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[2016-04-03-WWE-Wrestlemania XXXII] A.J. Styles vs Chris Jericho


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Man I don't blame AJ Styles for not getting a four star match out of Chris Jericho but I should have had him lower on my GWE list. This was just....I don't even know. AJ should revisit those Ohtani tapes because he's misremembering his big facial expressions after nearfalls. AJ's look really bad. Want to talk annoying WWE tropes? Codebreaker-long pause-kick-out is stupid and served no purpose. Finish was stupid as well and it could've been great-all Jericho had to do was shove the ref onto AJ but he didn't do that for whatever reason and we got another springboard something into Codebreaker counter. Never seen one of those before. And it also showcased another WWE trope we all love-a wrestler going for a move he usually doesn't at that point in te match just to set up a counter. The double Springboard spot looked cool at least (and even that wasn't consistent enough for me to call it logical and something that makes sense as Jericho landed on the apron which he usually doesn't when doing the move). I don't want to talk about 2016 Jericho anymore. Two stars, let us never think of this ever again.

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