifteen minutes of fame where Ric Flair acknowledges your existence but you better realize this my friend….you haven't woke up to see the day that you're worthy of lacing my boots…..you got that?? I was winning World titles when you were a brown haired preliminary guy getting beat by anybody with a pulse…so you better know this….if you are ever stupid enough to show your face here again….you will regret the day you ever had the gall to compare yourself to Ric Flair. I get it you’re a fan of mine…..and on some level I can appreciate that….but understand this Landel, I'm a fan of Muhammad Ali…it doesn't mean I'm going to pretend I'm him in a boxing ring so I suggest you stay in TNT and don't cross my path because if you do…..you are going to find out exactly…..WHAT'S CAUSIN' ALL THIS!! WOOOO!" (Don Muraco strolls out with Mr. Fuji) Muraco: "Well well well….the great Ric Flair is here in Continental. You know Ric, I've been telling everybody that will listen that I was coming back down here to Continental to seize opportunities and seeing the almighty 'Nature Boy' here….I can't help but see this as an opportunity…..I know if I get you in the ring and get a win over you….not only would that get me a shot at titles here in Continental, that would put me in line for a shot at Dibiase….so how about it Naitch….why don't you take on the Magnificent one tonight in Pensacola?" Flair: "Donnie, I appreciate what your trying to do here…..and you're right, if you could beat me…which would never happen…but if it somehow did….yes, you could write your own ticket around here but I just got here, fresh off a plane from Canada….I'm not booked on any cards yet…especially not tonight…I've got dinner plans here in Atlanta so maybe some other time, ok." Muraco: "Ohhh I see. You just showed up here to ACT like a big shot and call out some guy you knew damn well wasn't here, is that it? You talk real big….but the truth of the matter is maybe Landel is more like you than you realize, you're both all a bunch of hype….just a couple of motor mouths who get the limber tail when a real man like me calls them out." Flair: (laughing) "Nice try Muraco, I've been around too long for you to get in my head with that kinda crap…..I'm sure down the line we'll step in the ring together but it won't be tonight." (Fuji gets in Flair's face) Fuji: "Ric Flair….you are coward….you have no honor, you are a disgrace…that's why Paul Orndorff ran you out of Canada.." (Before Fuji could finish Flair punched him in the face knocking him to the ground….Muraco throws a wild right hand that Flair blocks and then drills him with one of his own, Muraco recovers and leg dives Flair and they roll around on the studio floor throwing punches) Solie: "This has gone horribly wrong, we've got to take our last commercial break as we try to get order restored…..we'll be right back!" ====================== COMMERCIAL BREAK ====================== (We return from break as a Flair is red faced and disheveled) Flair: "MURACO!! You want your brush with greatness…..is that what you want Mr. Beach Bum?? Well pal, you've got it! I'm gonna charter a jet to Pensacola tonight and whether they wanna sign the match or not….I will walk down to that ring and we can wrestle…..we can fight…whatever you wanna do but you're going to find out that the Nature Boy is nobodies stepping stone….and you'll also learn what so many others before you have….it's a lot easier to jump on….than it is to jump off! It's like I always say Muraco…..to be the man, you gotta beat the man….and Donnie Boy…..You ain't man enough….to beat the man!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Solie: "So long from Hotlanta!" © 1984 AWA Continental Championship Wrestling
  6. GeneJackson95

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Gulf Coast Convention Center Biloxi, MS Friday November 1, 1984 Bell Time- 8pm Bugsy McGraw pinned "Cowboy" Don Bass after a running elbow drop Ox Baker/Baron Von Raschke defeated Pat/Randy Rose when Baker pinned Pat after 'heart punch' "Flamboyant" Eric Embry w/Percy Pringle pinned "Action" Mike Jackson with a small package Four Corners Match NWA National Tag Team Titles The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn/Ole Anderson) retained over The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne)/The Bruthahood (Brickhouse Brown/Koko Ware)/Porkchop Cash & Tracy Smothers "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley pinned Norvell Austin with a school boy roll up Grudge Tag Team Match Brad Armstrong/Ronnie Garvin defeated Terry Funk/Abdullah the Butcher by DQ when Abby was disqualified for pulling out a fork and using it on Garvin AWA Southeastern Championship The Magnificent Muraco w/Mr. Fuji defeated Mr. Olympia by count out when he was attacked at ringside by King Kong Bundy while Percy Pringle distracted the referee…..Fuji and Muraco were livid over the interference but Pringle and Bundy managed to leave ringside without incident with them Unsanctioned Barbed Wire Match The Sheepherders (Butch Miller/Luke Williams) defeated The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton/Tommy Rogers) when the match was abruptly stopped due to Bobby Fulton suffering a severe cut to his bicep from the barbed wire….fans at the event said it was clearly not the intended ending as the referee quickly called for the bell and a medic ran in and began trying to bandage Fulton's arm as the Sheepherders worked over Tommy Rogers to seemingly buy time
  7. GeneJackson95

    TNT Wrestling

    Great show as we build towards Wrestle Storm that is still nearly a month away but already is well built and a must see show! What a perfect way to debut Prichard! Instant feud with Johnny V and company and instant connection with the fans as a babyface...perfectly executed! I love it! Mr. Wrestling 2 has his protege ready to take on the world....which is what he'll be doing in this battle royal! Great promos building towards the Wrestle Storm matches.....I can hear each one of these guys voice while reading these.....the Blanchard vs the Hennigs feud has been one of my favorite feuds in the game recently! The heel push of SD Jones is one of the things that make this sort of game so much fun....seeing what could have been (and maybe shoulda) been. Jumbo vs. Rick Martel is one I'm really looking forward to at Wrestle Storm as well! Great logical way to bring in Carlos Colon taking on his mortal enemy Ayala! There should be plenty mileage in this feud!
  8. GeneJackson95


    Wow! Hacksaw showing up is a game changer for Rocky Moutain! Hacksaw/Slater/Zambooie Express are all perfect for this hard hitting "tough guy" territory and as Spaldoni pointed out it puts that much more heat on a guy like Tatum. Ernie Ladd is not going to crawl in a hole after losing the title.....he'll find a way to get it back.
  9. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Man! Halloween Star Wars delivered on so many levels...what an exciting show! Cool to see Patera seemingly a babyface at this stage of his career, I look forward to seeing what path he takes! Completly shocked by the Spoiler beating Windham which makes the show all the more exciting and interesting especially considering the aspect of Windham could have won by forfeit but insisting on fighting. I agree that MX vs. Islanders was a great way to hook the tv crowd....Cornette does it again...you have to keep tuning in to see if anyone will ever get the best of him and the Express. My favorite thing about this show is 2 months ago Brian Adias vs. Bockwinkel would have been considered a squash but through the strong booking of Adias since arriving in World Class it was totally plausible that Adias could become the champ...well done. The Chamber of Horrors lived up to the name and raised the bar for violence in the AWA...I honestly could have seen any of them winning but really like the result....Brody is the man in '84 and Studd is on the rise....Schultz is tough as hell and the "Austin" of this era but couldn't have overcome these two monsters in this environment. Awesome show!
  10. GeneJackson95

    Rosters and Transactions 2.0

    CCW drops Paul Ellering
  11. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    Warriors are a great choice as champs! Nice win for Magnum over Backlund to hopefully help silence the doubters.
  12. GeneJackson95

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Wow! Great win for JYD! He's going to make an awesome champion! Oh...wait....nevermind. Jerry Brisco is good too if he can hold onto it.
  13. GeneJackson95


    Wow this is the definition of BIG show! Lars Anderson makes a huge impact in his debut....new tag champs! Johnny Rich is on a roll here, great win over the evil lumberjack! BJM gets sweet revenge on the 'Big Cat' and takes the title....what's next for Ladd? Can't wait to hear what he has to say about this! Quite a send off for the Bulldogs....classy move by the Hart Foundation at the end! Tito wins the Stampede title!! Looking forward to this title reign as this is Tito's prime! The Flair/Heenan relationship crashed and burned quickly.....Orndorff gets the last laugh! Bad News takes out the "bad man from Borger".....he has to be a made man at this point.
  14. GeneJackson95

    TNT Wrestling

    Wow....as always you've built a solid card with great tv angles to build momentum moving into Wrestle Storm! This is classic Memphis booking here....great reasoning for the Idol turn...while the fans may not like it, you can certainly understand it, which makes them even more invested on the feud! Adonis and Murdoch are my favorite team in the game right now....even though they are all heels, I would love to seem them challenge the Movement sooner rather than later. Landel hasn't missed a beat since debuting here in TNT and I'm excited to see him challenge Dibiase for the title. Blanchard has doubled down on the heat with the Hennigs.....this should be fun!
  15. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    I'm loving Bockwinkel here in World Class....perfect heel explanation for the money case being exchanged.....as mentioned I can hear every word of his promos in his voice just like you Cornette and Watts promos. Good stuff with the Movement looking to recruit Butch Reed, what a get he would be for their "cause" I'm enjoying the Adams/Von Erichs storyline....and have no idea whether or not they can trust Adams...keeping a close eye on this one! Halloween Star Wars is another huge can't miss card....can't wait to see what happens in the Brody/Studd/Schultz match. Great loop of house shows....with the Von Erichs getting a significant win over Kabuki and Khan. Huge 8 man tag with the Samoans scoring a pinfall over the champs....they could have the champ's number the way Watts has stacked the deck but never underestimate Cornette's resourcefulness!