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1984 Japanese Tour Dates

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New Year Golden Series: January 1st through February 9th

Dusty Rhodes [partial]
Abdullah the Butcher [partial]
Hulk Hogan [partial]
Dynamite Kid
Davey Boy Smith
Black Tiger (Mark Rocco)
Bret Hart
Bad News Allen
Babe Face
Buddy Rose [partial]
Mike Sharpe Jr. [partial]




Big Fight Series I: March 2nd through March 22nd

Dick Murdoch
Adrian Adonis
Ed Leslie
Bobby Duncum
Wild Samoan (Samula Anoa'i)
Jim Neidhart




'84 I.W.G.P.: May 11th through June 14th

Hulk Hogan
Andre the Giant
Dick Murdoch
Adrian Adonis
Big John Studd
Ken Patera
Otto Wanz
Big John Quinn
Masked Superstar
Rick Martel (cancelled)




The 5th Madison Square Garden Tag Team League: November 16th through December 6th

Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami
Seiji Sakaguchi & Kengo Kimura
Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis
Andre the Giant & Gerry Morrow
Hulk Hogan & Wild Samoan [samu]
Tiger Toguchi & Kerry Brown
Strong Machines #1 [Junji Hirata] & #2 [Yokpalsan]








Excite Series: February 10th through March 1st

Bruiser Brody
Alexis Smirnoff
Super Destroyers #1 (Scott Erwin) & #2 (Bill Erwin)
Chavo Guerrero
Jerry Morrow
Thomas Ivy
Nick Bocminkle [02/23 - 02/29]
Ricky Steamboat [02/23 - 02/29]
David von Erich [passed away in Japan before the tour started]




Super Power Series: August 23rd through September 12th

Bruiser Brody
Crusher Blackwell
Jim Garvin
Chavo Guerrero
Hector Guerrero
Moondog Ed Moretti
Babe Face
Stan Hansen [08/23 - 08/28]
Ric Flair [09/09 - 09/12]
Dory Funk Jr. [08/23 - 08/29]
La Fiera [08/26 - 08/29]
Fishman [08/30 - 09/12]




'84 Real World Tag Team League: November 22nd through December 12th

Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody - PWF World Champions; '83 winners
Jumbo Tsuruta & Gen'ichiro Tenryu - NWA International Champions
Giant Baba & Rusher Kimura
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk
Harley Race & Nick Bocknwinkel
Tiger Jeet Singh & Mike Shaw
Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith (just jumped from New Japan)
One Man Gang & Goro Tsurumi (sub for Buzz Sawyer, who lost his passport)

The Destroyer [11/22 & 11/23]
Pirata Morgan
El Egipsio




Here are the basic schedules for Japan. Please click on the links and check specific dates for your guys if they are gone, especially if it says they are partial. I think it is safe to say that we would give these guys a travel day before and a travel day after given the flights from Japan.

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