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[1984-06-25-CWA-Mid-South Coliseum] Fabulous Ones vs PYT Express (Norvell Austin & Koko Ware)

Superstar Sleeze

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Fabulous Ones vs PYT Express - Memphis 6/25/84


As the biggest Sweet Stan Lane fan on PWO, gotta give my boy a hand, he was awesome in this match. Starting with the bitchin' snow leopard tights all the way to the Double DDT that ended the match in victory for the Fabs. I thought Lane & Keirn were super fun in the shine. I love a pair of fun-loving babyfaces. Lane & Keirn were both great at making the beginning of the match fun with their mannerisms and antics. I liked Lane pulling Koko away in a toehold from Norvell in circles until the ref could get to them. PYTs love their miscommunication spots, definite MX influence and I love it. Once it came down to brass tacks, very engaging heat segment. Koko was fucking on. He was just the revved up little engine that was throwing Lane all around. No Vulcan Nerve Pinches here! I thought Lane was great at selling and timing hope spots. One of the funniest bits was Koko fires off a quick string of moves and Norvell lumbers in, pauses, kicks Lane cover. Lots of double teaming and classic tag spots. Fabs switch, hey all blond, bearded white men look the same! Keirn was an awesome house of fire. I loved his punches and kicks. Double DDT ends it. Very fun standard Southern tag. ***1/2

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