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[1985-WWC] The Sheepherders vs Jay & Mark Youngblood

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Sheepherders getting heat right off the bat. The stalling is pretty long. Youngblood's pander to the fans by using the Puerto Rico flag . This is Jay and Mark. One of the Sheepherders takes a bump into the crowd. He's insane . The Youngblood's are working the arm in the shine. I enjoyed the miss tag by the heels. The Sheepherders cheat with a double team to set up the heat. The match eventually breaks down and a brawl ensues. We get chairshots, flag pole shots. The closing run is all over the place. Super chaotic. I thought the Sheepherders could have sold the Youngblood's offense a tad better. Still this was good, and a heated postmatch. 3 1/4*

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