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[1985-05-03-Houston Wrestling] Rock & Roll Express vs Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams

Superstar Sleeze

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Mid-South Tag Team Champions Rock N Roll Express vs Ted DiBiase & Dr. Death - Mid-South, Houston 5/3/85


I thought DiBiase & Doc worked like MX better than MX worked in Mid-South (Re-watch 2019: I think this sentence was that the offense was better. DiBiase & Doc were NOT better at stooging and heat-seeking). Great offense coupled with awesome psychology. Doc uses his awesome power to back suplex Morton. Morton hits a cross body, but accidentally lands on the bottom rope (2019 re-watch: great spot). This knocks him a little loopy so DiBiase picks him up and slams him back first to the post. Everything that follows is badass offense to the back. Backbreakers, Boston Crab, the best bearhug spots ever and an awesome Doc leg drop on the back. Morton tried a bodyslam on DiBiase and failed. Morton was so great at selling as we all know and timed his hope spots well. In a Doc bearhug, he clapped his hands and Doc missed elbow and thought it was best to tag out. DiBiase went charging into the corner. Morton dives for the hot tag. Gibson was great. Really good chaotic finish run, I liked the double dropkick only for DiBiase to blast Gibson with the loaded glove to win the tag titles.


Short, but kickass tag team. One of the best heat segments in a Mid-South tag team match I have seen. The shine was kinda lame. Doc being a stooging heel just did not work for me, probably would have been best to have DiBiase in that role. Doc & DiBiase put on an offensive clinic and a great finish to get the tag titles on the heels. (2019 rewatch: Honestly thought I had never seen this match before and I reduced my original rating based on the fact that this was an excellent heat segment & finish but I didnt think there was an extra oomph to call it something truly special). ****

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