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[1985-04-22-CWA-Mid-South Coliseum] PYT Express (Norvell Austin & Koko Ware) vs Fabulous Ones

Superstar Sleeze

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Southern Tag Team Champions PYT Express vs Fabulous Ones - Memphis 4/22/85


Best spot ever! Stan Lane steps on Norvell Austin while he is in an armstretcher to jaw with Koko and then steps on him on the way back. So Koko gives pursuit and steps right on Norvell and then does it on the way back! I laughed out loud! One of the funniest spots I have ever seen.


Koko is a dynamo! Holy shit! Could he go! Takes a ridiculous bump off a monkey flip. The armstretcher did go on too long, but once in the heat segment. Koko was flying all over the place kicking Lane's ass. Koko missed his true calling as a hot tag in a big time babyface tag team. Loved the double teams, the cane shot and hell even Norvell had some good power offense (backbreaker, shoulderbreaker). Koko had a great fistdrop, dropkick and a ton of offense. Ware goes to the eyes to cut Lane off but misses a flying headbutt. Keirn is a great ass kicking hot tag. Wicked lame finish with Lanny Poffo should strolling into the ring and attacking the Fabs. Really similar to the '84 match just with a way worse finish. This one did have that really funny spot. Koko is awesome! ***1/2

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