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[1987-10-10-NWA-Pro] Rock & Roll Express vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard

Superstar Sleeze

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NWA World Tag Team Champions Rock N Roll Express vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard - NWA Pro 10/3/87


Welp, looks like we never got out classic from these two teams as this is an angle to transition the titles to the Horsemen and move RnRs into a feud with MX. The Midnights jumped RNRs before the match injuring Morton. Gibson gives a "gutty performance" (Johnny Weaver) and honestly it is the best I have seen Gibson looked. I thought he was great during the shine, just a ball of energy overwhelming the Horsemen, but also being cautious given the circumstances. I liked how he went for the standard RNR moves and then was like oh fuck, Ricky aint there. Horsemen beatdown on him was fantastic. Great spinbuster and piledriver. Of course, Morton comes out bandaged the crowd goes apeshit, but the Horsemen zero in on the bad arm. Morton has too much pride to give it up so Gibson gives up for him. A good angle, but kinda feels cheap with the give up from Gibson when then Horsemen could have just gone over plus this was not the start of RNRs getting revenge on Horsemen, but the MX, which is lame that Horsemen get to reap the rewards. Pretty good, but weirdly not remembered or talked about. ***

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