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[1985-08-23-AJPW] Stan Hansen vs Terry Funk

Superstar Sleeze

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Stan Hansen vs Terry Funk - AJPW 8/23/85


BODYSLAM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! HOT DAMN THATS HOW YOU START A MATCH! No this is not as good as their 82/83 output, but holy shit is it awesome still! Just a great sprint brawl. Every single moment saw them fighting each other for every single hold or move. It was just a struggle between the two toughest sons of bitches that ever lived. I thought this match Funk felt a bit more like an equal. Hansen dominated the first three minutes after the bodyslam to the floor just suffocating him with nasty shots and whipping him into hard objects. Funk wipes out the press. It felt like two of the baddest gunslingers dueling it out one more time. Hansen piledriver! Hansen missed an elbow so Funk just starts throwing nasty JYD- headbutts and then normal headbutts and great punches. Funk goes after the leg and now it is Spinning Toeholds everywhere in the ring and out of the ring. Such hard fucking shots in this. Every single move is earned. The way Hansen kicks Funk off with the boot to face is nasty. Funk getting back into the ring is met by Hansen just mauling him rom his knees. So gritty! Im glad Funk is back. Funk ducks the Lariat and grabs a sleeper. Hansen him head over heels to the outside. FUNK CHOPS HIS HEAD!!!! Hansen back suplex! WAR! Theyre fighting from their knees with nasty punches, I love it! Funk piledriver! Funk goes flying over the top on next piledriver attempt. Hansen tries to finish what he started in 1982/83 by strangling Funk with the bullrope. He throws Funk into the ref and that's DQ. Hansen's new tag partner, Ted DiBiase (seems like a weird fit on paper, but will check out their matches soon) comes out gets some licks on Funk. 1980s Match Teacher Dory Funk complete with tie and short sleeve button down shirt makes the save with a cowboy boot. He just goes crazy protecting his brother. Wild scene to end it with them all throwing chairs as the Funks retreat to the back. As Hansen and DiBiase are ringside all of sudden a chair is thrown at Hansen, I thought it was a fan, but it was the Funks returning to kick some ass. Crazy ending! I want to see Hansen/DiBiase vs Funks now!


My only complaint was that it was so short. Even then that's not much of a complaint because they were cutting such a pace and just killing each other out their withese nasty shots you knew it was not going to last long. The rivalry was reborn and these two did not miss a beat. They just tore into each other with a chaotic brawl that felt like a real street fight. ****1/2

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