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[2014-03-09-IWA-MS-Sunday Bloody Sunday] Chris Hero vs Reed Bentley

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First of all, Hero's entrance attire = badass. That ski mask + the "Fighting Spirit" hoodie. Awesome. Then Reed Bentley came out to the old Kings of Wrestling theme - that was a nice heel touch.

Hero goes straight for the kill, as he just wants to beat the shit out of Bentley - his beatdown of Bentley was tremendous. As a result Bentley knows he needs to do something to get back into the match so he picks up Hero's arm & starts working over it. He does a great job working that arm & Hero sells it fantastically. From then on Hero fights from underneath for quite a bit, he gets some absolutely tremendous comebacks in - his strikes came off as so deadly in this match. Ultimately Hero gets the advantage back & just destroys Bentley in the end w/ a brutal looking Stretch Plum. This was amazing. ****1/2

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