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  1. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling TV Previously Recorded/Airing on Saturday October 23, 1986 Host: Charlie Platt Co-Host: Ronnie P. Gossett Ring Announcer: Freddie Miller Interviewer: Joe Pedicino (Show opens with Jerry Stubbs coming down to the ring behind JYD and putting on the Mr. Olympia mask to be his partner, the tape then jumps to where Abdullah the Butcher enters the cage and we see a few moments of the three on one beatdown by Brody/Abby/Killer Khan…..we then cut to the opening montage and then to the desk with Charlie Platt and Ronnie P. Gossett) Platt: "Hello and welcome to Continental Championship Wrestling, I'm Charlie Platt and joining me once again is none other than Ronnie P. Gossett." RPG: "I don't know what Jerry Stubbs was thinking but as you can see he got what he deserved." Platt: "That's the very first thing your going to say on today's television program? Saying Jerry Stubbs deserved that attack because he chose to be JYD's partner and fight in the place of Magnum TA with all that has happened to Magnum." RPG: "Ok….welcome to Continental Wrestling where last Monday night Jerry Olympia got the beating he deserved for siding with the Junkyard Dog and people such him and Dusty Rhodes." (Les Thatcher comes and sits down at the desk between Platt and Gossett) Platt: "Les, welcome to the show….I know you have a lot of things to cover so the floor is yours." Thatcher: "Thanks Charlie, you're correct…I do have a lot to cover. First I want to say that Magnum T.A.'s family appreciates all the cards and letters and support you are showing him and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he has a long road ahead of him. NWA President 'Cowboy' Bill Watts had a tough decision to make this week but based on what the Doctors have told him about Magnum's condition he had to make a call on the NWA World Championship so the decision has been made that the winner of what was the number one contender's tournament coming up at Halloween Havoc, will now be crowned the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. That's the first major announcement. The second announcement is that due to what took place last Monday night in Montgomery, I have suspended Chicky Starr, Killer Khan, Bruiser Brody, and Abdullah the Butcher through November 5th, if any of them show their face at a Continental wrestling event, they will be suspended for life! I'm not messing around here." RPG: "That's not fair!" Thatcher: "Gossett, would you like to join them? You've caused enough trouble yourself!" RPG: "Trouble? All I've done is requested the rules be followed." Thatcher: (rolls eyes) "So, for those who don't know which would be most everyone. Ronnie P. Gossett, filed a formal complaint with the NWA Board of Directors over the fact that Dusty Rhodes hasn't defended the NWA Southeastern Championship in over thirty days, in light of that fact, the board has stripped Dusty Rhodes of the title. However, since the Southeastern Champion is supposed to compete in the tournament which is now going to be for the NWA World Championship, they insist that I crown a new champion as soon as possible. So, with that in mind I have scheduled a sixteen man tournament this Monday night in Jackson, Mississippi to crown a new Southeastern Champion and that new champion will then go on to compete at Halloween Havoc." Platt: "Wow, that's quite the line up of competitors for the championship. What's the latest on the condition of Dusty Rhodes?" Thatcher: "I contacted Dusty to see if he was able to compete in the tournament, he said that right now his only concern is being by Magnum's side and he had the title belt FedEx'd to the office this week. He said that he will return in due time and when he does, he wants Chicky's men in the ring along with Chicky himself. However, in the meantime we have the tournament this Monday and also on the card, The Nightmares will challenge The Richs for the Continental Tag Team titles. Speaking of the Nightmares, you saw on the tournament graphic that both Ron Bass and Killer Brooks have been signed to be in that tournament, BUT….if they don't come out here on television before the show is over and take the ten lashes they are owed from their 'ten lashes to the losers' match that they lost to the Nightmares, they will be forced to forfeit their spots in the tournament and their opponents will receive a bye to the next round. So, before this show goes off the air, they have to take five lashes each if they want to compete this Monday night in Jackson." Platt: "Well, there you have it from the Comissioner himself, Bass and Brooks must finally get the lashes they are owed or they will not compete in the tournament. A great show in store for you tonight as Terry Taylor of course will defend the Continental Television Championship, Al Madril will be joined in the Fiesta Garden by 'Exotic' Adrian Street and Ms. Linda, the in-ring debut of the 'Music City Sensation' Billy Joe Travis with Downtown Bruno, we'll see a man who thanks to a win over Al Madril is five thousand dollars richer, Tyree Pride in action, and we'll hear from the Bullet. Before we go to the ring, Ronnie…last Monday night, we saw the return of someone we haven't seen around here in a while when Slick appeared at ringside apparently to help the Stud Stable who seemed shocked by his presence as they were not around the area when he was here before….a cameraman went into the dressing room earlier with Joe Pedicino to get a word with Slick and caught this interesting interaction, let's take a look." ==================== (Slick is in the dressing talking on a payphone when The Fullers and Jimmy Golden enter) Slick: (hangs up phone) "Heeyyy, what's going on boys?" Ron: "I don't men to be rude…..but who are you and why did you interfere in our match the other night?" Slick: "I'm Leroy's friend….he sent me." Robert: "I'm sure you are Leroy's friend, but who the hell is Leroy?" Slick: "Yo cousin, Leroy Welch." Ron: "You mean Roy Lee?" Slick: "That's what I said." Robert: "No you said…" (Ron cuts him off) Ron: "So wait a minute…..you're telling us that YOU are Roy Lee's best buddy he was talking about?" Slick: "Aww sure man, me and Leroy go way back, brutha." Robert: "But why did you come down to the ring last week, I mean looking at the way you're dressed, clearly you're some kind of pimp or something." Slick: "Well, I appreciate the compliment but, nah man…I been out of that game for a while….I'm a rasslin manager, baby. Leroy knows I'm the best, he said yall needed some help and judging by the fact yall won, I'd say I did my job." Robert: "We woulda won that match either way…" Ron: "Now hold up, Robert. We might be able to work something out with this guy." Robert: "What?? Are you crazy?? But he's….." (Ron quickly cuts him off) Ron: "Green…I know what you were going to say, he's green." Golden: "Well actually he's…." (Ron quickly shuts him down as well) Ron: "Guys…how about yall let me handle this. Look, what was your name again?" Slick: "My Momma calls me Kenneth but my associates call me Slick." Robert: "Slick?? Are you sure you ain't a pimp?" Ron: "He said he's not anymore Robert, hush! Well listen Slick, maybe if you can meet us in the middle and dress a little less…..um….well, something a little more Stud Stable-esque if you would." Slick: (smiles wide) "I got ya brutha! I know just the thing. I'll pick up a new suit and next week on television these folks will think I'm a Fuller too." (Roberts gasps) Ron: "Umm, ok. Well….we'll bring you in on a trial basis and see how things go." Slick: "Slap me five and it's deal, brutha!" (Ron reluctantly gives him five and turns to leave) Robert: "You gotta tell him to knock off the jive talk too." Ron: "Robert, hush!" ============================= MATCH #1: "Superstar" Bill Dundee pinned Jackie Daytona with a 'Bombs Away' sit down splash off the top rope Post match: Dundee tells Joe Pedicino that he's happy he gets a chance to get some revenge on Jimmy Golden in this tournament because they aren't done with the Stud Stable by a longshot! ============================= COMMERCIAL BREAK ============================= (Downtown Bruno comes out sporting another Porter Wagoner-esque suit and introduces his newest "mega star", as Billy Joe Travis comes out with his guitar smiling and waving to the crowd, wearing the same get up he had on last week in the Fiesta Garden) ---------------------------------------------- MATCH #2: "The Music City Sensation" Billy Joe Travis w/Downtown Bruno pinned Randy Watson following his finishing move the "just a swingin" neckbreaker Post match: Bruno gets the mic and says it's ridiculous that Les Thatcher is making his guys get beat with a whip to enter the Southeastern title tournament, although Billy Joe is going to be in it too, so with three guys in the tournament, there's NO WAY he's not going to be managing the champion afterwards. Billy Joe says he's going to sing a little for the crowd but Bruno quickly grabs the mic and says there's no more time. ============================== (Backstage Joe Pedicino is with the Bullet in front of the CCW backdrop) Pedicino: "Bullet, I know you've got revenge on your mind against the Richs but this Monday you are in the tournament for the Southeastern Championship which we now know is a one way ticket to the World title tournament in Atlanta at Halloween Havoc." Bullet: "That's exactly right, Joe. While it's easy to get side tracked and focus on all the terrible things that the Richs, especially Tommy Rich has done to me and my great friends, the Armstrongs…..right now I have got to keep focused on that Southeastern title which could lead to that NWA World title which is what we all are shooting for…..so right now that's where my attention is focused….but you best believe that as soon I'm able to get my hands on them boys, dues will be paid….and paid in full!" ============================== MATCH #3: "Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride pinned Curley Jefferson with a flying crossbody off the top rope ============================== COMMERCIAL BREAK - Commercial for NWA Halloween Havoc coming to the Omni in Atlanta on Sunday October 31st ============================== (The camera pans over to a small stage with a cactus on each corner of the stage with a sombrero on top of each. A large pinata is hanging down right over the middle of the set, with two green director's chairs arranged in the middle with a large banner on the wall behind them that says 'FIESTA GARDEN' on it, we then cut to what appears to be a very angry Al Madril as Ron Slinker is in a black Gi this week and his ankle and foot is in a cast and he's on crutches) Madril: (long pause) "I apologize for not being the happy, go lucky, fun loving host of everyone's favorite pro wrestling talk show that I normally am……but after getting ROBBED…(tries to calm down) after getting robbed last Monday night, I'm just not really in a great mood. As you can see, Ron Slinker was injured during this whole debacle…..he looks up and sees what he can only assume is some Haitian refugee or even worse just some guy from South Montgomery running towards the ring and he springs into action but this guy being the well practiced hardened criminal he is somehow managed to evade the three time Kumite champion causing him to shatter his ankle against the ring post. Needless to say, Slink is in an even worse mood than I am. (Slinker glares daggers at Madril for calling him Slink) So, honestly in light of all this happening I just wasn't going to do a 'Fiesta Garden' this week but Les Thatcher reminded me that I'm contractually obligated to do so….so here we are, but what makes matters even worse is that my guest…..my guest this week………ugh, my guest is Adrian Street and his hag Ms. Linda." ('Imagine what I could do to you' plays as Street makes his way out along with Linda) Street: "Oh Alvin, I'm sorry you're in such poor spirits…..I'm more gay than ever…you know, happy…because I rid Continental of that wretched Lenny Poofer and his flea bag sidekick, Woman and that big bald closet case of his, Angel of Death or whatever he was calling himself." Madril: "I honestly don't know what I'm allowed to say in response to any of that." Street: "Well, that's in the past….no need to say anything, Alvin…they are gone, they've been ousted, and good riddance, I say." Madril: "Can't say I was a fan of those three myself but anyway……" Street: "So Alvin, I saw you had been out here flashing some money around, challenging people to fight you for it and before I could get rid of Lenny, and try to beat you for it…you've already lost it. That's quite disappointing actually, I had already thought of some things to spend that money on." Madril: "First of all, I wasn't beaten for it. It was stolen!" Street: "Oh my word, you mean someone came out and put a gun to your head and robbed you!?!" Madril: "Well…no, I didn't say I was robbed, I said it was stolen." Street: "Ohhh, I see….so you were out in the ring wrestling and some dastardly villain went in your bag and stole it." Madril: "No, not exactly…" Street: "So they broke in your lowrider and robbed you of your cash and your cheech and chong albums?" Madril: "This is not a joke! Last week, that no good Tyrese Pride or whatever his stupid name is, came out and caused Slink to injure his ankle and stole my money." Street: "Aww, poor Slinky. (Slinker is close to losing it) So, how did he steal your money if the most dangerous man in the world supposedly was right there?" Madril: "Just shut up!! God, I hate you, Street! Come on, Ron…let's get out of here!" (Madril storms off his own show with Slinker limping behind on crutches) Street: (with the 'who me?' look) "What? Was it something I said? Well, I guess we have to wrap this thing up….say good night, Linda." Linda: "Good night, Linda." Street: (laughs) "Alvin is right, that is quite humorous. Well, Ta Ta from the Fiesta Garden!" (Blows a kiss to the camera and skips away as the screen fades to black) ============================== RPG: "Platt, that was a travesty….that was the worst Fiesta Garden ever!" Platt: "Really? I quite enjoyed it, I think that might have been my favorite one. " RPG: "That figures….." ============================== MATCH #4: The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) defeated The Galaxians (#1/#2) when Davis pinned #2 with a leg drop off the top rope Post match: Danny Davis gets the mic and tells the Desperados that the show is nearly over and it's time to take their lashes....After a few moments, Bass and Brooks make their way to the ring, they enter the ring and Bass says, "Let's get this over with!" Ken Wayne straps Brooks and then Davis straps Bass...the Desperados sell it big and try to get out of the rest but it's not happening, the Nightmares rotate back and forth until they both receive their five each. Bass tells them, "This isn't over!" as they storm away, with no sign of Downtown Bruno for some reason. ============================== COMMERCIAL BREAK ============================== (VTR- Footage is shown of the University of Tennessee's Doug Furnas on the football field, lifting weights, running the bleachers, and in a wrestling ring doing drills with Pat Rose while 'Rocky Top' plays in the background) ============================== (Joe Pedicino draws the number and checks this list) Pedicino: "Wow, this should be interesting! Terry Taylor's challenger this week will be his tag team partner….TOM ZENK!" ------------------------------------------------- MAIN EVENT NWA CONTINENTAL TELEVISION TITLE Terry Taylor wrestles Tom Zenk to a 10 minute time limit draw, there were a few tense moments throughout but in the end the tag partners shook hands and hugged before leaving the ring © 1986 Continental Championship Wrestling
  2. GeneJackson95

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Velvet is well on her way to having the best win/loss record in WWW as she just keeps racking up the wins!
  3. GeneJackson95

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v3)

    Tiger Conway Jr and Shaska Whatley back together makes me happy!! Great win over the Vice! Mad Dog holds his own against Kamala, the fans had to be impressed! Holy crap, the Youngbloods beat the Powers of Pain....this should get the fans behind them right outta the gate. Nikita puts down the legend Wahoo...had to use his chain, but he got the job done! Solid show!!
  4. GeneJackson95

    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Great way to kick off the show with Borne/Sawyer kicking ass! Again, I like the Sheik and Akbar leading the young Sabu at this early stage in his career. Nice finish for the Glamour Boys to get the win but the Dogs of War still look strong. The Highwaymen stick it to their old rivals the Youngbloods once last time on their way out the door. The ol' poison mist might just make Regal think twice about this babyface thing! YES! Good & Plenty advances! The Blondes get past the Islanders here but I sure hope they meet again soon! Great main with two heavy hitters in Herc and Duggan....this is a money feud that will help get Florida rockin' and rollin'! Great show!! I'm psyched to have Florida in the mix here!
  5. GeneJackson95


    CCW sends Lanny Poffo, Angel of Death, and Woman down to Florida CCW picks up Rocky Iaukea aka Abbuda Dein
  6. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Civic Center Montgomery, Alabama Monday October 18, 1986 Bell Time: 7pm Al Madril's $5,000 Challenge "The Great" Al Madril comes to the ring accompanied by Ron Slinker, Madril whispers something to Slinker who stays behind on the floor as Madril enters the ring and takes the microphone from ring announcer Freddie Miller. Madril: "Wow Slink, Montgomery is even more pathetic than Birmingham was…..these folks don't look like they've got ten bucks between them….much less five grand like this! (Fans out his cash) So….if there's anybody back there who thinks they have what it takes to win my money……come on down!" After a few moments the crowd starts to stir as TYREE PRIDE makes his way down the aisle, Madril claps and smiles in the ring as Pride gets close to the ring…..Madril nods at Slinker who comes around the corner and throws a big roundhouse kick like he did at Steve Armstrong last week but Pride ducks causing Slinker to kick the ringpost! Slinker goes down and clutches his ankle and foot as he screams out in agony! Pride slides into the ring as the referee calls for the opening bell! $5,000 Open Challenge "The Great" Al Madril vs. Tyree Pride Madril is livid his plan has backfired, he charges Pride as the bell rings…..Pride side steps him and Madril crashes face first into the turnbuckle…..Pride quickly springs to the top rope and dives off with a sunset flip for the 1--2--3!!! Pride rolls out of the ring and grabs the money off the announce table and goes out into the crowd to celebrate with the Montgomery crowd who are all on their feet as Al Madril is having a complete meltdown in the ring!! Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk defeated The Super Destroyers (#1/#2) w/Sherri Martel when Zenk pinned Super D #2 with a crucifix NWA U.S. Jr Championship Tom Prichard w/Sherri Martel pinned Roy Lee Welch after he was tripped by Martel, Welch is in the ring looked dejected as Ron Fuller comes down and tries to pump him back up as the leave the ring GRUDGE MATCH "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley defeated Jason the Terrible by DQ when about 10 minutes in Jason grabbed his axe handle he brings to the ring and started working Cooley over with it, he struck Cooley several times in the ribs and Cooley had to be helped from the ring and appeared to have either cracked or broken ribs 10 LASHES TO THE LOSERS (with Ms. Betsy the Bullwhip) The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) defeated The Desperados (Ron Bass/Killer Brooks) w/Downtown Bruno when Davis pinned Brooks after a legdrop off the top rope. The Desperados took off down the aisle before any lashes were given. Referee Tommy Gilbert promised to take this to Les Thatcher and make sure they take the lashes before they are allowed to wrestle again in Continental SIX MAN ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel/"Superstar" Bill Dundee/"Dirty" Dutch Mantel vs. The Stud Stable (Robert & Ron Fuller/Jimmy Golden) The first elimination came when Robert Fuller kicked his boot against the mat to "load it" and then kicked Dundee in the head and pinned him The second elimination came when Dutch Mantell pinned Jimmy Golden with a backslide The third elimination came when Ron Fuller pinned Mantell with his feet on the ropes The fourth elimination came when Buddy Landel made Robert Fuller submit to the figure four leglock Ron Fuller and Buddy Landel battled for several minutes until a man CCW fans haven't seen in a while…Slick came down to ringside. Landel went over to the ropes and asked Slick, "what the hell are you doing here?" Fuller looked quite confused but saw the opportunity, he reached into his tights and put something in his fist…..when Slick went to leave, Landel turned back around and Fuller nailed him with a big right hand with the foreign object….Fuller covers for the pinfall and the win for the Stud Stable! Slick smiles wide as heads on back to the dressing room SEMI-MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda vs. "Luscious" Lanny Poffo w/Man As "Welcome to the PleasureDome" plays 'Luscious' Lanny has amped up the weirdness as he's wearing a black latex bodysuit as he comes to the ring with only 'Man' as Woman has been suspended. 'Imagine what I can do to you' plays as "Exotic" Adrian skips to the ring with Ms. Linda by his side but no Mongolian Stomper. Poffo takes the microphone and says he's going to "hurt you in ways you've never even dreamed of". Street gets the mic and replies, "Don't threaten me with a good time." (Even 'Man' looks a bit uncomfortable with that response) The cage is locked and the fight is on!! Much like last week, it's very hard hitting brutal affair…..after the first few minutes, it appears that Poffo's choice of the latex outfit may have been more than psychological as Street tries to drag him across the chain link but the outfit seems to be protecting him….so Street then decides to grind Poffo's face into it and Poffo is busted wide open! Street really has the upper hand here until an blatant kick to the groin from Poffo turns things around….Poffo slams Street's face into the cage and then grinds it back and forth and now Street's face is a "crimson mask" as well! After prancing around the ring for a moment and taunting the crowd, Poffo then locks Street into the 'PAINacle' submission…..Street is in major trouble but the Montgomery crowd is solidly behind him….chanting "Street, Street, Street" until Adrian manages to work his way over to the ropes…..but since they are in the cage and it's no DQ….the ref can't break the hold….finally in an act of desperation, Street reaches up and just buries his fingers right in Poffo's eyes until he releases the hold! Despite breaking the hold, Street is still in a lot of trouble unable to get up off the mat. Poffo struggles for a few moments to regain his vision….he looks over at 'Man' who points up to the top of the cage. Poffo picks up Street and slams him back to the mat…..Poffo then climbs to the top rope….and then on to the top of the steel cage. Poffo looks out to the crowd and blows them a kiss….then dives off the top of the cage as Street manages to roll out of the way just in the nick of time and Poffo crashes and burns!! Street now goes to the top rope and crashes down with a knee to the back of the neck of Poffo, Street then locks on a version of the 'Camel Clutch', Poffo refuses to surrender as his arms are flailing….after a few moments he is no longer moving, the referee checks his arm….he lifts it once…it drops……he lifts it twice…it drops…..he lifts it a third time…….it drops! Adrian Street is your winner!! "Luscious" Lanny must leave Continental Championship Wrestling…..Adrian and Linda celebrate with the fans as 'Man' carries out the fallen Lanny Poffo. MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH Bruiser Brody/Killer Khan w/Chicky Starr & Teijho Khan vs. The Junkyard Dog/???????? Bruiser Brody and Killer Khan enter the cage and look like they are ready to commit a crime tonight. 'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen plays as the entire arena is on it's feet as the Junkyard Dog makes his way down to the ring alone……until unbeknownst to him, Jerry Stubbs wearing a Magnum T.A. t-shirt is following a short ways behind him….as JYD stops just short of the ring to survey the situation. Stubbs taps him on the shoulder…..JYD turns around and sees Stubbs who holds up a finger as if to say, "hold on"…..Stubbs pulls out his 'Mr. Olympia' mask and slips it on as the crowd goes nuts….they quickly enter the cage and the main event commences! This is just a wild brawl as JYD goes at it with Brody and Olympia is going toe to toe with Killer Khan! It's just a back and forth fight with neither team really getting the advantage for any significant amount of time….when all of sudden, from out of nowhere, someone appears with a set of bolt cutters as they cut the lock off the cage and enter the cage…it's ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER who quickly attacks both JYD and Mr. Olympia with a fork as Teijho Khan quickly puts a new lock on the door given to him by Chicky Starr……JYD and Olympia get massacred at the hands of Brody/Khan/Abdullah! The Nightmares, Taylor/Zenk, and other random babyfaces try to help but are quickly knocked off the cage…..the fans are near riot mode here as JYD and Olympia are left bloodied and beaten in the cage as Chicky Starr finally calls them off and unlocks the cage! The Starr Corporation gets pelted with garbage as they flee the arena.
  7. GeneJackson95

    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Akbar kicks off TV this week by unleashing the Dogs of War, fun tag team and I think this is a great use of these two guys at this stage of their careers. With this presentation, I honestly could see Regal working out as a babyface here, looking forward to following him here. I like the explanation for the card change and the background/story given...it helps build this first round match where there's more stakes than just the titles. I'm soooo happy to see Good & Plenty back in action here! They were a favorite of mine when you originally paired them together and just the thought of them coming out to the ring to New Edition's 'Candy Girl' puts a smile on my face! Not to mention, Ray Candy's finish being called the "Chocolate Drop' is awesome. The Rogers/Donavan vignettes have them over with me already! Duggan vs. Hercules is a great main event angle! Aww shit! Matt Borne/Buzz Sawyer have arrived! Lucky for the other teams they showed up after the cut off for the tag title tournament! I'll jump back on a little later and leave some feedback for the card!
  8. GeneJackson95

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v3)

    Wow, hard to keep up with all the action happening here in MACW. Love the "Prince of Australia" moniker for George Barnes! Great win for Harley over Ole Anderson Awesome promo on the beach from the Horsemen and great wilderness promo from Nikita building toward Halloween Havoc! The Road Warriors take down the Bruthas in the main event Great card in Richmond headlined by an awesome main event! MACW has so much star power right now, it's can't miss TV.
  9. GeneJackson95

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    I love a well thought out heel turn where there's a explanation on why they feel justified for their actions rather than just, they "turned bad". Looking forward to Steamboat's reaction. Then again, there's something to be said for the stance like Kernodle that keeps you guessing and tuning in to find out why they are doing what they are doing Happy to see Larry Z and Perez advance towards the National titles. The Adias/Hennig feud continues to heat up! Idol better pay attention to Garvin....he's no pushover! Gagne is right, it had to be a fluke! Great response from Steamboat, as Dragon said...just great story telling all the way around on this angle!
  10. GeneJackson95

    Mid-South Wrestling

    Nice pay off to the "Rock & Roll" tease...gives the RPMs heat right out of the gate Who can defeat the Superstars? Not the Mike's. The Ladd storyline continues to be a fun aspect of your show. Awesome main event, love Gordy taking the cash!
  11. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    I agree, I've always thought a better way to do these types of games would be a chance to play upon these "What ifs". Rather than following along with what really happened.....it would be more interesting to play it where you could see things like: What if David Von Erich had lived? What if Gino Hernandez had lived? What if Magnum TA didn't have the wreck? Etc etc etc But every game I've ever been in has always followed along with real life which I don't agree with but it is what it is. I always felt there was a case to be made that if Gino wasn't in Texas maybe he wouldn't have died, if Magnum wasn't in the Mid Atlantic territory, maybe his crashed wouldn't have happened. Just like when '88 rolls around...would Brody get murdered if he wasn't in Puerto Rico? We did use that logic to keep Patera and Saito out of prison but everything else has followed along with RL.
  12. GeneJackson95

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling TV Airing on Saturday October 16, 1986 Host: Charlie Platt Co-Host: Ronnie P. Gossett Ring Announcer: Freddie Miller Interviewer: Joe Pedicino (Opening montage rolls and we then go to Charlie Platt in a TV studio in Dothan standing in front a CCW backdrop) Platt: "Hello everyone and welcome to Continental Championship Wrestling, I'm coming to you from a television studio here in Dothan, Alabama to bring you some unfortunate news and we'll then go to the arena to see this week's matches including the two ring battle royal to determine the last two entrants into the NWA World Title contenders tournament at the big Halloween Havoc event coming up on Halloween night at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. However at this time it's my unfortunate duty to inform you that our NWA World Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A. has been in a terrible automobile accident. We don't have many details at this time, all I can say is Magnum could really use your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes along with his family. Obviously the show you'll see from the arena tonight was pre-recorded so you will hear some mentions of Magnum who was scheduled to team up this Monday in Montgomery with the Junkyard Dog to take on Bruiser Brody and Killer Khan in a steel cage match. I will be back here in the studio later in the program to speak with JYD and find out what his intentions are for this Monday's match in light of Magnum's terrible accident. Let's go now to the arena where I was joined by Les Thatcher and of course Ronnie P. Gossett to discuss this week's card in Montgomery along with the attack on Dusty Rhodes by Bruiser Brody." -------------------------------- (Charlie Platt/Ronnie P. Gossett is joined by CCW Commissioner Les Thatcher) Platt: "Les, it was a very wild night last week in Huntsville, especially the debut of Bruiser Brody who attacked Dusty Rhodes costing him the stretcher match against Killer Khan." Thatcher: "That's putting it mildly. There will be not one but two steel cage matches this Monday night at the Civic Center in Montgomery. First of all last week, I had hoped we could settle the issue between Adrian Street and Luscious Lanny by barring all the seconds from ringside but unfortunately Woman chose to ignore that stipulation and disguise herself to come out of the crowd help Poffo steal a victory…..well I'm here to inform you that due to her actions on Monday ignoring the stipulations, Woman has been fined and suspended indefinitely from Continental Wrestling. This Monday night Adrian Street will take on Luscious Lanny Poffo in a Steel Cage match where the loser will leave CCW! (Crowd cheers). Also, with the stunt Chicky Starr pulled last week bringing in Bruiser Brody to attack Dusty Rhodes costing him his stretcher match with Killer Khan, there's really nothing I can do there as it was an unsanctioned match. Dusty was pretty badly injured and was taken to the hospital and as of now we haven't gotten an update on his condition but I think it's safe to say, 'the American Dream' will be on the shelf for a bit but his friends Magnum T.A. and the Junkyard Dog have demanded a tag team match against Brody and Khan and Chicky Starr has demanded it be in a steel cage!" RPG: "What do you plan to do about the Southeastern title?" Thatcher: "We don't know yet how long Dusty will be out of action." RPG: "I get that….however if you've been paying attention the way my good friend and associate Chicky Starr and I have…..you would realize that with all these tag matches and unsanctioned matches Dusty has had with Killer Khan, TODAY marks thirty days since he's defended the title." Thatcher: "I don't know if that's true but I will certainly look into it." RPG: "Of course it's true Les Thatcher, I'm nothing if not honest. I'm just looking forward to seeing Bruiser Brody win that battle royal tonight and go on to Halloween Havoc." Thatcher: "Sorry to disappoint you Ronnie, but Brody will not be in tonight's battle royal…..he wasn't on the roster when the match was signed. In fact, Killer Khan is not in it either." RPG: "Chicky will NOT be happy about this." Thatcher: "Well my heart just bleeds for Chicky. Charlie, we'll have the full card to you by the end of the program." Platt: "Thanks, Les…..and let's go down to the ring to see the return of Roy Lee Welch, a former U.S. Jr Champion who will be challenging Tom Prichard this Monday night in Montgomery for the title." ==================== MATCH #1: Roy Lee Welch pinned Jackie Daytona following a neckbreaker (We cut to Roy Lee Welch entering the dressing room where the Stud Stable is waiting on him) Ron Fuller: "Hey cousin! What a great win you had there, it's so good to finally have you back here in Continental." Welch: "Thanks Ron, it's good to be back!" Ron: "Look, I don't know if you've been watching the show but that idiot Buddy Landel has brought some guys in and we could really use your help here." Welch: "Oh no guys, I'm just here making one last go at the U.S. Jr title….if I can't beat Prichard for the belt, then I think it's time to call it a career and move on." Robert: "Well that's perfect Roy, that's what we need is a manager! You'd be perfect! What do ya say?" Welch: (thinks for a moment) "Wait, that makes it sound like you think I can't beat Prichard…." Golden: "That's not it at all…..come on man, even if you win that little jr belt or whatever you could still be our manager." Welch: "Look….I'm no manager but I know just the guy! He'd be perfect for you guys. He's a real slick guy and sharp as a tack. I'll give him a call and send him your way, he's one of my best buddies." Ron: Ok...well….sounds good. Get him in touch with us." Welch: "I sure will." ==================== COMMERCIAL BREAK ==================== (We return to the studio where Charlie is joined by the Junkyard Dog who seems pretty shook up) Platt: "I'm joined now by the Junkyard Dog, JYD…I know you, like all of us are pretty distraught over what's happened to Magnum and this tragic accident." JYD: "I'm beyond distraught Charlie, Magnum is a good friend and partner of mine who is in the prime of life, the prime of his career….I mean….he's the World Champion, he's worked so hard and come so far…..it's just…..I just don't know what to say about it Charlie." Platt: "I know it's hard to talk about or even think about wrestling at a time like this but what do you intend to do about this tag team cage match for this Monday that Magnum was scheduled to be your partner for…" JYD: "I honestly don't know, it's really the furthest thing from my mind right now……but I don't care if I have to face those monsters by myself, I'll do that if I have to because I know Magnum would do the same if he was in my position and after what they did to Dusty….someone has to try and stop them." (Jerry Stubbs walks into the frame) Stubbs: "Forgive me for intruding here guys…..but first of all I want to say that I've got nothing but the utmost respect for Magnum T.A., at the end of our match he showed me respect when NO ONE else around here had in quite a long time. I want to say to Magnum and his family that you're all in my prayers and I know Magnum is going to come back from this better and stronger than ever…..I also wanted to tell you JYD, you know you were one of my favorite tag team partners I've ever teamed with and it would be my honor to team with you Monday night against Chicky Starr's goons who injured Dusty Rhodes last week." JYD: "Look Jerry, I appreciate the offer…..but I have to tell you…..I can't go into a cage match against two monsters like Brody and Khan with a guy whose been having a nervous breakdown out here on TV, besides I never teamed Jerry Stubbs….i don't need a guy who is a shell of himself….I need my old partner…..I need…MR. OLYMPIA!" Stubbs: "Well JYD…..I'm sorry but I don't think that guy exists anymore…..good luck on Monday." (Stubbs leaves) Platt: "I don't know Dog, perhaps even a broken Jerry Stubbs is better than no partner at all." JYD: (shakes his head and walks away) ==================== MATCH #2: The Cobra pinned Randy Watson following an inverted piledriver ==================== (The camera pans over to a small stage with a cactus on each corner of the stage with a sombrero on top of each. A large pinata is hanging down right over the middle of the set, with two green director's chairs arranged in the middle with a large banner on the wall behind them that says 'FIESTA GARDEN' on it, we then cut to a smiling Al Madril who has his five thousand dollars in cash fanned out for the camera) Madril: "Hola Mi Amigos! Are you ready for another episode of the highest rated pro wrestling interview show of ALL TIME, the one and only Fiesta Garden brought to you by our generous sponsor, the Starr Corporation! As always I'm your host, compadre, and role model, 'The Great' Al Madril! And you know we couldn't do the show without our head of security, former Police Officer, the forty nine time Karate Champion, the innovator of the Crane Kick, and three time winner of the Kumite…..the man Freddy Krueger has NIGHTMARES about, "Unarmed and Dangerous" Ron Slinker! (Slinker as always is sporting his red karate gi and doing his best to ignore the intro) Say hello, Slink!" Slinker: "Again?" Madril: (not smiling) "Every week…." Slinker: (unamused) "Hello Slink…" Madril: (smiling again) "That's the money right there! That's what keeps them tuning in. Anyway, this week is another special show as this is going to be the debut of someone I'm told is not only a great wrestler but an amazing entertainer and performer….so welcome his manager, Downtown Bruno!" (Bruno comes out in a western style suit with all sorts of rhinestones and "diamonds" on it as well as a cowboy hat) Gossett: (on commentary) "Did Porter Wagoner have a yard sale?" Madril: "Howdy partner, welcome to the show." Bruno: "Look Madril, don't get cute with me out here, I've seen your show before and I know you fancy yourself to be the Cheech Marin of pro wrestling but this is serious business." Madril: "Obviously, as soon as I saw you come out in this get up, I thought to myself, 'he's clearly here to conduct some serious business'. " (laughs) Bruno: "You know what, I don't have to put up with this….I could have introduced this man on any number of television shows…Johnny Carson, Nashville Now, heck I got calls from Crook AND Chase but no I chose this show and now you wanna treat this like some kinda joke?" Madril: "My apologizes Bruno, was just having a little fun….I knew that Crook called but I didn't know Chase was onboard as well. So let's get down to it my friend…..let's get this guy out here." Bruno: "Ok, so without a further adieu…or adont, see I can be funny too Madril. (Madril smirks as generic sounding country music starts playing over the P.A.) Allow me to introduce to you…a multi-talented entertainer, 'The Sweet Music Man', 'The Music City Sensation' Billy Joe Travis!!" (Billy Joe Travis comes out carrying a guitar wearing long baby blue tights with music notes down the side and 'Mr. Nashville' on the rear, blue/white cowboy style wrestling boots, and a western style vest blue with white fringe) Travis: "Howdy Alberto! It's a pleasure for Ol' Billy Joe to be on the Fi-eehsta Gardens here." Madril: "Wow, you really are country." Travis: "Aww heck Al, I'm just a good ol' country boy that God blessed with not only immense rasslin talent but the voice of an angel." Madril: "No kidding, well hell man….how about you go ahead and play a few notes and sing for us." Bruno: "Uhh no not right now…he uhh" Travis: "Don't be silly Bruno…..here we go. (Clumsily strums at the guitar and more yelling then singing belts out completely off key) "ALL MY EXES LIVE IN TEXAS…" (Bruno quickly cuts him off as Madril grimaces and tugs at his shirt collar) Bruno: "Come Madril, what are you doing….you can't ask a performer of his caliber to just sing on the spur of the moment like that, he has to tune his guitar…..do his vocal exercises…plus you have to pay to hear the 'Music City Sensation' perform his hits." Madril: "His hits? Wasn't that George Strait?" Travis: "Ok, how about this one? (Slams away at the guitar) YOU GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO HOLD 'EM….KNOW WHEN TO FO…." (Bruno stops him and tells him they've to go) Madril: (laughing) "Good call Bruno, I'd say it's time to 'fold em'. Well there you have another exciting edition of the Fiesta Garden….and I'm happy to announce that this Monday night I'll be giving another broke wrestler a chance to win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, although they really won't have much of a chance as there's no way they can beat….the 'GREAT' Al Madril, isn't that right, Slink?" Slinker: (Nods in agreement) Madril: "Slink, if we learned anything tonight….it's that I'm glad you don't talk or dress like a hillbilly from Nashville…but I'd be willing to bet you're a better singer. Wanna sing something for us?" Slinker: (Disgusted Silence) Madril: "See, that was much better than Billy Joe Travis. Now if everyone will excuse me, I've got a battle royal to win tonight so I can go on to the Halloween Havoc. Until next time, Adios from the Fiesta Garden!" ==================== COMMERCIAL BREAK ==================== (We cut to the interview area where Joe Pedicino will do the lottery ball drawing, he checks the ball for the number and gets the name from the list) Pedicino: "Tonight's challenger for the Television title will be……Nelson Royal." --------------------------------- MATCH #3 NWA Continental Television Championship Terry Taylor pinned Nelson Royal with a backslide in 9:22 ======================= COMMERCIAL BREAK ======================= (As we return from the break, we see Sherri Martel in the locker room pacing back and forth while Adrian Adonis sits and stares at the floor) Martel: "I had such high hopes when I signed you and brought you to Continental….but time and time again, week in and week out you have done nothing but lose and disappoint me." Adonis: "I know Sherri and I'm sorry…..I don't know what's going on with me. I just can't get it together." Martel: "I know, I know. Look…I think you need someone to help you get it together as you say. Look at you, this look is outdated, you look like a lost member of the Village People. You need to get your confidence back…..you need to reinvent yourself…..I know someone that can help us. I'm going to send you away for a while to someone who will help you and when you come back, you and I are going to get some gold around that waist. (looks down at his waist) or….over your shoulder at least." Adonis: "I can't leave right now….what about Wendell Cooley?" Martel: "After that stunt Cooley pulled last week, I know that he's been leading me on and messing with me, but don't you worry about that….I found someone who is going to take care of Cooley…..you just go do what you need to do and I'll deal with Cooley." (Adonis gets up and leaves the room) ========================== (Charlie from the studio runs down the card for Monday night in Montgomery, Alabama) Continental Championship Wrestling Civic Center Montgomery, Alabama Monday October 18, 1986 Bell Time: 7pm MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH Bruiser Brody/Killer Khan w/Chicky Starr & Teijho Khan vs. The Junkyard Dog/???????? SEMI-MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda & Mongolian Stomper vs. "Luscious" Lanny Poffo w/Woman & Man SIX MAN ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel/"Superstar" Bill Dundee/"Dirty" Dutch Mantel vs. The Stud Stable (Robert & Ron Fuller/Jimmy Golden) 10 LASHES TO THE LOSERS (with Ms. Betsy the Bullwhip) The Desperados (Ron Bass/Killer Brooks) w/Downtown Bruno vs. The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) GRUDGE MATCH "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley vs. Jason the Terrible NWA U.S. Jr Championship Tom Prichard w/Sherri Martel vs. Roy Lee Welch Terry Taylor/Tom Zenk vs. The Super Destroyers (#1/#2) w/Sherri Martel Al Madril's $5,000 Challenge ========================== (Platt explains this two ring battle royal will not be like typical two ring battle royals. Essentially this will be two battle royals going on at once with 12 men in each ring, when you're thrown out you're eliminated, you don't go to the other ring) ------------------------------------------ MATCH #4: TWENTY FOUR MAN TWO RING BATTLE ROYAL (Last man in Ring #1 and Last man in Ring #2 will be entered in the Halloween Havoc Tournament) RING #1: Wendell Cooley Ron Bass Mongolian Stomper Killer Brooks Adrian Street Tommy Rich Lanny Poffo Bill Dundee Robert Fuller Jimmy Golden Nightmare Danny Davis Nightmare Ken Wayne **ELIMINATIONS** Ron Bass eliminated Nightmare Ken Wayne Wendell Cooley eliminated Killer Brooks Adrian Street eliminated Lanny Poffo Mongolian Stomper immediately eliminated Street after Poffo Fuller/Golden eliminated Bill Dundee Tommy Rich eliminated Nightmare Danny Davis Mongolian Stomper eliminated Jimmy Golden Wendell Cooley eliminated Ron Bass Tommy Rich/Robert Fuller eliminated Mongolian Stomper Wendell Cooley eliminated Robert Fuller Tommy Rich eliminated Wendell Cooley after Sherri brought down Jason the Terrible who got in the ring and attacked Cooley and leaving him easy pickings for Rich to eliminate and win ring #1 WINNER--RING #1: Tommy "Wildfire" Rich Ring #2: Tom Prichard Brad Armstrong Johnny Rich The Bullet Dutch Mantell Al Madril Super Destroyer #1 Super Destroyer #2 Tom Zenk Tyree Pride Mr. Wrestling 3 Ron Fuller **ELIMINATIONS** Tom Zenk eliminated Super D #1 Super D #2 eliminated Tom Zenk Tyree Pride eliminated Al Madril with a dropkick to the back Ron Fuller eliminated Mr. Wrestling 3 Johnny Rich and The Bullet went over the top rope at the same time eliminating both Tom Prichard eliminated Tyree Pride Dutch Mantell eliminated Tom Prichard Brad Armstrong eliminated Super D #2 Ron Fuller eliminated Dutch Mantell Brad Armstrong eliminated Ron Fuller to win ring #2 WINNER RING #2-- Brad Armstrong Platt: "Well, there you have Tommy Rich and Brad Armstrong will join Buddy Landel, Terry Taylor, and Dusty Rhodes to enter the World Championship contenders tournament at Halloween Havoc." RPG: "Yeah, but you have to ask….with the recent injury to Dusty Rhodes, will he be physically able to compete in this tournament? Also, if CCW strips Dusty of the Southeastern title as they should…..will they be able to crown a new champion in time to send the new champion in Dusty's place?" Platt: "That all remains to be seen but join us next week and we'll find out exactly how this all will play out for Halloween Havoc." © 1986 CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
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    CCW drops Tarzan Goto and Larry Hamilton and move the soon to be retiring Tommy Gilbert to being a referee In turn CCW would like to pick up George Takano (The Cobra), Butch Moffat, and Lanny Kean.
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    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental Championship Wrestling Von Braun Civic Center Huntsville, Alabama Monday October 11, 1986 Bell Time: 7pm Nelson Royal defeated "Surfer" Ray Odyssey by submission with a 'Boston Crab' SIX TAG TEAM CHALLENGE MATCH "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley/Tom Zenk/Terry Taylor defeated The Super Destroyers (#1/#2)/Tom Prichard w/Sherri Martel when Adrian Adonis came down to ringside to interfere while Sherri had the referee distracted, he slid into the ring and went to throw powder in the face of Cooley who ducked causing the powder to go in the face of Prichard, Cooley clotheslined Adonis over the top rope to the floor while Zenk caught Prichard with a sunset flip off the top rope for the pin "The Great" Al Madril's $5,000 Open Challenge Al Madril entered the ring accompanied by his bodyguard Ron Slinker. Madril takes the microphone: Madril: "Hola Huntsville, it is I, 'the Great' Al Madril along with my bodyguard and best friend, the "Army of One" Ron Slinker. Looking around this arena right now I'd say you could all use some money…..however, that's not my problem, however I am going to offer an opportunity for somebody in that dressing room to come out here right now and wrestle me for the chance to win this $5,000 given to me by my great friend and business associate, Chicky Starr. All they have to do, is either pin me or make me submit in under 15 minutes. So come on, does anyone have the guts to accept my challenge? Slink, go ahead and step out of the ring so they won't be intimidated." (As Steve Armstrong comes down the aisle to accept the challenge, Madril tells the referee to check him for weapons…as this is happening, Slinker attacks Armstrong at ringside and catches him with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head and then tosses him in the ring, Madril tells the ref to "ring the bell!") Al Madril's $5,000 Open Challenge "The Great" Al Madril w/Ron Slinker defeated Steve Armstrong rather quickly with a rolling cradle taking advantage of Slinker's attack The Nightmares (Danny Davis/Ken Wayne) defeated The Desperados (Ron Bass/Killer Brooks) w/Downtown Bruno when Davis caught Brooks with a backslide, Bass/Brooks attacked the Nightmares after the match with Bass whipping Ken Wayne repeatedly with Ms. Betsy, his bullwhip. ALL SECONDS BARRED FROM THE BUILDING "Exotic" Adrian Street vs. "Luscious" Lanny Poffo A surprisingly brutal, hard hitting match. Things went back and forth for about 9 minutes when Street locked Poffo in his own hold…."the PAINACLE"…..just then an "old lady" came out of the crowd and jumped up on the ring apron…causing Street to release the hold and go over to confront the "old lady" who jumped off the apron, as Street turned back around Poffo caught him with a low blow and quickly rolled him up for the pin fall! As Poffo and the "old lady" were leaving ringside, a fan managed to snatch the "old lady's" wig off revealing….Woman! Street protested in the ring that Woman wasn't supposed to be here but to no avail. SIX MAN TAG TEAM SOUTHERN STREETFIGHT Buddy Landel/Bill Dundee/Dutch Mantell defeated The Stud Stable (Robert & Ron Fuller/Jimmy Golden) when Dundee pinned Golden after a "bombs away" sit down splash off the top rope SEMI-MAIN EVENT Junkyard Dog/Magnum T.A. defeated Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto when Magnum pinned Sato with a belly to belly suplex, as they were leaving the ring a guy came running from the back and told Magnum and JYD something that caused them to leave rather abruptly MAIN EVENT NWA Continental Tag Team Championship Johnny/Tommy Rich w/Davey Rich vs. The Bullet/Brad Armstrong w/Steve Armstrong Tommy Rich came down to the ring with his arm in a sling, he took the mic and said that he fell down some stairs and suffered a "serious injury" so there can't be a match here tonight! The Armstrongs and The Bullet came down to the ring, Bullet said they came to beat up some Richs tonight so if Tommy is too scared then "put the other one in". Tommy said that was fine but since Johnny and Davey aren't the champions the titles won't be on the line! Brad says, "Whatever, get 'em in here and let's do this." The Bullet/Brad Armstrong w/Steve Armstrong defeated Johnny/Davey Rich w/injured Tommy Rich when Brad pinned Davey following a 'Russian Leg Sweep' LIGHTS OUT-UNSANCTIONED MONGOLIAN STRETCHER MATCH Killer Khan w/Chicky Starr & Teijho Khan vs. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes Another wild brawl that went on for several minutes until Dusty locked Khan into a sleeper…and it looked Chicky's prediction was going to be wrong……until suddenly the lights in the arena went out….when the lights came back on BRUISER BRODY was standing in the ring!! The fans cheered wildly…….until Brody charged across the ring and hit Rhodes square in the face with a BIG BOOT!! There was a brief stunned silence throughout the arena….until Brody wrapped his chain around Rhodes' throat and started dragging him around the ring………Brody continued to choke Rhodes with the chain exactly the same way Rhodes had choked Khan with the bullrope seven days prior. When Rhodes was clearly out, Brody released the chain and then dropped a couple of knee drops across Rhodes' throat…..Rhodes started coughing up blood as Chicky came in the ring pushed Brody back into the corner and instructed Khan to roll Dusty on the stretcher……Dusty was carted away on the stretcher as Killer Khan was declared the winner of the Mongolian Stretcher Match! The fans were rabid as Chicky raised the hands of both Killer Khan and Bruiser Brody in victory…..suddenly the man who ran out earlier and spoke to Magnum and JYD came down to the ring as Chicky laughed and handed him a handful of cash as they exited the ring amidst having cups and other random trash thrown at them but the ringside fans.
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    CCW picks up Roy Lee Welch