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[2016-11-09-Sendai Girls] Chihiro Hashimoto vs Cassandra Miyagi

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Man Cassandra Miyagi does not seem to be very good at wrestling. I don't remember the last time something annoyed me as much as her just inexplicabaly falling down as Hashimoto was about to hit an ipponseoi nage. Then there was a spit spot, her making a great amateur wrestler do shitty crowd brawling and the biggest problem of them all-her controlling so much of the match while doing absolutely nothing interesting on offence. She used like 4 moves (a dropkick, a big boot, a leglock and a backdrop suplex variation) none of which looked particularly good and just hit them over and over and over again and after a while just started busting out bigger moves, there was no momentum shift, no memorable transition, nothing. The opening was fun as Hashimoto's amateur wrestling rolls and takedowns gave the matwork a nice flair as was the finish with her nuking Miyagi with bomb throwing but the Miyagi controlled portions of the match were completely forgettable. ***

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