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[1986-06-16-WCCW-Dallas, TX] Chris Adams vs Buzz Sawyer

Superstar Sleeze

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WCCW TV Champion Chris Adams vs Buzz Sawyer - WCCW 6/16/86


Wrestling needs more fuzzy boots! I have loved Buzz Sawyer in everything has been in so far and this is no different. He is really good at acting off his rocker. I liked him constantly just biting Adams in whatever part of his body was closest to his mouth break the armbar. The arm work was set up nicely by Sawyer charging into a post early. Sawyer is like a better Brody. Same fuzzy boots, better at portraying crazed, he is always moving forward (little too much at times), but he will bump and sell too. I find Adams to be very technically proficient, but a bit bland prefer him as a face for this reason. Adams gets a crossbody for two, but misses the second one. Sawyer lunges him at with a headbutt then hits a brainbuster on the floor. Sawyer chooses the back as his target. I liked his bodyscissors with him constantly rubbing his hand in Adams' face. Adams actually showed some good fire and in the bearhug he was punching the injured arm he was working on so that was nice. SUPERKICK~! They definitely did not treat it like the finisher it looked like. It was a thing of beauty. Mad Dog pretty much just got up and caught Adams and hits a powerslam, which was impressive in its own right. The finish was a tussle over an inside cradle with Sawyer winning by grabbing tights. This is perfect TV title bout. Just strong fundamentals with a clear story arc Sawyer hurts his arm ->Adams works arm -> goes for crossbody one too many times ->Sawyer gets heat on outside then works back -> hope spots->finish. Finish could have been a little hotter that would have put this over the very good hump. I think Sawyer's antics were enough to make this more special than a routine match. Enjoyable. ***1/2

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