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[1978-07-09-Big Time Wrestling-TV] Terry Funk vs Mark Lewin

Superstar Sleeze

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Terry Funk vs Mark Lewin - Big Time Wrestling Detroit TV 1978


It is mayhem on Professional Big Time Wrestling out of Detroit. Terry Funk has a bone to pick with Mark Lewin and some incendiary remarks about Detroit Rock City. I love the big time wrestler interrupting a squash match to have an impromptu match. Funk is really good in this. Lewin is fine throws some nice punches and seems legitimately pissed. Lewin is working the arm. Funk's selling is great and Funk is the one providing the energy. Funk trying the headbutt to get out only to sell the headbutt was great. The finish was great with Funk and Lewin brawling in the crowd and Lewin jabs a wooden stake into Funk head. Only for Cleveland Browns Water Johnson to hit Mark Lewin with a slapjack. Funk is bleeding, Lewin is the on the ground. a Browns football player is a heel in Detroit and Detroit is chanting "We Want The Sheik"! Awesome ending.

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