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[1982-02-26-Houston Wrestling] Dusty Rhodes vs Jim Duggan


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Duggan with a huge punch, but it's a whiff to start things. Dusty with some shucking and a jiving. Nice arm drags by Dusty and the crowd is rabid here. Duggan looks pissed. Duggan dirty fights him in the corner. I love Duggan's jumping elbow. Duggan takes him outside a beats on Dusty and busts him open. Duggan after the cut. Dusty starts a comeback and is cut off. A little back and forth and Duggan cuts him off. Duggan mounts Dusty and goes after the cut. Dusty powers up and makes a comeback. Robley gets involved and it's a DQ. Brody and Duggan pair off and it's awesome. Slater and Sweetan are out and Sweetan hits a nasty piledriver on Slater. A superfun postmatch that was super heated. This was a real fun spirited brawl. 3 1/4* With the Slater injury, it's a nice angle since it's the Dynamic Duo vs Brody/Slater in a cage later.



Duggan's promo was great and effective. Sweetan's promo is really slimy and different than Duggan's , but works. Has a little Bock to him. Robley is an effective promo too. The hard sell for Brody vs Duggan. Brody promo where he threatens to stalk Duggan.

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Excellent write-up! This was just a ton of fun from beginning to end. All the guys coming out at the end made the DQ finish enjoyable rather than a let down. I haven't seen a Duggan match in a long while but, this was a fine one with Dusty :)

The more Dusty I watch, the bigger fan I become. He really was a performer in the truest sense.

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