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[1981-12-11-Houston Wrestling] Dynamic Duo (Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez) vs Tommy Rich & Dick Slater

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This was a real fun match. With a little more time this would be near or up their with some of the top end MX matches. Like Gino has grown on the classics viewers. I would wager the Dynamic Duo is going to come out of this as a top flight tag team. I think the ride will be exciting.


It starts with it breaking down in H-town. It settles down and Rich scores a victory with the Thesz press. This was an old MX gimmick in 2 out of 3 falls by dropping a quick fall. Since the Duo predate the MX it's in their playbook as well. Throughout the match the Duo was so good at stooging and bumping around. You just wished they had more time . Slater and Rich were a good babyface team to boot. Again time constraints kept the match from reaching the next level. I dug Tully and Gino focusing on Slater's arm. I thought the teams had good chemistry with each other. 3 1/2*

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