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[2013-11-08-CMLL] Maximo vs Rey Escorpion

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Was wondering if there was any follow up to their angle in the Porky/Escorpion match, and, well, this was six minutes of good workrate with some good character work mixed in, but not exactly something I will swoon over. The opening sequence was great, perfect one-upping with them countering every hold and move the other one did. I think in a vacuum it may not be that much different than New Japan finishing stretches, except here it follow a certain tradition of luca libre holds and moves that they opt to use whilst Okada matches use a bunch of US indy moves. I also vastly prefer when sequences like that are done at the beginning of a match instead of finishing with them. Escorpion selling the threat of Maximo's kiss was cool and Maximo has one of the greatest Tope Suicidas of all time, the way he just slams head first is unreal, but I can only like a match so far when you have them exchange Sitout Powerbombs and a bunch of roll-ups just to get stuff in. ***

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