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[1986-09-21-Houston Wrestling] The Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert


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This is 2 out of 3 falls. Houston loves them some Fantastics. We get an early shine with both heels stooging and setting up payoffs. The test of strength with Sting sets up the heat.Gilbert was great setting up a distraction for a Sting spot. Fulton was great here as a FIP. Hot tag and Rogers is on fire.Eventually though the heels cheating pays off.


The 2nd fall starts with the heels beating down Rogers. They really milk the drama here. Roger's . Fulton gets in and steals the fall.


3rd fall and it's for all the marbles. Slugfest, then a big cross body sends both to the floor. A great double pin is teased, but it's only a 2. The Fantastics hit a top rope Hart Attack. Tatum and Victory interfere.


. 3 1/2*

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