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[1983-10-26-AJPW] Harley Race vs Jumbo Tsuruta

Superstar Sleeze

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NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race vs Jumbo Tsuruta - AJPW 10/26/83


I have a lot of problems with Harley Race, but boredom is not usually one of them. This was a boring 30 minute draw. When he put on a front facelock in the middle of what I thought was the finish run I was thinking "Fuck they are going 60 and I just wanna go to bed." Harley just had no fire. Very few bumps, not much selling, just no character work. It was the opposite of his fun Iceman Parsons match which was just 20 days earlier. Jumbo brought enough that I would say the match was good. Even though Jumbo is a big star, he often a challenger for a major title against a foreigner. So he has a challenger's mentality so you get some nice offense. I liked the struggle over the Butterfly suplex early. We get the most Harley transition ever where he just grabs a side headlock out of Jumbo's and just starts hitting headbutts. Now Jumbo is forced to sell. Where is the momentum shift? He hits his diving headbutt, but Jumbo kicks out. Jumbo hits this amazing overhead belly to belly! Now that's a momentum changer! THESZ PRESS! Harley just hits a swinging neckbreaker. Jesus, Harley! Act like you care, bro. Back to headbutts and a front facelock. There is a cool Harley tombstone, so we finally get a big Harley spot Harley gets busted open on the outside. The actual Jumbo finish run is the best part of the match. Tons of cool offense and a fired up Jumbo and a crowd that believes. Jumbo accidentally knocks out the ref twice. Triggers DQ. They have the absolutely coldest brawl to end a match ever.


Jumbo had some really good offense and did wrestle well. So I will say it was good. Harley just did not give a fuck in this match. No bumping, barely any trademark big Harley offense, barely selling, no character work. Really long 30 minute match. ***

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