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[1984-12-31-WCCW-Fort Worth, TX] Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez & Jake Roberts vs Kerry & Kevin & Mike Von Erich

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Six-Man Tag Team Champions Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez & Jake The Snake Roberts vs Kerry, Kevin & Mike Von Erich - WCCW 12/31/84


This is my first Gino Hernandez match. Honestly, he did not do much and what he did do he seemed kinda awkward. I know he has a rep as a real heat-seeking heel like a Piper, but did not get that feel. I will keep an open mind. I don't think I have ever see Jake bump so much. Well it is World Class and the Von Erichs will make you for bump for them. That being said you could see when he was wrestling Mike how he was literally leading him through everything. So that was nice of him. The hook for the match was the big Chris Adams/Kevin Von Erich feud. Before the match, Kevin dove on Adams, but cooler heads prevailed. Adams/Kerry had a nice exchange with Adams getting the better of Kerry with a nice superkick and then piledriver. He missed the splash. Kerry tries to drag him to the corner so Kevin can get his hands on him. Kevin is so hell bent on attacking Adams he charges right into the ambush.


One thing I really like about World Class is the chaotic, borderline uncooperative nature of the matches because of how the Von Erichs struggle against everything. They are always fighting back. Jake drops Kevin throat first on the top rope and Adams gets his licks on Kevin. As soon as he gives Kevin some breathing room, Kevin is fighting back so this forces a lot of quick tags on the heels. Kevin gets the claw on Gino so he dives back and gets a tag. Again, we see this Kevin will start fighting back against Kevin so he retreats to the corner forcing the numbers. It is not a selling-focused heat segment, but a highly compelling one. Plus there is the hook that you really want to see Kevin haul off and smack Adams, but Adams keeps avoiding him. Kevin gets the Claw on Adams, but it is in the wrong corner. Nothing shows the chaotic nature of World Class like when Adams accidentally superkicks Jake The Snake. Like Jake was just trying to get out of the way and Adams knew that Kevin never stays put so he just pulled the trigger. Even though the constant struggle heat segment is interesting I think the hot tags are not as dramatic or heated. Maybe it is just because it was Mike.


Adams fucking nails Mike with a Superkick. That was gorgeous. Adams is really good. Hits the piledriver goes for another top rope move, but misses. Should go for cover. I love Kerry's big loopy rights on Jake. Adams interferes and Kevin comes flying across. I love Kevin's tenacity and aggression. Jake sleeper on Kerry, but Kerry makes it to Mike. Jake DDTs Mike! Kerry punches Jake and Jake trips over Mike is rolled over for three.


Wow! Lamest finish ever. Like the match was actually super hot. But that finish sucked out loud. Other issue was that Kevin never really got a chance to really get his hands on Adams. I liked this better than most of the Birds matches because the heels actually forced themselves on top in this match. Kevin worked really hard underneath. Still that finish keeps it from the classic status. ****1/4

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