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[1986-08-04-WCCW] Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher

Superstar Sleeze

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Brusier Brody vs Abdullah The Butcher - WCCW 8/4/86


It is King Kong vs Godzilla. The monster vs monster is alluring, but personally this match did not do much for me. The angle was Hart antagonizing Brody during a promo and Brody with his Adidas short shorts drags him into the ring. Brody did not have much presence on promos. Abby actually jogs pretty well down and attacks Brody. Hart chokes Brody with necktie while Abby uses his fork to stab the forehead of Brody this sets up the match.


We find out that Abby will be the first to take a bump. Brody kicks Abby's head until bleeds, which does not take much. How many kicks does it take to bust Abby open could be like how many licks does it take to get to the center of Tootsie Roll Pop. Brody wants to hit him with mic and David Manning aint having that so he gets jabbed in the forehead by some long object. Hart will distract and Abby will jab. I actually liked Brody's selling by stomping around and using the ropes to hold him up. Abby headbutts Brody's bloody head with his own bloody head. That's insalubrious! Brody hulks up. Arena brawling. Brody attacks him with a wooden stake and it is a No Contest. Brody goes wild until Hart blasts him with a chair. Hart & Abby beat down Brody and there is a great shot of the bloody Abby biting the rope looking totally wild.


I liked aura and vibe. The blood and some of the work was gripping, but they never really took it anywhere. I thought Brody's selling using the ropes to hold him up was really building some energy, but he did not really blow it off in a real climatic way. Good, but nothing I will remember, ***

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