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[1986-12-26-Houston Wrestling] Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams


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Some major bomb throwing to start. They take it to the floor. This is one hell of a brawl. Doc stomping on Gordy's hand was a nice touch, and could possibly take the Oriental spike out of play. Plus it's a nice touch of the OMG breaking Gordy's arm. These guys are just putting a beatdown on one another. This is real physical stuff. Gordy working the back.The psychology of Gordy working over Doc's back was smart and added a lot to the brawl. Gordy working over the back takes out Doc's Oklahoma Stampede. I can't put over the physicality enough. Gordy again with the bear hug. The bear hug went a little long, and he could have done something a little more engaging. These guys have a great history with one another. Two big guys throwing hands is always a good thing. Gordy puts Doc into the guardrail. Gordy after the back. The back work is a good piece of story telling. I love how Gordy cuts off Williams by tossing him into post.I loved Doc's payback spots of putting Gordy into the guardrail a few times. This was a great brawl, with a deep psychology. This is Md-South wrestling. 4 1/4*

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