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[2017-03-06-PROGRESS-Freedom's Road: Day One] Matt Riddle vs T.K. Cooper

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This was fantastic. I have only seen few of his matches, but I so far really like TK Cooper's sleazy heel act w/ Dahlia Black. It's pretty tremendous. Then you of course got one of my favorite wrestlers in the world, Matt Riddle who is an absolute ass-kicker, and here he sure gave that sleazy dickhead heel an ass-kicking. Absolutely LOVED the early portions of the match where it was just Riddle beating the shit out of Cooper - Cooper sold it so well, and the way they transitioned that amazing ass-kicking into TK getting to work the heat on Riddle by having Dahlia interfere felt natural & came off super well. Great transition between the 2 segments. TK was really solid working on top, and Riddle was really good at selling the damage done to him. Really loved how it gradually built into Riddle kicking TK's ass once again, TK was clearly getting desperate in putting Riddle away, so he busted out some awesome, big moves. As it continued, Riddle got to get more & more offense in, and in the end, he finished what he started in the early parts of the match - he just kicked TK's ass, simple as that. Great match. ****

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