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[1982-03-26-Houston Wrestling] Dick Slater vs Bob Sweetan


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We get a really nice tie up to start. Then we get some big bombs thrown. They mix in highspots and Slater controls with a headlock. This has a real Mid-Atlantic wrestling style feel to it, along with the hard hitting style of Texas wrestling. All the stuff looks snug and tight. The execution of moves has been great. Slater gers caught in the ropes. This sets up up the heat . Sweetan posts Slater's arm on the post. Sweetan goes after the arm. Slater still showing fire. A hair pull puts out the fire. Sweetan's arm work is basic, but nasty. Everything is really effective. Slater selling the arm big. Duggan is out, Gino is out. Spike piledriver on Slater. Tommy Rich for the save. We get a great Rich promo, followed by a great Bock promo. 3 1/2*

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