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[1981-08-22-GCW-TV] Masked Superstar vs Bruce Reed

Superstar Sleeze

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National Heavyweight Champion Masked Superstar vs Butch Reed - GCW TV 8/22/81


Masked Superstar as the champion is feuding with a whole lot of people like Tommy Rich, Mr. Wrestling II and Steve O. Now on TV he has young upstart Butch Reed. Really fun TV match that Superstar gives a lot to Reed. Eadie stayed true to his form he would start out as the aggressor only to have Reed overwhelm him with power and technique. Reed looked great with his crossbody, punches and arm work. Superstar took his powders only to eat a headlock. Anybody have a better headlock than Reed? Reed did some nice arm work. I liked Superstar snapmaring out of a hammerlock only to have Reed keep it on. This was the start to a great 20-25 minute match unfortunately there was only two minutes left. Reed ate mat on a flying shouldertackle attempt and then a lariat followed by a Cobra Clutch was the finish. Reed looked like a future star. Superstar was definitely generous and made Reed look like a million bucks. Good TV match. ***

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