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Between the Sheets #38 (April 5-11, 1994) (Featuring Tim Noel)


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Kris & David are joined by Tim Noel (Wrestling Power) to discuss the week that was April 5-11, 1994. We discuss WWF and their legal issues, Jerry Lawler falling off the throne, AJPW Champion Carnival rundown, Onita & Tenryu press conference, TONYA HARDING in AJW, AAA & UWA uniting in Mexico, Tammy Sytch getting AIDS from Ricky Morton, Eddie Gilbert awesomeness, & Hulk Hogan almost signing with WCW. Lots of fun stuff here and a great show!!!!

0:00:00 WWF

0:22:55 Japan: AJPW, NJPW, FMW, AJW, & JWP

1:10:08 Mexico (AAA/UWA & EMLL) and Canada

1:37:09 Other US: ECW, SMW, & USWA

2:19:31 Potpourri

2:39:42 WCW



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Bix- Gorilla always said Ken Patera retired him. They had a match at the Spectrum, which Gorilla lived a few away minutes from, so it was kind of his hometown area, where the month before Gorilla said if Patera beat him he would retire. I don't think it was a tv angle but I wasn't watching so religiously back then. Patera hit Gorilla with a foreign object and pinned him. I think he might have only wrestled one time after that but was one of the few who never re-entered the ring. He would put Patera over on commentary even into 84-85 as the guy who retired him or "put the nails" in his coffin.

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I'm only now getting through this podcast, as I've been O.D.'ing on the epic GWE podcasts. Great as usual, but as a good Bruins fan, I feel like I should point out that fans in Vancouver rioted in 2011 after they lost the Stanley Cup Finals to Boston. Vancouverites have a history of rioting whenever their teams lose: see 1994 v. the New York Rangers. Montreal's the city in Canada where people riot when they actually win something!

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