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[1985-06-22-CWA-TV] Fabulous Ones vs The Sheepherders (Lord Jonathan Boyd & Rip Morgan)

Superstar Sleeze

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Southern Tag Team Champions Fabulous Ones vs Sheepherders - Memphis 6/22/85


"The bloody rulebook is my Bible." - Lord Jonathan Boyd


The Sheepherders in question are Boyd and Rip Morgan. Morgan sucks. Lane cuts a "Love it or leave it" promo before this and Keirn says that Fabs feel their hands are forced to put up the tag titles on TV. So we get a studio TV match. Different shine than we were seeing before. PYTs are in the mold of MX with bump, schtick and stooge. Herders are definitely more gritty and ornery. I like Boyd he looks like a scummy, scrappy asshole. Lots of headlocks from Fabs. Morgan is just useless, no presence, he is just a big body. Keirn has nice offense. He bumps to the outside and Boyd jabs him with the New Zealand flag busting him. Awesome bladejob by Keirn. The heat segment drags for two reasons. Morgan is boring. Keirn, while good at selling and the blood helps, just has no hope spots. I can only see Morgan stomp for so long. Have Morgan cut you off to add some dynamics. Boyd is great as that old school heel that claws at the cut and bites it, but neither more. I loved the finish! We get the false tag and then when it looks we will get the real hot tag the Boyd wallops him with a foreign object. Morgan sucks and does not cover him. Boyd comes in and covers him. Morgan not covering him kinda dilutes the impact.


Marlin & some other dude are out to strip the Herders of the belts. Boyd is great in this and some chump lawyer tries to get in good with the Herders. Fun angle, lots of blood, but not much to the match. ***

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