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[1993-03-05-RINGS] Volk Han vs Andrei Kopylov


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This is basically an extended squash for Han to get his win back from the 7/92 upset but is still a very good match. Han is like a terminator here, just going after Kopylov with awesome submissions and great strikes. There is a spot where Han literally leaps on him. In the end, they tease the finish of the 7/92 match in a fantastic spot but this time the outcome is not the same. *** 3/4

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A much different match than their previous encounter. Kopilov is very aggressive early on, throwing Han around, kicking out his leg to try and tangle him up on the ground. Of course, Han calmly waits until he sees an opening to crank on some kind of hold. Love his stepover armbar takedown. Han throwing some pretty nice open hand slaps. Aside from the blitzkrieg opening, Kopilov is mostly on the defensive, reversing holds when he can, but Han wins in the end with the ankle hold.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1993-03-05-RINGS] Volk Han vs Andrei Kopylov

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