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[2017-03-13-WWE-Raw] Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal


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Things seem to be going on the usual TV match route when those two guys lock up. Roman pushes Jinder to the corner, and when the ref tries to split them apart, Jinder uses this break for a cheap shot, and then gives Reigns a god damn potato. What a fucking loud punch, Jesus Christ.


That was actually a blessing for the match. Roman working as an angry beast added a layer of aggressivity that kinda made things more personal. Undertaker mind games make Mahal get the upper hand again and holy shit he just beats the shit out of Roman with a basement dropkick.


Roman finishes Jinder with two Superman Punches, looking extremely pissed with that many potatoes.



An actually very enjoyable, sub 5 minute match that brings out some (unnecessary, maybe) stiffness at times. *** 1/2

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