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[2017-03-25-Tokyo Joshi Pro] Akane Miura vs Miyu Yamashita


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Akane Miura vs. Miyu Yamashita


This was Akane Miura's 'graduation match' so she gave a lot of effort her to go out with a bang. Miyu's armwork here is great, she begins by catching Akane in a wrist-lock and picking apart the limb with knee thrusts and upward kicks; sold awesomely and consistently. Miyu explodes with a volley of strikes, but Akane absorbs the hits Ishii-style and roars back on the offensive. Brilliant stuff. I like how Miyu has evolved the Crash Rabbit Heat from a jumping PK to a jumping knee strike (a la Marufuji). An awesome clash of power and technique. ***3/4

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