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[1984-10-27-WCCW-Cotton Bowl Extravaganza] Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams

Superstar Sleeze

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So why did Chris Adams join Gary Hart in the first place?


Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams - WCCW, Cotton Bowl 10/27/84


It seems that Adams has already semi-turned heel by joining Gary Hart. However, he is still wrestling clean for the most part, but he seems on edge. There are a couple fans with Benedict Adams signs. Pretty standard wrestling at the beginning with Kevin getting the best Adams at every turn with amateur wrestling and Adams getting more and more pissed. Then on a break out of the corner Adams hits a cheapshot. Adams then proceeds to wrestle like its 2016 with one of the best superkicks of all time to jaw of Kevin and then a suicide dive! Wow! WCCW continues its innovative streak. Kevin's selling leaves a lot to be desired. He just kinda acts like nothing happened. Kevin gets Adams in an O'Connor Roll to win the match. Kevin asks Adams to leave Gary Hart and he will act like nothing happened. Instead Adams attacks him with a chair and then double stomps the chair into him. Is there anybody better than David Manning at the "We are going to need an ambulance". More of an angle than a match.

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