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[2004-06-23-NWA TNA] Glen Gilberti "I'm a Leprechaun"

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Very seldom do I think comedy in modern pro-wrestling is actually funny. Yet, this bit made me legit laugh. You have Gilberti wearing a leprechaun costume, following the loss of a "humiliation match" against Pat Kenney & Sonny Siaki, arguing with David Young (who has been a legit funny guy to watch for months as Gilberti's flunky) while Swinger, wearing a cliché female samoan outfit, complete with coconut bras, is flexing is muscles, Lex Luger style, in the forefont. The real fun part, aside from the good comedic timing of both Gilberti and Young, is that no one ever adresses the fact Swinger seems to enjoy himself quite a bit in this outfit, including regularly fixing his bras. He's playing it totally straight too, without an once of wink-wink irony, which makes the whole thing the funniest bit I've seen in quite a while.

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