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Superstar Sleeze

[2017-02-12-WWE-Elimination Chamber] Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

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Becky Lynch vs Mickie James - WWE Elimination Chamber 2017

Mickie/Becky ruled! Great tie up to start. Nice shine with Becky coming off apron but as she gets back into the ring Mickie strikes with a nasty single arm DDT. Heat segment ruled! Mickie's cut offs with those nasty kicks was great. Becky's selling awesome! Great hope spots! Loved extended comeback from Becky and smart transitions. Great selling and fire from Becky. Loved finish Mick Kick was a great nearfall then goes for DDT but Becky counters she knows it is now or never so she goes for Disarmor, but ends up in a rollup battle. LOVED THE DRIVE IN THOSE LEGS BY BECKY ON ROLL UP! Awesome opener. Becky is the best woman on the roster and Mickie just crushed it and proved herself. Booking was so good top face goes over but it is not super definitive. So Mickie still has heat. Fantastic Match, character work and match. ****

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