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[2016-12-15-Chikara-Orientation] Rock Lobster vs Ophidian


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This is a sneaky really good match. First, unlike many CHIKARA matches, these guys use stiff strikes, including a nice punch from Lobster early with sends Ophidian down. Ophidian is real crisp here - corkscrew enziguri with a lot of spin, big double knees. There's a reversal of the ropes where he goes from a wheelbarrow into a big facebuster. Really solid offense. And Rock Lobster is game - couple unique things from him. He reverses rolling over Ophidian's back and to the outside by spinning back and hitting a sweet arm drag. He hits a bulldog through the ropes to the outside, stunning Ophidian. They tease the big dive to the outside about three times, which all plays into the finish as Ophidian's big Asai Moonsault causes a double countout as Lobster holds onto the leg since he knows he can't beat the count. A coupe more minutes from these guys and this cracks 4 pretty easily. I was safely at ***1/2 here, which may even be a touch low.

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I enjoyed this one a great deal as well. Rock Lobster isn't as over as Hermit Crab, but I think he is the superior in-ring worker. This match is a lot of fun just for all the kids going wild at ringside. They are just totally out of control and it's awesome to see them so into the match.

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This is inherently I probably will freely overate but I came in with minimal expectations besides a decent to good match and was fairly blown away by the chain wrestling and spots that were busted out by both competitors. Rock Lobster is a pretty dreadful gimmick but I do think he has better talent than anyone else that has debuted in the last two crops of Chikara graduates. Ophidian is usually someone that I am hit or miss on but I thought he led Lobster here well and played a frustrated mentor role that was having to rely on more tricks in his arsenal than he expected going in. ****

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