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  1. GeneJackson95

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    Super excited to see Backlund win the title! This should be a fun run! The Samoans are established as strong tag team champions retaining against the Rougeaus, this feud is going to be one to watch Magnum vs. Steele next week should be a classic!
  2. GeneJackson95


    Great way to slip Rude into Hot Stuff Inc. Really fun angle! Heenan is always up to something and I look forward to seeing what he's got in store for Martel with this challenge Hogan/Savage vs. Hart/Bad News is nothing but money....great build to this!
  3. GeneJackson95

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Bundy makes an impact quickly here in Florida!! Nice win for the ten grand! I'm sure his cardio was stretched to the limit going nearly an hour with Dory Jr. My jaw would have been on the floor when Tommy Lane upset Jack Brisco!! Congrats to Johnny Mantel and Boomer for holding their own against the big Russian team!
  4. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Some great matches on these cards but the one that really stands out to me the most, MX vs. The Windhams! Big win for DJ Peterson...as he continues to climb up the ranks here in WCCW. What an amazing tag team division that's coming together here....it's going to be tough for the Midnight Express to hold on to those titles with all this top competition building up! Crazy star power in those main events! Great job!
  5. GeneJackson95

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    Southeastern Championship Wrestling Presents TAG WAR '84 Municipal Auditorium Pensacola, Florida Sunday June 16, 1984 Bell Time: 3pm Les Thatcher came out and apologized to the crowd and announced that due to contractual commitments as the new AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion, Brad Armstrong will not be able to appear tonight, however 'Bullet' Bob Armstrong has found a suitable replacement to be his partner tonight against the Mongolian Stomper and Humongous! Bugsy McGraw/Mike Jackson defeated Tommy Gilbert/Roy Lee Welch when McGraw pinned Welch after a powerslam "Cowboy" Don Bass/"Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony defeated Sonny King/Brickhouse Brown when Bass pinned King after hitting him with a chain Scott Armstrong/Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Masked Thunderbolt/"Hustler" Rip Rogers w/Ms. Brenda by count out when Patterson unmasked Masked Thunderbolt revealing Larry Hamilton who fled ringside "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley/"Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda defeated One Man Gang/Mr. Fuji (subbing for Al Madril who was said to still be "in the hospital") w/Skandor Akbar when Cooley pinned Fuji after a running bulldog……after the match, Gang jumped Cooley and was about give him the '747' splash but Street pulled Cooley out of the ring to safety before he connected The Nightmares (Davis/Wayne) vs. The Rat Patrol (Armstrong/Rich) was declared a 'No Contest' when the Rat Patrol attacked the Nightmares in the aisle on their way to the ring and they brawled all over the arena and never made it back to the ring for the match to officially start……Les Thatcher ordered security and other wrestlers to separate them and get them back to the dressing room Southeastern Tag Team Championship Oriental Death Match Kendo Nagasaki/Great Kabuki w/Skandor Akbar defeated Randy Rose/Ron Slinker w/Tojo Yamamoto when Kabuki pinned Rose after spewing the green mist in his eyes which was legal due to the match stipulation SEMI-MAIN EVENT "Nature Boy" Ric Flair/Jake 'the Snake' Roberts w/Paul Jones defeated The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes/Gordy) w/Buddy Roberts when Jones distracted the referee allowing Jake to hit Hayes with a DDT on a chair…..Flair then locked him in a figure four leglock….the ref turned around to see the knocked out Hayes in the figure four….checked his arm that dropped three times and declared Flair/Roberts the winners! MAIN EVENT "Bullet" Bob Armstrong/Mr. Olympia defeated The Mongolian Stomper/Humongous w/Paul Jones when Olympia pinned the Stomper after a piledriver!
  6. GeneJackson95

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television WTVY Ch. 4 Studio Dothan, Alabama Airing at 1pm on Saturday June 15, 1984 Hosted by Charlie Platt & Ronnie P. Gossett Interviews: Rick Stewart AWA Southeastern Commissioner: Les Thatcher TV Recap: The show opens with highlights from June Jam 3 as 41,000 fans saw Al Madril defeat Wendell Cooley using a chain to win the Mississippi Championship, Johnny Rich/Steve Armstrong defeating the Nightmares and then shaving their heads much to the delight of the fans, Brad Armstrong winning the AWA World Light Heavyweight championship from Dynamite Kid in one of the greatest matches of the AWA in 1984, and "Bullet" Bob Armstrong pinning "Nature Boy" Ric Flair to win the Southeastern Heavyweight Championship! We then cut to the opening montage….. Charlie Platt welcomes everyone to the show as Gossett cuts him saying what a disappointment June Jam was with all the "travesties" that took place such as the Nightmares being "stripped of their hair and their dignity while drunken rednecks laughed and cheered"…..the greatest champion in the AWA, Ric Flair being robbed by Bob Armstrong….and "the only upshot was my close personal amigo Alberto Madril beating that dime store wannabe cowboy Dwindle Cooley for the Mississippi title!" Platt says that's Gossett's opinion and most folks are super excited about what took place in Ft. Payne, Alabama last week. MATCH #1: "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley pinned Randy Watson after a running bulldog Cooley joins Rick Stewart and cuts a fiery promo about getting screwed out of his Mississippi title and said that he spoke to the Commish, Les Thatcher and since Al Madril likes chains so much tonight's championship rematch will be a 'Chain Match'! Al Madril came storming out saying there's no in hell this is happening and demands to speak to Thatcher….Les comes out and confirms tonight's title match will in deed be a chain match and if Madril doesn't want to do it he can forfeit the title and leave the promotion….Madril clutched his chest…and said "fine, but if anything happens….the blood is on your hands." COMMERCIAL BREAK MATCH #2: Super Ninja w/Mr. Fuji & Skandor Akbar vs. Mike Jackson Ninja looked to have Jackson beat…..but Fuji kept getting up on the apron telling him to inflict more punishment on Jackson…..after a couple of times….Ninja went over and shoved Fuji…who shoved him back causing him to trip over Jackson who hooked his legs and got the surprise pinfall!! Post match: Akbar/Fuji are irate…..Akbar gets a microphone and tells Ninja that he's "screwed up for the last time"….Ninja grabbed Akbar by the collar….but One Man Gang hits the ring and attacks Super Ninja…..he hooks Ninja's arms behind him and holds him as Fuji slaps him a couple of times and then pulls the mask off revealing Ron Slinker, they beat Slinker down and leave him in the ring VTR: The Nightmares who refused to appear in studio today due to their "situation"….appear on this video which appears to have been shot moments after having their heads were shaved as they have towels over their heads and are irate…..they demand to face Johnny Rich and Steve Armstrong in a match where the losers get 'tarred and feathered' so they can experience at least a portion of the humiliation they have getting their heads shaved. COMMERCIAL BREAK MATCH #3 U.S. Jr. Heavyweight Championship "Hustler" Rip Rogers w/Ms. Brenda Britton & Masked Thunderbolt defeated The Blue Cyclone with a swinging neck breaker Post match: Rick Stewart interviews Rogers who still insists that Masked Thunderbolt is Thunderbolt Patterson and he's incensed that Scott Armstrong has brought out some masked man that stuck his nose in his business….He says that whoever this masked guy is with Scott Armstrong, he's going to be handcuffed to Masked Thunderbolt tonight at the Houston County Farm Center. Scott Armstrong comes out followed by his masked friend….Scott asks Rogers if he's seriously going to continue this charade that Masked Thunderbolt is Thunderbolt Patterson…..Rogers insists this is no charade, this is Thunderbolt Patterson! Armstrong replies, "Oh really??"….and with that the masked man with Scott removes his mask to reveal……..THUNDERBOLT PATTERSON! A wild brawl ensues between all four….that has to be broken up by security…. Just as that situation is being settled down…..Ron Slinker storms out to the desk and grabs the mic….he says that if the One Man Gang wants a piece of him then instead of jumping him from behind, he can "bring his fat butt down there tonight and we'll see what's what." Promo airs promoting tonight's card in Dothan as well as tomorrow's TAG WAR '84 card in Pensacola, Florida. MATCH #4: AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong pinned Roy Lee Welch following a 'Russian Leg Sweep' VTR: Paul Ellering and the Road Warriors are standing in front of a wall with the AWA logo. Paul Ellering says that Hawk and Animal have not forgotten what Kabuki and Nagasaki did at the June Jam and if they think we're just going to go back around the world defending the tag titles and not come back seeking revenge….they are wrong….dead wrong. Hawk says "Kabuki signed his death warrant when he spit whatever that was in his face last week……and next week on June 22nd…the Warriors will be in Dothan, Alabama and we're going to have you two in a Steel Cage and maybe I bite Kabuki's head off and spit at Nagasaki!" MATCH #5: MAIN EVENT Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy defeated "Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/Paul Jones by count out when Flair got mad and walked out on the match saying…."we'll finish this tonight in the six man tag!" © 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling ====================================== Southeastern Championship Wrestling Houston County Farm Center Dothan, Alabama Saturday June 15, 1984 Bell time: 8:30pm "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda defeated Tommy Gilbert by submission with a Boston Crab "Cowboy" Don Bass/"Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony defeated Bugsy McGraw/Brickhouse Brown when DWB pinned McGraw with his feet on the ropes Ron Slinker w/Tojo Yamamoto defeated One Man Gang w/Skandor Akbar by DQ when Gang shoved the referee down when he tried to break a choke hold U.S. Jr Heavyweight Title Masked Thunderbolt handcuffed to Thunderbolt Patterson at ringside Scott Armstrong pinned "Hustler" Rip Rogers w/Ms. Brenda after a super kick to win the championship Mississippi Heavyweight Championship Chain Match "Latin Lover" Al Madril vs. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley was stopped due to a medical emergency as Cooley was dragging Madril to the fourth turnbuckle, Madril starting clutching his chest screaming he was having a heart attack…..Madril could be seen smiling and pointing to his head as he was carried out on the stretcher to an awaiting ambulance Losers get "Tarred & Feathered" The Nightmares (Davis/Wayne) defeated the Rat Patrol (Armstrong/Rich) when General Skandor Akbar came to ringside and distracted the referee allowing Davis to hit Rich with a chair which allowed Wayne to get the pin fall. Afterwards both Rich/Armstrong were 'tarred and feathered' per the stipulation as the Nightmares laughed hysterically Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes/Gordy/Roberts) defeated Paul Jones' Army (Flair/Humongous/Stomper) w/Paul Jones when Flair gave Gordy a blatant low blow right in front of the referee SEMI-MAIN EVENT Southeastern Tag Team Championship The Great Kabuki/Kendo Nagasaki w/Mr. Fuji defeated Jimmy Golden/Randy Rose w/Tojo Yamamoto when Nagasaki pinned Golden after Kabuki hit him in the back of the head with the nunchucks MAIN EVENT Southeastern Heavyweight Championship "Bullet" Bob Armstrong pinned Jake 'the Snake' Roberts w/Paul Jones with a school boy roll up
  7. GeneJackson95

    TNT Wrestling

    Summer Blast quickly took shape to be the event of the summer! Hogan vs. Jumbo for the title is going to bring people from all over to witness this live! I love the Jayhawks but I'm super excited to see the Mr. Wrestlings face off with the Fabs for the Southern Tag titles! I don't feel like Atlas is ready for the intensity that Ayala is bringing to this match...time will tell. It's always fun to see who Lawler pulls out as a "mystery partner" especially in a cage...this one should get bloody! I don't think Fergie knows what he's done! Decimation vs. The Warriors is going to be a WAR!!
  8. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Great job building up DJ Peterson so far, on paper I wouldn't give Peterson a chance against Herc, but with everything that has gone on so far, I have to believe he has a real chance at becoming TV Champ! Great debuts for Garvin and Kendall Windham....both hit the ground running with impressive wins! Great job with the Cornette promos so far....I could hear/see every bit of that exchange with Watts, looking forward to the rematch next week.
  9. GeneJackson95

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    Southeastern Championship Wrestling House Shows for: Monday June 10, 1984: Tupelo, MS. Tuesday June 11, 1984: Fulton, MS. Wednesday June 12, 1984: Okolona, MS. Thursday June 13, 1984: Macon, MS. Friday June 14, 1984: Columbus, MS. Brickhouse Brown pinned "Cowboy" Don Bass "Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony defeated Bugsy McGraw Jimmy Golden/Randy Rose w/Tojo Yamamoto defeated One Man Gang/Super Ninja w/Mr. Fuji After the match, Gang and Fuji berated Super Ninja over the loss Mixed Six Person Tag Team Match Scott Armstrong/"Exotic" Adrian Street/Ms. Linda defeated Masked Thunderbolt/"Hustler" Rip Rogers/Ms. Brenda Mississippi Championship: REMATCH "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley defeated "Latin Lover" Al Madril by count out Southeastern Tag Team Championship The Great Kabuki/Kendo Nagasaki w/Skandor Akbar defeated The Rat Patrol (Steve Armstrong/Johnny Rich) to retain the titles due to the Nightmares coming out of the crowd and interfering…..both Nightmares were wearing bandanas held on by Boxing helmets to cover their freshly shaved heads SEMI-MAIN EVENT Six Man Grudge Tag Team Match The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes/Gordy/Roberts) fought "Nature Boy" Ric Flair/Jake 'the Snake' Roberts/Mongolian Stomper w/Paul Jones to a 'No Contest' MAIN EVENT Southeastern Heavyweight Championship "Bullet" Bob Armstrong defeated Humongous w/Paul Jones
  10. GeneJackson95


    Nice win for Big Jim over Ox Baker! The heel High Flyers seems surreal but it's working....especially winning matches with a low blow and ruining a great Main Event such as they did today.
  11. GeneJackson95


    Wow....Crusher really delivers with the mystery partners with not one but TWO bonifide legends! Nice! It will be interesting to see how things play out with Rude and Baby Doll! A sickle for Gilbert....this young lions final is going to be tough to call.
  12. GeneJackson95

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Glad to see the Moondogs here....they will be a thorn in someone's side soon I'm sure. Good first series of matches for the Midnight Express! I would have really enjoyed those Windham vs. Grappler matches!
  13. GeneJackson95


    I'm looking at putting Jake Roberts on the trade block....hit me up with any offers.
  14. GeneJackson95


    SECW would like to book the World Tag Champs on June 22nd and the World Champion on July 20th
  15. GeneJackson95

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television WTVY Ch. 4 Studio Dothan, Alabama Recorded on Saturday June 1, 1984 Airing at 1pm on Saturday June 8, 1984 Hosted by Charlie Platt & Ronnie P. Gossett Interviews: Rick Stewart AWA Southeastern Commissioner: Les Thatcher TV Recap: Promos/Angles Show opens with Charlie Platt and Ronnie P. Gossett discussing The Armstrongs defeating Flair/Dynamite Kid…which will result in two title matches tonight at Alabama's June Jam 3 in Ft. Payne, Alabama will promises to be an enormous crowd based on the previous two events. Gossett goes on to say that it was absolutely disgusting that those "idiots from Georgia" decided to show up and stick their nose in Paul Jones' business….and unfortunately they will be here in action today (which gets cheers from the studio audience). Platt adds that Mr. Olympia was injured last week at the hands of Mongolian Stomper and Humongous and that hopefully next week we'll have an update on his condition. Rip Rogers and Ms. Brenda came out and still insisted that Masked Thunderbolt is Thunderbolt Patterson and that Larry Hamilton has left the territory and "is probably North American Champion in Saskatoon by now". Scott Armstrong and Adrian Street came out….Armstrong said he knew as soon as he locked up with "Masked Thunderbolt" he knew exactly who he is…and that tonight in Ft. Payne, he and Adrian have a big surprise for Rogers and his masked friend. General Skandor Akbar comes out with Mr. Fuji and announces they have joined forces to assemble the most unstoppable version of Devastation Incorporated to date….Akbar says that everyone has already seen the destruction caused by Kabuki, Nagasaki, and the Super Ninja but starting today he will be adding new members beginning with this man…..the One Man Gang with more to come soon! This brought out Jimmy Golden, Randy Rose, and Tojo Yamamoto…….Golden said that if they think they're going to get away with injuring the Fullers and Dennis Condrey without a fight…they are dead wrong…..they just came from Les Thatcher and demanded matches with any members of their team…..Thatcher said since Kabuki/Nagasaki will be challenging the Road Warriors for the World Tag Team titles…..Golden will face One Man Gang, and Rose will face the Super Ninja tonight at June Jam! "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley is out speaking with Rick Stewart about having an open challenge for his Mississippi Heavyweight Championship tonight in Ft. Payne….when another new face strolled into the studio….the "Latin Lover" Al Madril! Madril said it was honor to meet him, since he's not only the "Champion of Mississippi, but the Champion of stupid names!" What kind of name is Wendell? Cooley told Madril if he wanted a shot at his belt, he could skip the insults and challenge him like a man….Madril replied, "ok" and slapped Cooley in the face and a brawl broke out….leading Platt to call for a commercial break. Confident from last week's win, the Nightmares come out to the desk and say they've been told that Armstrong/Rich apparently haven't gotten enough of getting beaten by the Nightmares so they want to "up the stakes"…The Nightmares say they want tonight's match at June Jam to be a 'Hair vs. Hair' match! The Rat Patrol come out and tell them they accept! Les Thatcher comes out and discusses everything that's went on in recent month's with Paul Jones' Army, as well as the previous Ric Flair/Bob Armstrong Southeastern Title match with interference from Jake Roberts and Humongous, and announces tonight's Southeastern Title match will take place in a STEEL CAGE! Paul Jones comes out with Ric Flair, Jake Roberts, Humongous, and Mongolian Stomper along with the AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion the Dynamite Kid……Flair is irate that the match will be in a cage tonight but says it makes no difference because there's not an Armstrong alive that can pin his shoulders to the mat or make him submit…..which causes Dynamite Kid to get a little angry….DK insists last week was a fluke and that Brad Armstrong stands no chance of taking his title tonight and that it will be a cold day in hell when an Armstrong holds a World title…..Jones talks about how Humongous/Stomper/Roberts destroyed Mr. Olympia and Haystacks last week and tonight the Freebirds will be in…..and right back out of Southeastern when the Army is done with them! Matches: Scott Armstrong/"Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda defeated Memphis Monroe/Buck Jones when Scott pinned Jones after a 'super kick' One Man Gang w/Skandor Akbar pinned Randy Watson after '747 Splash' "Latin Lover" Al Madril defeated Teddy Benson by submission with the 'Indian Death Lock' Johnny Rich/Steve Armstrong defeated Frank Reynolds/Blue Cyclone when Rich pinned Reynolds with a Thesz Press MAIN EVENT The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes/Gordy/Roberts) defeated Dirty White Boy/'Outlaw' Don Bass/Tommy Gilbert when Hayes pinned Gilbert after a running bulldog As the show was going off the air, Hayes grabbed the mic: Hayes: "We've declared war on the Paul Jones Army and boys…..tonight, the Freebirds are gonna June Jam our fists down your throats…and then we're going to take the stage with Alabama and rock it all night long…be there in Ft. Payne tonight!!!" © 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Southeastern Championship Wrestling As part of ALABAMA's JUNE JAM III Live from Ft. Payne, Alabama! Saturday June 8, 1984 In front of 41,000 fans Randy Rose w/Tojo Yamamoto pinned Super Ninja w/Mr. Fuji with a school boy roll up One Man Gang w/Skandor Akbar pinned Jimmy Golden after '747' splash Scott Armstrong/"Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda defeated "Hustler" Rip Rogers/Masked Thunderbolt when Armstrong pinned Masked Thunderbolt when another masked man came to ringside and distracted Masked Thunderbolt Mississippi Heavyweight Championship Al Madril pinned "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley after hitting him with a chain while the referee was distracted to win the Mississippi Heavyweight Championship Hair vs. Hair Johnny Rich/Steve Armstrong defeated The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) when Rich pinned Wayne with a sunset flip…..the crowd went nuts as both Nightmares had their heads shaved in the middle of the ring AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship Brad Armstrong pinned Dynamite Kid with a backslide in an absolute clinic that went 28 minutes of the 30 minute time limit to win the AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship Grudge Six Man Tag Team Match The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes/Gordy/Roberts) defeated Paul Jones' Army (Roberts/Humongous/Stomper) w/Paul Jones when Gordy beat Humongous with the 'Oriental Spike'….this is Humongous' first official loss in Southeastern and the crowd went wild SEMI-MAIN EVENT AWA World Tag Team Championship The Road Warriors (Animal/Hawk) w/Paul Ellering defeated Kendo Nagasaki/Great Kabuki w/Skandor Akbar & Mr. Fuji by DQ when Fuji broke a cane over Hawk's back who no sold it..but then was sprayed in the eyes with Kabuki's green mist…..the fans were livid….and Paul Ellering grabbed the mic and promised revenge on Devastation INC….very, very soon! MAIN EVENT Southeastern Heavyweight Championship STEEL CAGE MATCH "Bullet" Bob Armstrong pinned "Nature Boy" Ric Flair when he reversed the figure four into a small package to win the championship!! The Rat Patrol/Brad Armstrong/Scott Armstrong/Adrian Street/Wendell Cooley/The Freebirds all entered the cage to celebrate as Flair and Jones quickly retreated as soon as the cage door was opened Performances by Alabama/Lee Greenwood and more followed…..Michael Hayes and Steve Armstrong were even invited on stage during one song to sing with Alabama! It was announced to look forward to seeing Southeastern Championship Wrestling next year at June Jam IV!