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[2016-02-12-PWG-Bowie] Chris Hero vs Trent?

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Chris Hero's performances fluctuate as much as his weight. He was almost Ikeda like here-not as stiff, with weird pausing during strike exchanges you'd see in Daisuke Sekimoto matches that many of Hero's big proponents shit on, and a lot more thigh slapping but the general idea of mixing in some comedy in the brutality is there. I absolutely loved the missed shoulder block spot and the idea behind Chris Hero failing to no-sell Trent's.....some move to the gut/chest, though that particular spot would've been beter if Hero had emoted/sold it better. The Tope Con Giro counter was unreal-I thought Hero was going to Piledrive him on the floor, it was just so smoooth and perfectly placed and then.......he hit a Rolling Elbow. Listen, I'm not advocating doing headdrops on the floor (though if you're insisting on that a Piledriver is a good option since those to be safe-sometimes can look crappy in those 80s matches, but I'm sure Hero could've made it work) but if it looks like that either hit a counter that looks natural or don't do that counter at all, doing a convoluted counter just to fit your MIsawa tribute shit in looks ridiculous. This had the prolonged control segments and the neat cut offs you'd want from a Hero match and it may be due to this being a relatively fresh match up but I didn't find this excessive at all, probably helps that the finishing stretch had a lot more than just Hero spamming elbows. ***1/4

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