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[2016-02-16-AJPW] Shuji Ishikawa vs Naoya Nomura

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I guess this is why people go to All Japan house shows these days, to hear Shadow Explosion live and see young lions pay their dues. I really liked the spot with Nomura grabbing a waistlock and Ishikawa trying to counter it with strikes only to push Nomura into the corner when he failed to counter it the aforementioned way, looked like something that could be milked out in a big match with a significant size difference. I was surprised how much he gave Nomura, a couple of suplexes and even let him take him down with repeated shoulder blocks, Ishikawa has good enough offence that he can afford to give a guy a little more without losing credibility as a monster, this was very fun and totally makes my list of 2016 *** matches you probably won't watch but would enjoy if you did.

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