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[1988-04-03-NWA-Main Event] Ric Flair & Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Lex Luger & Barry Windham & Sting

Superstar Sleeze

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Horsemen (Flair, AA, Blanchard) vs Sting, Luger & Windham - NWA Main Event 4/3/88


If I understood Tony correctly on the Clash, this is the inaugural episode of Main Event so they loaded it up with quite the main event! Something I would show people to get a feel of 80s Crockett as you have six of the biggest players all in one match. I know the finances of Crockett had gone to shit but damn if the product did not seem red hot at this time. Sting, Luger and Windham all feel like cant miss prospects. There is just an electricity around each and all three were really differentiated from each other. It is too bad it did not really work out.


Super fun, summer blockbuster action packed match. Windham looked fabulous on offense here. I have been raving about his selling in the past two matches I watched him in, but here he was just moving so fluid and those punches looked so good. Interesting choice with Luger playing the face in peril and I thought he did fantastic. Some really good collapses and facial expressions and peppered in those hope spots. Tully and Flair were good at stooging in the beginning. Flair is definitely meaner than Tully and it shows here. Arn was the credibility for the Horsemen again. He got the DDT on Luger to start the FIP and when Luger was starting to stir he quashed that with his trademark spinebuster. When Luger kicked out and when they did the knucklelock spot his facial expression was awesome! The vertical suplex no sell by Luger and then decking Flair was awesome. Windham gets the hot tag! I was sure it would be Sting. In fact, Sting did not do much. During the hot tag was when I said out loud "Damn Windham is good" just really fired up and steamrolling the Horsemen. Of course a fracas develops and Dillon tosses in some knuckledusters and Tully blasts Windham to get the pinfall. This sets up next week's main event on Main Event with Tully vs Windham, which I cant wait to see! Just a plain fun match with great performances from Luger (selling), Windham (offense) and Arn Anderson (the glue holding it all together). ***3/4

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