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[1985-12-25-WCCW-Christmas Star Wars '85] Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez vs Kerry & Kevin Von Erich

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American Tag Team Champions Dynamic Duo vs Kerry & Kevin Von Erich - WCCW 12/25/85


The Von Erichs come out in masks and are called the Cosmic Cowboys. They take off their masks and the TV graphic has their real names. Adams & Hernandez feign disgust but the Von Erichs did not even really try to get he angle over. Kerry does wrestle barefoot.


I like the trading of the Superkick and Discus Punch early as a hot start tit for tat early. People going for their finishers early shake these up and makes it feel like the match can end anytime and that the wrestlers want to win. Kevin is his usual frenetic self, great dropkick and then just blasts Gino. I totally buy Kevin's bodyscissors. Gino is in. I like the sign that says Fuzzy & Buzzy. Gino looks very fuzzy wuzzy. Kevin tags in Keryr who tags Gino with a Discus punch and then a Tenryu elbow but Adams saves. This leads to a very good heat segment on Kerry. I always thought that was the natural formula for the Von Erichs if they ever did a traditional Southern tag with Kerry doing the selling and the explosive Kevin as a hot tag. Of course, in World Class they usually just kicked ass. Adams sneaks a knee into Kerry's back as he makes a comeback. Thumb to the throat by Gino and this was taped on local Philly TV. Syndication could make you a lot of money. Lots of really goo double teaming to keep Kerry down. I love that about Dynamic Duo they really brought the fight to the Von Erichs. CLAW~! Double Claw~! Kevin gets in and now they are in stereo. Kerry reverses into sleeper and I like Adams falling off the top rope as he tried to save Gino. Head collision. Liked Kevin's eagerness to get in and almost falling into the ropes. Kerry charges with knee in corner and Kerry sells this fabulously. Gino works over the leg pretty decently and eventually gets the figure-4 on, which leads to Kerry putting it on Gino after he kneed the turnbuckles! Kerry really liked working with Flair. :)


Hot tag to KEVIN! BODY SPLASH! A SECOND ONE! Such a great splash. Gino crawls and tags to Adams. CLAW TO ADAMS' HEAD! Vicious eye rake. Kevin misses elbow and Gino wont tag in. So Adams just throws him over the top rope for the DQ. Wicked lame! If you are going to do the break up angle, give the Von Erichs the belts so Adams can really be pissed at Gino. Von Erichs feel like afterthoughts which is so weird in Texas. Gino claims his knee was still bothering him and wants to be a team. Adams leaves in disgust. No Superkick!!! Booooooooooo! Lamest breakup angle ever!


On the average, I prefer the Dynamic Duo matches to the Freebirds as they feel more competitive. The Freebirds had the best overall match at 7/4/83 perfect confluence of great wrestling and a nuclear crowd. The finish hurts this match, but I liked the heat segment on Kerry, great selling and good hope spots with great heel cutoffs. Probably the most traditional tag match in World Class. The finish just does nothing for me. ****


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