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[2013-07-17-WWE-NXT] Charlotte vs Bayley


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Short match significant for being Charlotte's debut. Ric Flair comes out to introduce her, first making a speech about how he's been partying in Orlando since 1978.


The two women put on what would be a decent RAW Divas match from 2011. They've both come a long way in the last 4 years, though. Charlotte had no character to speak of, and Bayley's moves lacked confidence.


It's nice to revisit the early days, though, and I have missed Regal on commentary. (At one point in response to Flair's partying comments, he jokes about having lost his liver in Vegas in 1995 and that he should go back for it one day.) It's also nice to see that "Development" actually works. Bayley hasn't changed a lot, but compare this Charlotte to the one who had that big entrance at Mania 2017.

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