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[1979-11-16-Houston Wrestling] The Spoiler vs Bruiser Brody


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Spoiler is so good at using leverage moves. Turning into a brawl. Both guys using chairs. A good solid 1st fall.


2nd fall and it's a slugfest.Spoiler teasing the claw and Brody is fighting it. Another tease of the claw. He gets it. Brody is struggling. Spoiler to the top with a forearm. Some back and forth. Spoiler gets the claw for a 3rd time. He uses the knee to trap the claw.


The 3rd fall and another brawl. Over hand shots from the Spoiler. Spoiler to the top with a big elbow. They take it to the outside. I really got into this final fall. Brody using the mic cord as a weapon was really nasty. It was an all action brawl. I loved Spoiler going back to the claw, only for Brody to have an answer for it. Loved the finish. Actually loved the finishes of all 3 falls. I liked how it took each guys finishers to win each fall. 3 1/2*


Then we get a fun Brody promo.

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This is a great match up. Brody is a mythical King Kong like force of nature, but The Spoiler is this cold, unrelenting killer. The result is lots of angry bears fighting and mask ripping. Brody is solid and actually sells a good deal for his opponent, but The Spoiler was absolutely fantastic. I imagine him vs. Andre would be epic, because he worked a tremendously smart match around Brody. Really liked how he chopped the beast to pieces and just kept increasing the pressure without mercy. He also sold Brody's fairly basic clubs and kicks in spectacular ways and had great sense of ring positioning. Brody emerging back after taking a huge beating to strangle the Spoiler with the cable was actually a great comeback and Spoiler sold it perfectly. Nice finish and this was just a really good brawl between two big scary men.

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