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  1. Crazymax Jack

    TNT Wrestling

    We do most of our talking off site but I wanted to leave you some love here. You know how I am about my Memphis, so you know I'm loving what you're doing here.
  2. Crazymax Jack

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    Would have liked to read a little more detail in a match this juicy. What hold is Stasiak using right now? I'm use to him using the Heart Punch, what is his submission finisher?
  3. Crazymax Jack

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Like Spaldoni said, you can just hear Larry bragging about this ten years from now... I can see it now... Mid 90's, all Larry will talk about is his "retiring" Bruno, his golf score, and beating the Hulk... brother. Curious to know who the mystery man is.
  4. Crazymax Jack

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    I love just about everything here in the results except Adias in his position as the main event and pinning Bockwinkel. That's just a personal preference though, I never cared for Adias. I found him bland and boring. Again, nothing wrong with the overall storylines or presentation I just can't get emotionally invested in Adias going over Bock. Everything else was very enjoyable.
  5. Crazymax Jack


    Agreed with spaldoni... the matches slated for the Halloween show are exciting...
  6. Crazymax Jack

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Agreed... as Spaldoni said Taylor as TV Champ workes perfectly... Good stuff here with Piper, Rose, Bravo, Borne & Slater are just an awesome team...
  7. Crazymax Jack

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    Presuming there are more shows to come, I feel you've done a great job of making Backlund an even more interesting character post championship...
  8. Crazymax Jack

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Great angle on the final night with Savage and Gino... Bonello as Miucho Macho is fun too... Interesting to see someone Valentine's size wrestling 2 men... Shows how dangerous he is... Former NWA World Champ Brisco needs 40 minutes to put away Mike Davis... I've always been a huge fan of Davis and followed him through the end of Global in the mid 90s but I don't know if I cant see Mike going 40 with someone the caliber of Brisco. I might have shaved that time in half, though I admire you trying to make Mike into a star. He can easily be much better than what he was given in real life.
  9. Crazymax Jack

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Love the quickie house show results. Whenever someone has time to put these out it always helps develop their talent and storylines that much further. Thanks for putting this out!
  10. Crazymax Jack

    AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

    I'm all for a guy with Hall's size and look getting put in a position to shine, but his ring work needs some establishment first for me before he would become the "ace". Slow and steady wins the race. You do something quick and it doesn't pan out, you've basically blown your shot at making a star. You take things cautious and build them right, you're guaranteed to have your star. That said, I like what's going on here. So I agree with Edger about Hall being a big star for you, but I wouldn't thrust Hall directly into the main event just yet. Curious to see who the masked manager is. I hate to look at your roster because then I can probably guess... and I'd rather not know. It's part of the fun for me...
  11. Crazymax Jack

    TNT Wrestling

    The Movement continues to be fun... Love the coalition between Tully and Buddy Landel... Lots of great tag team and stables/loose alliances here...
  12. Crazymax Jack

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Great tournament, awesome finals... the right man got the win here...
  13. Crazymax Jack


    Flair and Orndorff was the big one here, obviously... Orndorff is getting ready to peak and this was perfect timing to pull the trigger.
  14. Crazymax Jack

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    Interesting list of talent to pick from. Curious to see who goes where.
  15. Crazymax Jack


    Quite a stacked list of things going on here... Obviously my favorite is the stuff with Orndorff vs. Flair/Heenan,... DiBiase gets a win in the middle of the whole thing as Orndorff continues to upset his former manager and Flair... Paul has gotten quite the backing of the fans in a short period of time... One of the hottest storylines going on right now. The new Bad News storyline is only second to Orndorff for me... Typical Bad News, this made perfect since and it well... Though you have to admit had Bad News stuck with Hansen there's almost nobody that was going to beat them... Now Bad News has made an enemy for life...