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[2016-06-12-RevPro] Kurt Angle vs Zack Sabre Jr


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The crowd EXPLODES for Angle. Angle comes across as very happy to be there. Big smile on his face. The crowd starts the ZSJ chant when he is introduced, and back to Angle when they call his name. It's apparent everyone is just stoked for this "Dream Match." Angle has a clear size advantage, so that is the story they told, and the commentary team did a good job getting this over. ZSJ gets to kick out of the Angle Slam. They trade submissions, and proceed into the greatest hits. Angle gets the W. It's a quick but fun match. I bet attending live was a ton of fun.

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I was in attendance for this and watching Angle make his entrance into the packed York Hall might just be my favourite live wrestling experience. RevPro booked Angle on quite short notice and they built the entire show around his appearance. This is probably the last time Angle looked like a healthy wrestler. Even though his knee is in a brace, he doesn't have that confused and lost look in his eyes that he had developed not too long after rejoining WWE in 2017. 

The match is itself is better than I remember. Clocking in just under nine minutes, I remember watching this live and being surprised by how short this felt for such a big match. ZSJ tries to play his usual technical game, but Angle uses his power and strength to cut him off. Angle hits usual high spots (no moonsault or avalanche belly to belly, sadly!) and locks in the grapevined Ankle lock to get the tap out. The match itself isn't too special, but it's the surreal atmosphere of seeing Angle wrestle in front of an adoring indie crowd makes this worth your time.


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