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[2011-03-13-TNA-Victory Road] A.J. Styles vs Matt Hardy

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AJ Styles vs "Cold Blooded" Matt Hardy w/Ric Flair - TNA Victory Road 2011


Matt Hardy with Ric Flair man TNA is a weird place where so much has been forgotten. So Flair turned on AJ and is with Hogan. AJ is the babyface here.


AJ absolutely rocking with the punches in this match. Some of the best punches of the modern era, he was so on point. Definitely very fired up wish Matt was meeting him with some bumping, stooging or some energy because AJ was bringing that babyface fire! They tease the heat segment a couple different ways with a Flair distraction or Matt pulling him into the apron, but AJ kept coming back. One really cool spot was AJ slid under the guardrail to avoid hitting it and then hit a springboard forearm. Awesome! Loved the actual transition with Matt whipping AJ hard into the turnbuckles in a like half-German Suplex-half just throwing him move. Great heat segment using the hard parts of the ring and Flair to his advantage (nice chops and then grabs AJ's junk). Loved the Butterfly stretch my favorite move to do to my brother to get him to tap out. AJ did not get a real bonafide comeback there were some nice punches exchange but a bit too much of the modified suplexes for me. Liked the Twist of Fate (Hate at this point) teases, AJ eliminates Flair with a Pele outta nowhere that totally caught me off guard that popped me. Hardy got one last shot in with a moonsault. I wonder if Flair looked up saw that and thought to himself (Damnit, another guy who is better than me!). AJ countered the next top rope move with a sweet Pele and then SPIRAL TAP~! FTW~!


Some really innovative spots, great use of the Pele to set up spots, really good Matt finish sequence. Thought the run up to the finish sequence could hav ebeen better. Oh yeah liked the punches in this! Very good. ***1/2

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Matt's look here, with the braids and bedazzled pants, is terrible and very good heel business.

I was actually disappointed with this on the whole. Very tentative beginning. The spots are good - AJ sliding under the guard rail is wild - but it never really builds momentum. Flair still throws a great chop, and definitely adds to this from the outside. The finishing stretch is good, but what came before it was merely so-so. Not recommended.

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