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Need some advice/suggestions for one hour of the best of classic Florida wrestling

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So I'm doing a wrestling podcast with some friends (4 episodes recorded, editing is slow paced) that introduces old school territories/angles to a newer generation of fans.

For an upcoming episode, one of them picked Florida. What I usually do is prepare a one hour selection of footage I can find online as a sort of "sampler" of the territory. Now the early episodes have been places where there's not THAT much stuff online but for Florida whittling it down to just one hour of footage has proven a real challenge. (Heaven help me when we get to Mid South, Crockett, AWA and WCCW).

Asking everyone here to offer me some suggestions. What are some "must haves" for one hour showing Florida. I want to include as many of the major talents as possible. Era I am covering should stop somewhere around when Crockett gained control

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Cool idea for a podcast. I might start by checking out the Exile on Badstreet with Barry Rose where they count down the top 25 angles in CWF history.

I can't look to see if all this stuff is online, but it all was at some point or another:


- The Dusty Rhodes/Sonny King feud over King costing Rhodes an NWA title match with Race. Dusty's promo in response ("BEFORE THEY LOVED ME, I WAS AS *BAD* AS YOU CAN GET") is one of my favorite Dusty interviews, which covers some ground indeed. The film-grain look is neat and unique, too.


- Speaking of before they loved Dusty, his babyface turn with his own narration. A good jumping-off point.


- So that this doesn't turn into the Dusty Show, the angle where a crew is invited to cover a workout for Oliver Humperdink and his men Don Muraco and Mr. Saito, where they're covertly recorded practicing a spike piledriver, leading to Humperdink freaking out and attacking Gordon Solie. One of the great chaotic scenes in studio wrestling history.


- Is there even film of Jake Roberts as Santa Claus interfering in a Midnight Rider-Lucifer match? I assume there must be.


- Karl Kox exposing the Iron Sheik as being from Iran and not Saudi Arabia is the type of angle that's almost purely of its time (politically) and place (as a studio wrestling show), which would be interesting for a newer fan to dissect.

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Thanks Pete.


Yeah I think the show is a good idea. They have also started showing me newer footage (I stopped watching new wrestling ten years ago) with Okada-Omega and then Final Deletion 1. The name of the show suggest the idea "Wrestling with a Generation Gap".


I too was scared about the show turning into an hour of just Dusty. Are there any Eddie Graham matches out there worth seeing?

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Every time I turn around I think, "Yeah, that's one of Dusty's best promos." The segment with Bass and Rhodes in the studio is almost a must-include.


Bill Watts vs. Jack Brisco for the NWA title may be worth a look. It's Watts narrating arena clips and he's just a gloriously asshole heel, a contrast with his Mid-South elder statesman persona (a contrast that may be lost on these fans, granted). He's his "walking tall" Mid-South self except he's targeting other babyfaces and it's entertaining to watch/listen to. Plus some CWF lifers maintain that the '70s were a much better decade, and it's a glimpse of CWF as something besides the Dusty & Sullivan Parade of Freaks.

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That's a good point. I do want to include SOME of that feud because they think edgy angles began with Raven in ECW and attitude era WWF. I definitely want to show them otherwise.


I've found everything suggested online except the Dusty Rhodes promo on Sonny King. I love the Dusty promo on Ron Bass but he should not have been wearing a hat. You need to better see his eyes there.

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