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  2. A couple of others Terry Funk vs Bruce Walkup Barry Windham vs Ron Bass battle over the saddle Mike Davis as the "American Dream Dusty Rhodes" Rhodes vs Race for NWA title Bass is ref and turns on Rhodes.
  3. Rhodes vs Sullivan cage match Roberts shows up as Santa https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KgPQER0UPWU
  4. Busterira

    The worst squash matches of all time

    Yes you are correct.
  5. Busterira

    The worst squash matches of all time

    Nothing at all. I just figure give some props to the jobbers that they won a match no one expected them to. Kind of a positive note at the end of a lot of ways not to do it. End the disc with the Mulkeys winning. I liked the angle.
  6. Busterira

    The worst squash matches of all time

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?ebc=ANyPxKrkvdD9pS6YgOfeStPzJegPKmRPOUbAMy_71lrqZ9jBJ9o8RGnn5FIvS_tCtq6ZR5y96LdCQHL5gDWpzqe5-inM1QrFDw&v=bJtyIv6aFls Here is Buzz Sawyer vs Randy Mully. I think it's Randy Mulky though. It's an awkward match but not because of Mully. Buzz was terrible with jobbers and took liberties with them. I am watching a lot of Mid South and it struck me how old he looked at the age of 27-28. But man he could still go. His matches with Duggan and pretty underrated I think. I think he is one of the biggest what ifs in wrestling history. The guy was just a wrestling machine and so tough. But he had way to many demons and appeared to be certifiably insane. Should also include Mulkymania when the Mulkys beat the Gladiators to get into the Crockett Cup.
  7. Busterira

    The worst squash matches of all time

    Any Midnight Express squash match. Listening to Jim Cornette ranting and raving while Bobby Eaton was flying off the top rope and literally going into the TBS rafters was great. New Breed were good too. Also Ken Patera versus Judo Joe Black. The guy was literally the worst I have ever seen. I don't think he ever made it back on tv. Muraco sand match. The Bulldogs destroying Mick Foley in one of his first televised matches.
  8. Busterira

    Most Important Matches in History

    How about JYD vs Michael Hayes in 1980.
  9. Busterira

    Favorite Pro Wrestling Decade?

    I voted for the 80s as well. I have not watched wrestling in years till about a month ago. I pulled out some Mid-South/UWF footage and it only validates why I am such a fan of the 80s. Incredible stuff. I had forgotten how great Butch Reed was here. He was amazing at this time.
  10. I put together this play list recently. I know it's a lot of videos. I also broke it down by territory in other playlists if you want to go that route. By no means complete. Still a work in progress.
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  12. Ole Anderson turn on Dusty in 1980.
  13. Four Flat Tires might be my favorite thing ever from a televised episode of wrestling. Pure brilliance in the old kafaybe days. Also as mentioned Dibiase-Murdoch-Flair. Flair showing up on WWF tv as mentioned. Hogan vs Andre The Main Event. The Hebner referee angle. People forget how huge that was. Primetime on NBC on a Friday night and bought in crazy ratings.
  14. Busterira

    RIP Roddy Piper

    Piper was absolutely one of my favorites of all time. This really sucks just on the heels of Dusty. RIP Roddy two of my fav Piper moments
  15. Busterira

    Your Wrestling Pet Perfections/ Utter Love

    Midnight Express squash matches including Jim Cornette commentary. Local promos on the old WWF Championship and NWA WWW shows. Randy Savage's debut on Memphis TV. The Fabulous Freebirds ring entrances in World Class, especially the one with the guys in the Civil uniforms and Willie Nelson Georgia on my mind over the speakers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1ldJ17-6Vw The Sheepherders. UWF 86. NWA WWW 86. Austin Idol vs Lawler cage match. The entire Four Flat tires angle (Its the best angle ever in my opinion) The Murdoch-Flair-Dibiase Mid South episode is close. The Stud Stable in Southeastern. The Fullers and Jimmy Golden are criminally underrated. The Million dollar man and Mr Perfect vignettes in the WWF. Billy Joe Travis. Gino and Chris Adams in World class. Buzz Sawyer. Randy Savage. Marc Lowrance. Bobby Heenan. This Mongolian Stomper video Last but def not least Goodhelmet comps. Others then have been mentioned. The Bill and Buddy show. Apter mags. 70s and early 80s Vince. Pro Wrestling this Week Riki Choshu UWF vs New Japan