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[1985-07-22-CWA-Mid-South Coliseum] The Sheepherders vs Fabulous Ones (Cage)

Superstar Sleeze

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Southern Tag Team Champions Sheepherders vs Fabulous Ones - Memphis 8/6/85 Steel Cage


The world's flimiest and shortest steel cage surrounds the ring for this violent tag team match. Nowhere near the best of the best AWA tag team steel cage matches that have become my favorite genre in wrestling, but still pretty fun. I thought Rip Morgan was better in this, but still kinda load. They start outside the ring. Nice story with Morgan being the bigger being able to get the upper hand on Lane and throw him into the cage. Keirn, the asskicker of the Fabs, kicked Boyd's ass. Keirn/Morgan was kinda stalemate with Keirn faring well. It looks like someone forgot to put a door on the cage. Keirn rips one side of the cage open to throw Morgan in. Keirn doing pretty well against Morgan, until Boyd rips open the cage and now the numbers game gets to Keirn. Finally Lane gets up and has to enter the ring the same way. Lane's kicks looked more violent. I think Lane had not figured out a way to work his kicks so that they looked great and violent without shoot kicking someone in the face. Now with the sides even, the babyfaces start to kick ass. Boyd has been busted open previously so it Morgan now. They work the cuts and lots of punching. The one spot I remember is Boyd ballshots Keirn and just lingers there for an awkward amount of time. There is a cut and Morgan is gone. The Fabs are destroying Boyd. They start throwing the ref around so you know what is going to happen. The ref scales the cage and Lane throws him over the cage. That was pretty sweet. Ref calls the whole thing off. Lame finish. Pretty fun cage match nothing too memorable happens, but crowd was hot. ***1/2



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